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  1. Hello, I am trying to open the .fmf files without any success. I tried browsning the web and there is a program called faxman jr that can open and edit the files. But I cant find a download link. Has anybody installed the program, and could you send me the link from where to download it?
  2. How do I open and Edit the training-file? I want to adjust some values But don’t know How to open the file.
  3. Can somebody help me make the file? PM me and I'll give you the info about the set-up. Thanks.
  4. Hello, can somebody help me create the file so I can change the number of subs and subs allowed. Thanks
  5. one more question. where shall i put the file?
  6. ok, just let me know when you're done
  7. if you can change it to 9 subs allowed and 5 substitutions allowed would be nice
  8. does anybody know how to change the number of subs allowed during a match in a competition?
  9. are maradona and ronaldo r9 in the database?
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