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  1. Haha .. interesting that you had the lead
  2. Hardest job: Too much expectations, Weak squad and a poor budget .. Its AC MILAN
  3. In Game Music Player.

    Why not ??! If anyone dislikes the idea he can easily disable it
  4. Offside error

    Both of you are correct .. but this is not the case in FM .. Line-man flags up when a player passes and another player is in an offside position even the offside player is not in the direction of the ball ( which means no doubts of interference ).
  5. In CM01/02 I managed AC Milan .. after 30 years I was the top club in Italy ( Most Serie A titles ) and in Europe ( Most ECL titles ) In FM07 I managed South African Kaiser Chiefs , I won 3 successive ACLs, I won the World Club Championship once against Independente and Arsenal, and went runner-up after beating Santos and losing 0-1 from Chelsea after a hard fought final. In FM08 I managed 1860 Munich , promoted to the Bundesliga in 1 year and in another 2 years I was crowned as the Bundesliga champion. In FM09 I managed Doncaster Rovers , promoted in the first year , had one year to get used to the premier league and avoid relegation , and in my third year I qualified to the Euro Cup, then the following year I finished third in the premier league. I think I deserve 5
  6. Milan ended my career on top with 4 points ahead of Inter !! :
  7. Suggestion for TV-View

    I thought you were discussing having vocal commentry in the matches, but .. why not??
  8. Offside error

    but this is still annoying, hopefully they take a look.
  9. Egyptian , UAE , Saudi and Qatar leagues ; a lot of quality players and stronger than alot of the selected leagues.
  10. Favourite Formations

    I do almost the same; 4-1-2-1-2 formatian with attacking wing backs, anchor man , deep lying midfielder and box to box midfielder , advanced play maker , deep lying striker and a target man. This is perfect for Milan, I make some modifications according the starting line-up but mainly this is my common strategy, I always use exploit the flanks and wing backs become like wingers.
  11. Though I see the game is almost perfect, the offside problem is still existing ; a couple of years ago Fifa changed the rule and the offside decision is to be made only when the striker touches the ball, which means that if the striker is in an offside position and his colleague passes the ball to him and a defender intercepts, or the ball went to another direction or the striker leaves it to another player; the ref. should play on. In the FM10 demo still any pass forward while having a striker in an offside position is count as an offside, which is no more realistic. What do you think?
  12. In FM09 players like Ahmed Salah Hosny and Tamer Abdel Hamid are still in the national team while they are not playing competitive football a long time ago. another thing happened with me 3 times .. African Internationals were played at the same day as the African Champions league, which were played on Tuesday and Wednesday like the ECL, in fact ACL matches are held on Saterdays and Sundays. And a request for the international friendlies; I think African teams as well as South Americans should have the option of playing their friendlies in Europe rather than choosing only between home and away. Thank you.
  13. I think they do not need a volunteer to know that the African Cups Winners Cup is no mpre existing for about 10 years. Also some Egyptian players have retired 5 years ago and they are still existing and good enough to get into the national team's squad Even in South Africa they had a problem with the Work Permit.
  14. I guess there also some missing stuff on the african level .. they still have the cup winners cup till now!!
  15. FM10: Official Bargain Thread

    These 2 players can play at any level at any league at FM09 they were tagged as good players for the premier league. 1.Ahmed Al-Muhammady - EGYPT ENPPI right back, winger av price: Euro 700,000 2.Tsepo Masilela - SOUTH AFRICA Maccabi Haifa left back, winger av price: Euro 90,000