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  1. Nice work Dan BHTFC
  2. Just about to finish season 2. Promoted twice with Euxton Villa. Debt of 120k. Scouting cost me around 30k of that. Great work Will.
  3. Looking forward to this. I'll be starting on level 11. Getting badges ready for it. Keep up the good work!
  4. For some reason during a match it shows on the match progress bar yellow cards, even though I haven't actually got up to that point in the match yet. When I did get to that point in the match no yellow card was given. They've disappeared now... Hmm
  5. Puyol, Ramos, De Jong, Van Persie, Van Bommel Damn slow site
  6. Thats a red in my book
  7. Absolute shambles
  8. Heskey didn't make an attempt to get in the box
  9. I had this issue, I reloaded the skin and it worked for me, although I am curious why those ads started to load up out the blue.
  10. Match seems a lot smoother with no lag, well done so far SI