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  1. I'm biased. Scratch that, heavy biased. But that being said, I'd stick with FM11. I'm extremely disappointed with "our way or the highway" attitude by si/sega this year, plus the aforementioned too easy game play makes me stick with FM11 and suggest you do the same until si/sega provide a more customer centric product. Again, I'm biased and hoping that more people don't buy it to show them that customers want a better product.
  2. And do you count the anger created by us loyal paying customers a success too? If you wish to believe that your sales are higher as a result of the forced steam installation I think you need to put the crack pipe down.
  3. Of course the object of businesses is to make money. The game developers may also be football fans but this is their livelihood, they're not producing this game to give money to the poor. And that's cool. As said, business is in business to make money. But clearly the steam decision was a mistake. Perhaps a more disastrous business decision that happen recently here in the US was Netflix. It cost them so much money that they had to backtrack and have so damaged their brand that it may take a year or more to fix. And during that time they are losing lots of money, instead of making more. Will Sega lose money on this decision? I'd hazard a guess to say probably. That's just a guess, but I sincerely doubt any of the people who pirate a game are going to run out and buy it. Especially when the prior version is still available to them. I've bought the game since the '09 version and won't be buying 12. FM11 is fine by me so I'll just wait till Sega produce a game without steam (or just continue to use the editor in FM11 to update the game myself). I also question the logic of the anti-piracy decision to go with steam only. Throughout this thread I keep reading that they decided on steam to combat "pre-release" piracy. Does that mean you still expect pirates after the release? So you're punishing people like me (loyal buyers) to stop pirates at launch, but then you're expecting the same pirates to steal your game later on? Again, this decision to go steam only is a mistake and will probably not benefit sales as much as hurt them.
  4. It should load v1 games okay. That database version you mention is actually from the Demo, so that may be an issue.
  5. Well, first we need to check with Placido Domingo and see what he feels the best time is to update the program. Sorry, I just had to toss this in. I nearly fell out of my chair when I heard the latest FIFA news. On a more serious note, one of the things I'm trying to fix is the issue for those using laptops and the screen views getting crunched. So work is still going on but it is holiday time ("vacation" as we in the States say), so don't expect too much.
  6. Quote Originally Posted by smgran View Post Also, the most helpful information is the info from the Console and not the actual crash report. Within Console the information from the system.log helps with determining the point at which a crash occurred.
  7. Just a note for those posting crash info. The info can be rather long, so if you can instead of posting it directly just put the info into a "code" box that would be great. You can do this either in the advanced posting options or just within your post use bracket "CODE" bracket and then at the end bracket "/ CODE" bracket. So [ then the word "CODE" then ] prior to your crash information and then close it off with [ then "/CODE" then another ]. Or better yet, just let us know about your crash and then we can ask for details. Also, the most helpful information is the info from the Console and not the actual crash report. This is a code box
  8. We're definitely working on it. I've tried a couple of things but the scroll views are not working the way I want them to. But LB is far better than I am at this, and I've let her know what I've tried so far.
  9. Sorry forgot how passionate you football fans are. Not actually a fan of any one particular team so I wasn't really making any Spurs/Milan argument. Back to the important issues, everyone PLEASE continue to bring up any major issues that make the editor unusable so we can get them fixed prior to final release.
  10. Good catch! Don't want to upset the Milan fans after what the Spurs did to them. EDIT Looks like that just happens on the Training view. I've fixed it so it'll be working correctly for final release.
  11. My wife as a 13" Macbook so I'll see if I can get that done today so LB can get it into the final 1.0 release. We can easily change the windowing to allow for scrolling, that's no big deal. But we just need to make sure that when scrolling it doesn't mess things up (which is what I think is actually happening now with resizing).
  12. Jadedness moves from high negatives to high positives, from what I understand the larger negatives numbers (-100 to -200) usually means that the player has not played for awhile (essentially getting restless and losing match fitness). The high positive numbers are when the player is getting tired from overwork. So, again from my understanding, the best value is 0.
  13. The new version works with the raw data a bit differently. In the old one people were loaded up into an array (which if you recall is why we had that mess when you tried to sort by CA/PA). In the new version everything is dynamic so what you're seeing is right from the file. So it's not like a separate array that you can sort through any more. On a positive side, this new format lends itself to (although this is WAY off into the future) doing real time editing. So for now, if you want to sort players you really need to use the scout since that's really what it's for (searching players by CA/PA, etc.). I'm guessing that your game file is just really really large. LB added the ability to jump from Club to Person but with all the things you can edit with a Person I think it would be really hard to create one window that would contain all the players from a team and allow you to make edits on the players. We certainly would not be able to have all the attributes and even contracts would be greatly limited (just due to screen space).
  14. Just a side note: We believe that issues people are having when trying to change things like Chairman or other "people" variables are being caused by large game files overloading some of the button interfaces (pop up menu buttons). So I'm currently removing all pop up buttons. In all cases LB has "pickers" (the little magnifying glass icons) that enable you to edit those fields with a list of new items, so we're not taking any functionality away. This is going to take a couple of days to complete so in the interim it is highly suggested that when editing (mainly changing) people variables or really any variables where you see a "picker", use the picker instead of the button menu.
  15. Keep in mind that FMSX shows the exact values for attributes. In the game we see attributes as a number from 1-20 but in reality the game has the number based on a 1-100 scale and it's just converted in the game to 1-20. When doing filters you need to use a scale based on 1-100. It may at first be a bit awkward, but you'll soon get use to it. So for your Motivation greater than 15 you would use Motivation > 75 (basically just 5X whatever in game value you want).
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