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  1. [FM17] Across the Ancient Lands of Europe

    FC Oshmyany The club was founded in 2012 as Slavyanin Minsk and was originally based in Minsk. Slavyanin participated in Minsk-based amateur leagues in 2012–2013 and joined Belarusian Second League in 2014. In spring 2015 it was decided by team management to relocate the club to the town of Oshmyany and rename it accordingly (FC Oshmyany).[1] In 2016 FC Oshmyany, who finished 5th in last year's Secong League season, were promoted to Belarusian First Leagueas a replacement for a few withdrawn clubs.[2] Currently in the middle of July, seems like it may be a bit of a struggle early on, squad doesn't look too great.
  2. My Livorno save was getting to be a little grating trying to compete in Serie A while playing Serie B/C quality players. I also realised my updates should be a little more engaging. After looking at many of the best threads on this board, I decided to go for a European journeyman, as I didn't want to be stuck at a club that I may not enjoy. Here are the leagues I have loaded up. https://gyazo.com/b37ad228acd6fb7e1bf980bffc0fe7b7
  3. [FM17] Livornoing It Up

    Cheers Nobbs, I've got about 5m for next season, so hopefully I can use it well.
  4. [FM17] Livornoing It Up

    SEASON 19/20 Table Schedule 1 Transfers Best Player Cannot be mad with this season, with the amount of money we spent, and ended up making throughout the year, 11th place is a good effort. A really bad 2nd half of the season got me a little bit nervous but 3 wins on the trot rectified that. A bit more money to spend this year, so a top 10 placing should be possible, and hopefully our money doesn't start to dry up.
  5. [FM17] Livornoing It Up

    SEASON 18/19 Table Schedule 1 Transfers Best Player I said last season that with the right transfers, promotion would be possible for this season, and I'm very happy that we have managed that. Any other season we most likely would have won Serie B, however Cagliari were just too good this season. Next season should be too avoid relegation, however I would like to achieve maybe a little bit more then that.
  6. [FM17] Livornoing It Up

    SEASON 17/18 Table Schedule 1 Transfers Best Player The overall season may seem decent for a 1st season in the division, with our elimination in the playoff's at the hand of a draw, however we were top of the table in the beginning of March, so i'm a little bit disappointed. Promotion should definitely be possible next season granted I make the right signings.
  7. [FM17] Livornoing It Up

    SEASON 16/17 Table Schedule 1 Transfers Best Player I couldn't really make any transfers as I knew money would be a problem at this level. I knew that we had a good enough side, however I didn't realise we would dominate the league so much. We choked away the Serie C cup in the final, which was a little bit of a disappointment. We still don't have a lot of budget for Serie B, and we lost a couple of good youngsters out of contract to bigger sides, so it may be a little more of a struggle next year. Cheers Robbie, it's taking me a bit of time to get used to the new interface so far, getting the hang of it though.
  8. [FM17] Livornoing It Up

    So I caved in and bought FM17 on sale. I decided to stop Journeymaning for a while, and just try and focusing one club. I decided to go for Livornio after reading about Cristiano Lucarelli's career, and becoming inspired. We start in Serie C, so there is a bit of a step until we reach the big time.
  9. [FM16] Time to Top Out

    SEASON 25/26 Table Schedule 1 Transfers Best Player A little bit of a regression this season, can't complain too much though, 7th is still a decent effort. I will be making a lot of changes for next season, and the 3rd season has been the season where our luck really begins to get better, so hopefully we can get back into Europe.
  10. [FM16] Time to Top Out

    SEASON 24/25 Table Schedule 1 Transfers Best Player Mental first season in the Prem, comfortable Europa League group qualification can only serve as a stepping stone for building on this club success. I got like 70M pounds for finishing 5th, and most of it is able to be spent next season. The only aims for next season are to keep building up, and hopefully have a decent European run.
  11. [FM16] Time to Top Out

    SEASON 23/24 Table Schedule 1 Transfers Best Player My first full season at Bolton after starting from mid season last year. I had managed to guide the team from 18th to 8th during my half season there, so I knew that promotion this season would be possible. I actually had wages and budget to make transfers unlike this season, so I decided to spend a bit to make sure we would secure promotion and be able to stay up in the Premier League once we made it. Thankfully, it went to plan as we ended up winning the Championship this year. We had good runs in the cups as well as we beat numerous Premier League teams including eventual champions Manchester United. Would have been nice to win against Watford in the semi's of the League Cup however as we would have went up against Forest back when we were the 2 teams at the top of the table. Had a slow start to the season, however we then went on a 20 game unbeaten streak, which pushed us right to the top. I just want to stay up next season, hopefully that isn't to great of a challenge My Hall Of Fame Points currently stands at 228.
  12. [FM16] Time to Top Out

    Well, about half way through the season and I couldn't get a job at a top division team. So I decided to go for the next best choice.
  13. [FM16] Time to Top Out

    SEASON 21/22 Table Schedule 1 Transfers Best Player Had a better league season than last, unfortunately couldn't retain the cup, but we have officially won every trophy in Macedonia. A very good European run as win, even getting a win in the Europa League group stages. I decided to officially resign from Gorno since I didn't know what I could realistically achieve here, while having fun and gaining the max amount of HOF points. I will be looking for a job in the top European leagues next. My Hall of Fame points currently stands at 152.
  14. [FM16] Time to Top Out

    SEASON 20/21 Table Schedule 1 Transfers Best Player Mental season, winning the league comfortably. Rabotnicki gave us a great challenge throughout the season, however they were not able to get any wins against us. The cup was also won, giving us our first double of our career. A little bit of Euro success as well, winning in our first round, as well as a win at home against Rubin. I'm thinking the players available to us will be of a better quality, so i'm thinking of staying a couple more season to see how far we can take this team. My Hall of Fame points currently stands at 101.
  15. [FM16] Time to Top Out

    SEASON 19/20 Table Schedule 1 Transfers Best Player I would say a mediocre season. We had to give up our best striker to Benfica for less then what we would have wanted, due to his emotions. We made some progress in the league however not enough to get up any places. Our Euro campaign was decent with the second leg going to extra time. No cups this season, we lost to a second division side in the 2nd round.