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  1. Arite Thanks.
  2. Arite thanks. Cause I remember there was a post about it, saying something about the contract but I cant find it. Thanks though.
  3. How can you filter to search for regens?
  4. Aright, but Celtic offered me to loan one of my players but it did not say. Anyway I can find that out?
  5. But what if it does not say if they will be a cover for the first team or valuable member?
  6. Aright. Appreciate the comments.
  7. Thanks. Anybody got any other advice or personal experience?
  8. As the title says, I have some questions about loaning players? 1. Does loaning players help them develop better than playing in the reserve team? 2. At what age does loaning out not help? 3. Do the players have problems fitting into the team after loaning out? Would also appreciate any tips or recommendations of loaning player. Thanks
  9. oh ok well yeah i have spain, italy and france. Thanks
  10. Ridley a question why do I not have vela on my arsenal team even though i have full england db
  11. Really but some of them are youngsters you scouted.
  12. I bought six youngsters and already had 3, but nobody wanted to take them on loan, I did the thing with taking them off the list and putting them on again a lot of times but it didnt help Anyone have a tip?
  13. Alright i'll try that.
  14. Can anyone help me. When I try to save my game, my psp screen turns black and all I can dol is turn it off. Then when I turn it on I start up the game and load it but it didn't save so I have to redo the match but I still can't save.????????????