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  1. Jason24

    [11.3.0] [FIX] Working Tab Key

    Amazing, this has virtually saved the game for me. Thank you very much.
  2. Not entirely sure, I just guessed it was the promise to play well enough to deserve praise? It just seemed to me to be the least inflammatory response offered at the time.
  3. me: you've been playing well recently, keep it up! player: Actually I dont think i've played well enough to deserve any praise me: I like your attitude and I'm looking forward to seeing you fulfill your promise player: I feel you've treated me very unfairly and i'm not happy about it. really? And he's a ''model pro''. I don't understand. What did I do wrong? A little background, I signed him, he didnt play great the first couple of games, I spoke to him and said he needed to improve, he agreed and in his profile it said he felt he had a good relationship with me. He's since played great in the 3/4 games since, scoring in each I think, so I thought i'd let him know I was pleased with his improvement and offer encouragement to continue. But look what happened...
  4. I would LOVE a really indepth NFL management game, would have to have college football in it too imo. There is a huge fanbase out there in my experience.
  5. I'm surprised stamina seems to drop so significantly in older players, i always thought stamina was the last thing to go, marathon runners can go on into their 40's for example, top boxers are often late 30's. I Know that older players can sometimes be more injury prone or stiff after a match and maybe cant play twice in a week as easily, but that isn't a stamina issue in a particular match imo.
  6. I'll have a bash: Giggs Matthaus Stan Matthews Sandro Costacurta P. Maldini Franco Baresi Bergkamp Nesta Panucci Fernando Hierro Paul Scholes Pietro Vierchewod Lee Dixon Gary Speed Stuart Pearce Nigel Winterburn Teddy Sheringham Mauro Tassotti Romario Steve Bould Cafu Roberto carlos and many more i'm sure Not sure if top level means international, but they were all in their top domestic league i think Cannavaro
  7. Sadly I haven't seen any 50 yr olds flying down the wing still in FM a la Stanley Matthews
  8. Will it be possible do you think? I've never used anything other than the original out the box skin, but I much prefer the way the game looked pre FM10. I know the game isn't out yet, but I thought i'd ask if anyone knew this to help me decide whether to buy the game. Whilst we're on the topic, I don't suppose there's a way to get rid of speech bubbles is there? thanks.
  9. Jason24

    FM2011 : Patching plans

    Has it changed the view you get when you go to the tactics screen, before in my game it would show a blank 'player instructions' screen on the right hand side by default and you would have to change it each time to see the 'formation' screen. For me it's a big issue and very quickly gets too boring to bother with. Do others have this issue? Is it now fixed?
  10. When I go to the team tactics, the screen on the right where the team's ''formation'' used to be is now always showing ''player instructions'', with a blank screen with no player selected. In previous versions it always showed the ''formation'' and then you selected your team and gave player instructions afterwards. What is the point in having the ''player instructions'' screen always coming up first, because now to select and look at my team and formation I have to change the screen on the right to ''formation''. It's not a big problem, just a pain- am i doing it wrong or does it do this for everyone? I hope I explained what i'm talking about adequately! Also again it's a small point but I really appreciate the one click system now used in press conferences, but why when the press conference is finished do you have to move the mouse down to the bottom right and click to leave- I know it's lazy, but what's the point in making you click this when all along the game is trying to reduce the number of clicks the user has to make? There's no point staying in the press conference screen so why not leave automatically. And when you, say, end a loan deal, a screen comes up saying player x will return to his club shortly and you have to click ok to close the small screen. Why do you have to click ok? You can't change the decision so it's not a click to confirm; why does the game force the user here into making the extra click. Again it's not a big deal but if you make a feature to reducing the number of clicks needed in press conferences, why not extend it throughout the game?
  11. Jason24

    When Will You Buy The Game?

    the 5th of Never probably.
  12. Jason24

    Fm11 Worst version ever??

    I agree completely with what stonegate said. Relatively speaking this game doesn't even come close to the level reached by cm2 imo.
  13. When playing overseas from England why do the shopfronts behind the stadium have English names and the houses look like English terraced housing? There are also I think not enough options when talking to players; they always seem to get crazily upset and i'm never able to say what I want.
  14. It should be Javier Pastore. I doubt it will be.