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  1. Has anybody brought him or used him? Is he any good? How’s he develop?
  2. That’s what I thought, doubt I would get that sort of money again next season.
  3. I have received a bid of 30M from Chelsea for vardy as I am Leicester before season as even kicked off. should I sell or keep? He is 31 yrs old and have lined up Balotti as his replacement? good deal?
  4. Hi has anyone edited the Leicester’s owners? Most people are aware the owner died in a helicopter accident and now his son is sole owner but he is second in command in fm 19. Would be interesting to know the difference he would make as a chairman
  5. That only happens if the players stay at the club and not move. Same goes for the manager. If you say you had 10 or so games left a new manager comes in and he could completely fail and lose grip on top spot or he could continue with the good work you done but either he will get the credit for it or the critism if he fails. if players stay but only play say 10 games they would still get a medal but the moment you change clubs your no longer classed as belonging to that team.
  6. Any offers on this game? Have the lower leagues got any in stock? thanks in advance
  7. Hi Neil, could you tell us if there is plans to do at hot fix for the latest patch you have just released and if so will it before Xmas you think?
  8. Yes big city fan and season ticket holder. Fully agree with what you say. Might have to sell him. What position do you play riyad?
  9. Has anybody played a full season with him? Is it worth cashing in on him straight away and buying someone else.
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