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  1. does anyone know, if it possible to include columns with the ratings of youth and senior training facilities? which xml do i have to adjust?
  2. i want to recolour the match ratings, as explained here: somehow i can not find the player propertie.xml. where is it located? and one more thing, i think i have to adjust the alignment, so i can see the full stats. it should be done via player attributes panel, however here it seems to be another panel!?
  3. CPU: Intel i5-2500K CPU Frequency: 4200 MHz RAM: 16GB DDR3 800 MHz CL9 OS: Win 7 64-bit Storage: SSD Test A Time: 5 min 31 sec Test B Time: 11 min 23sec
  4. ok thanks, so i will keep requesting more scouts, at least until i got 28
  5. Does anyone know what is the maximum amount of scouts a team can have? I have currently 24 and i guess it might be the limit
  6. FM14 was best for me, because i love to have as much information as possible in one screen. FM15 tactic screen made it worse for me. I couldnt play it for more than like 10 hours total and moved back to fm14. Was hoping for fm16, after that screen i guess i will staa with fm14 for one more year
  7. Could anyone tell me which file i have to edit in order to increase the font size, see screenshot
  8. still didnt start a FM15 career because waiting for dark version of the skin
  9. dark skin seriously needed. cant play that beta longer than 2 hours, sigh
  10. russian version you can only play with russian language
  11. how about legendary box, including all ever released fms. i would buy it
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