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  1. does anyone know, if it possible to include columns with the ratings of youth and senior training facilities? which xml do i have to adjust?
  2. i want to recolour the match ratings, as explained here: somehow i can not find the player propertie.xml. where is it located? and one more thing, i think i have to adjust the alignment, so i can see the full stats. it should be done via player attributes panel, however here it seems to be another panel!?
  3. CPU: Intel i5-2500K CPU Frequency: 4200 MHz RAM: 16GB DDR3 800 MHz CL9 OS: Win 7 64-bit Storage: SSD Test A Time: 5 min 31 sec Test B Time: 11 min 23sec
  4. ok thanks, so i will keep requesting more scouts, at least until i got 28
  5. Does anyone know what is the maximum amount of scouts a team can have? I have currently 24 and i guess it might be the limit
  6. FM14 was best for me, because i love to have as much information as possible in one screen. FM15 tactic screen made it worse for me. I couldnt play it for more than like 10 hours total and moved back to fm14. Was hoping for fm16, after that screen i guess i will staa with fm14 for one more year
  7. Could anyone tell me which file i have to edit in order to increase the font size, see screenshot
  8. still didnt start a FM15 career because waiting for dark version of the skin
  9. dark skin seriously needed. cant play that beta longer than 2 hours, sigh
  10. russian version you can only play with russian language
  11. how about legendary box, including all ever released fms. i would buy it
  12. as long as you use general training schedules, the genie is right. but since most of us use custom schedules, the genie scout is wrong. i bought a 16y old with biggest difference between CA and PA, made a screen of him, made a screen of genies predictions, after the guy reached his PA i compared both and they arent even close to be the same
  13. anyhow the download link isnt working for me... it connects me to filefront mainpage... anyone same problem? ;(
  14. actually i am just at page 4 but i am reading this thread for about 2 hours already and just want to say that the stuff you guys (especially Hawshiels, maybe some more come in later in pages) found out is ace!!! KUTW
  15. pls balance finances in long term games. im in season 2019 with hamburg and ive got 250++ million to spend for new players. already since season 2010 i had 100m+++ budget. its rly annoying, because unrealistic. (not that im unhappy having so much money to spend) one more thing is improving managing of countries. atm its rly annoying to build up a team because its very time consuming to go through all player profiles. something like additional news would flash when u manage a country telling player xy played a great game and could prolly play soon for his country. IRL its the same, media make stars next thing: im playing with around 12 countries, 5 of them on full detail (the usuall suspects ^^). i cant see italian regens anymore. first of all they are MASS in high pa, like 10:1 ratio to other nationalities and therefore there are at least 3 of them in each top club in europe. they are simply too superior. here is the list of most valuable players in my 2019 savegame: http://img187.imageshack.us/img187/8425/italiansul4.jpg as i said i run the five best countries on full detail so its not depending on active leagues cos then there would be also mass on players from germany spain france etc. next thing: england is too overrated in game. english teams are ALL always at least quarter final in european cups. at least 1 is in final. england wins mayn WCs and ECs. come on lets be realistic, england as a country didnt achieve anything for the last 40 years. they even hardly get to quarter finals in any cup. english teams are fine, english league is in my opinion currently the best league BUT its not long ago when english teams sucked up. a little bit "weakening" of english teams would make it more realistic. and same here, im not only running english league as active so the reason is just settled in database (eg reputation finances of english teams, i dont know) i think
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