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  1. Could it be triggered if the same player crosses 18 years of age during the length of the contract? Example, Player X is 17 years now, and is given a 3 year contract. Could it be triggered in the year 2020?
  2. Thank you @Neotropolis for the clarifications Could anyone confirm this last bit stated? At least until I get back to my laptop and play the season ahead.
  3. Could anybody clarify my doubts for sure? Probably an SI Representative? I have started a new save in the game year 2017, and am offering contracts to two players, X and Y. Player X (17 years) has been offered a 3 year contract till 2020. Player Y (22 years) has been offered a 5 year contract till 2022. In both the contracts, I have included an Optional Contract Extension By Club clause for 3 years. Player X Contract Player Y Contract Question 1. Can the Optional Contract Extension clause be triggered in 2020 (for Player X) and 2022 (for Player Y), thereby extending their contracts effectively up to 2023 and 2025 respectively? To rephrase the question, can I sign Player X for the same wages for up to 6 years, and Player Y for up to 8 years by triggering the clause in the last year of their contracts? Question 2. Researching on the forums says that [Duration of Contract] + [ Duration of Optional Contract Extension] should not exceed 5 years (or the maximum contract length allowed by the board). Is it true? If yes, was there any point in including the clause in the contracts of Player X and Player Y, when I have already negotiated contracts for the maximum length allowed by my board? https://community.sigames.com/topic/342874-optional-contract-extension-by-club/?tab=comments#comment-10248086 https://community.sigames.com/topic/414246-trigger-contract-extension-clause/?tab=comments#comment-11023044 https://community.sigames.com/topic/387321-optional-contract-extension-issue/?tab=comments#comment-10527333 https://community.sigames.com/topic/422081-cant-trigger-optional-contract-extension/?tab=comments#comment-11101093 https://community.sigames.com/topic/425573-optional-contract-extension/?tab=comments#comment-11159730 https://community.sigames.com/topic/430382-unable-to-activate-optional-contract-extension-by-club/?tab=comments#comment-11259159 Question 3. Which year would be the earliest to be able to trigger the clause for Players X and Player Y?
  4. Thanks a lot Zigi... and Fizolq too !!! I cant wait to try 'em out with pre-season friendlies...
  5. Could anyone also post a link for the 107 pts tactic please ???
  6. Thankz a real lot Knap and Wijnand !!! I'm off to start my 3rd Barca season after winnin' everythin back to back with my own 4-2-3-1... Guess Knap's tacz will be gr8 as they've worked wonders for others so far... Btw, is this for 8.0.2 only ?
  7. Can someone post links for Knap's tactics for FM 2008 too ? Guess the links arent workin'
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