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  1. I don't think I have ever been as angry at a game as I am right now...... After who knows how many hours poured in to my leeds save and sticking to my strategy of building with youth it was finally paying off. the youngsters that I bought in the first couple of years were now blossoming in year 4 and despite the very limited budget offered by GFH we had survived in the prem for the first couple of seasons and were now 4th at xmas in year 4. rumours of a takeover had emerged and I thought this was going to be great - I would finally have some cash to spend on top of the great group of youngsters I had developed. Then....... takeover goes through and the first act of business is to give me the sack and bring in martin jol. probably fairly realistic I guess - new ownership wants their own man but very very depressing for me. it seems virtual lufc is just as frustrating as real life lufc!
  2. thanks Nick - GFH slightly more generous in season 2 of the prem - $15M transfer but still cap of about $35K a week wages which opens up a few more possibilities but not heaps. Will check out the kazhakstan fellow. Have taken a recruitment strategy this year of finding 2 proven out of contract prem players and then sticking with my 'buying potential' approach aside from that. There has been no mention of a takeover on my save at all so may be stuck with GFH for the foreseeable. I had to laugh at GFH's end of season assessment of my performance - happy that we stayed up but 'disappointed with the less than exciting football' that we played. haha of course we did - we had a championship squad in the premier league because you trousered all the TV money. muppets.
  3. finally had a chance to sit down and play through my first season in the prem (2nd season on the game) over the easter break. am finding it a VERY frustrating experience. Am probably going to survive - just need 1 point from the final 3 games but it has been as un-enjoyable a season as I have had on the game in a long time These are my biggest issues..... - GFH only gave me $10M to spend (despite a projected $50M profit - seems they are just as useless and miserable on the game as in real life) but critically a wage limit of $25K even for key players. No chance of signing anyone with prem experience so signed 3 or 4 players with champ level ability but high potential (at least according to my scouts) this is to go with the core of the original squad - mccormack, austin, white, lees, byram plus a few bargain signings from the previous season - strandberg, kusk texeira. - fair enough we were also going to struggle, tipped for relegation etc but in many of the games I feel like we have had the edge tactically and statistically but lose the game anyway due to the 'nervousness' of my players especially in front of goal (28 goals in 35 games ugh). This game against west brom is typical of the stats I am getting....... To me away from home against a side with far superior talent who is 8th (we are 15th) I am ecstatic with what my tactics and instructions created in this game. Unfortunately we lost this game 3-0 (one was a pen). I can accept the logic of the situation - players not really good enough for the league we are playing in, overawed by bigger opposition who then make mistakes - but it doesn't make it any more enjoyable to play through as it just feels as though it is stacked against me regardless of what I do tactically (not in a 'the game is cheating way' more in a 'I can't figure out a way to make this worked way') has anyone been through similar and have any ideas on recruitment/tactical strategies etc that help or do I just have to tough this out, survive and hope gfh give me some more latitude financially in season 2?
  4. I am having a blast on the game this year. Had to totally re-think my approach this year after building my team around luciano the last couple of seasons. Anyway it was very pleasing to be able to find a way to use mccormack this year as I struggled to get the best out of him previously and ended up reluctantly selling him out of frustration but not this year - in my 4141 setup playing as a false nine he was second in the league for both goals and assists as we cruised to the title in the end. I picked up a couple of the players suggested on here - Hamad/Kusk/Texeira + an old favourite in boudjemaa and they slotted in well but some of the existing players acquitted themselves very well too - lees/pearce/white/byram was the best defence in the division and that was in spite of some comedy goalkeeping from paddy kenny (job no 1 before we tackle the prem - a decent keeper). Anyway am about to launch into transfers for the prem and as most have found a measly $10mil is all I have been offered - need GK, LB and some more attacking firepower out wide. Hit a major snag straight away with austin demanding a 4 year deal on big money (comparatively) and insisting on a highest earner clause! not happening rudy! am finding that a board enforced wage cap of about $25K per week is making it monumentally difficult to attract anyone with prem experience so off to the wilds of south america & scandanavia again it is. Anyway my attacking 4141 looked like this in the champ...... GK - Kenny (go play wherever warnock is managing next season paddy) RB - Byram (peltier for half the season due to byram injury and did ok - but byram is deadly as a touchline hugging wing back - 2nd on the team in assists) CB - Lees CB - Pearce (am getting rid of wooton - just gives the ball away too much) LB - White (needs upgrade - white good going forward but got ripped all the time in the champ so frightening what may happen to him in the prem) DM - Texeira MR - Hamad MC - Boudjemaa MC - Austin (may need replacing if he demands a move) ML - Kusk (his two footed ability makes him ideal in my system where the wide players attack the box like robben or ribery) ST - McCormack nick - how on earth did you get jucilei to sign up - he wouldn't even speak to me. he would be perfect for me in the austin role.
  5. this continues to be a problem - i have completed a fairly successful season in the championship so have a decent sample size to work from. It seems that the AI is using set pieces as a way to balance the gameplay - or at least that is my theory given the info I have gained from my season (its either that or I am very unlucky and the refs hate me). Please note this is not a 'games against me' post as my team got promoted and overall I am very happy with the game and how the tactics can be implemented this year. I went back through my season and did some statistical analysis. Of the 48 games played in the champ....... - my team had possession advantage in 40 of these games - my team had more corners in 38 of the games - my team had more CCC's in 34 of the games (and equal in 6) - my team had more shots than the opposition in 44 of the games - my team had more possession in the opposition's final third in 39 of the games the only negative stats were that I conceded more fouls in 31 of the games A statistically dominant season and so it proved with my team achieving promotion. But the set piece situation does not reflect this dominance....... - I had 12 penalties awarded against me - I had 3 for me - I had 22 goals scored against me from corners - I scored 9 - I had 4 goals scored from free kicks (direct or indirect) - I scored 2 Some mitigating factors include - I use a tactic which presses and at times hard tackles (maybe 50% of the time I employ this shout) - My team is the 3rd shortest in the division overall - I tinkered with my defensive corner instructions throughout the year So to summarise - my team was fairly dominant. we had the ball more often in dangerous situation in the opponents defensive third and had many more set piece opportunities over the course of the season yet we were far inferior in terms of goals from corners and penalties awarded. yes there are a couple of mitigating factors but in my opinion not enough to justify the difference in outcomes - I would argue that the game is weighted towards successful set pieces (corners and penalties particularly) for the AI over the human player.
  6. thanks Steve - I considered putting my big striker in the 6 yard box to try to do what drogba used to and just attack the cross as it comes in and clear it. will give this a go. I just had my least favourite moment so far in FM14 - lost 2-1 to Birmingham when they only had 1 shot! both goals from set pieces one a big header from a corner and the other a free kick that pinballed around the box and went in off my defender. GGGGGRRRRRRR!!!!!!as I said in my earlier post I am loving the game this year but every time there is a set piece I can barely watch!
  7. yeah I am really enjoying the game this year but the set piece stuff is killing me. I have tinkered with corner instructions etc and set it as my match prep focus but still no improvement. Just to give an insight into things I have conceded 22 goals in my first 15 games and 14 of these have been from set pieces. I lost 4-3 to Bolton where I thoroughly dominated and their goals where 2 goal mouth scrambles from corners, a disputed pen and a 94th minute free kick. Next game I lost to Southampton 3-1 in the cup - two goals from corners and a pen. Its very frustrating because I am very pleased with the tactics I have created in general they are working great but set pieces have been my undoing over and over again the methods I am conceding are....... - goal mouth scramble from corners - uncontested volleys from corners - direct free kicks is there a tactical guide for corners/free kick setup? I searched but couldn't find one. I feel useless - teams I have played in and coached just man marked so I don't have much insight into different organisation systems at set pieces.
  8. have had a bit of a break from fm13 but keen to get back into it after reading about the transfer update - though will be very sad to play without becchio just a question for those that have played a couple of seasons with the update, do any of the young guys out of the current u/18's that have been doing pretty well irl turn out to be any good eg dawson, mowatt, denton etc?
  9. Have had success with him as DLF Support in a 41221 formation. Obviously he is not particularly creative but if you keep his passing short and CF low what he will do is come deep to receive a pass use his strength to hold it up, play a short pass and then move forward into the box to get onto crosses (has 13 goals in 19 games in my current save). Also in my more direct version tactic (ie the 'Warnock Way') he works well as a target man support - will win his fair share of headers if you want to play that way. I know others have sold him on but he is the closest we have at the moment to a leeds hero so I just can't bring myself to do that even though he doesn't really fit the way I would prefer to play.
  10. Have hit a bit of a mid-season slump in my current save. After having a fairly solid defence for the first half of the season I have leaked goals over the past few games (9 given up in last 4 after only 10 in the previous 16). 7 of those nine given up have fit this description...... Slow build up by the opposition, seemingly non-threatening cross into edge of the six yard box to a largely static central striker against my two DC's. Heading contest which results in the ball spilling into the penalty spot area, pounced on by opposition and slotted home. Sometimes the cross will come from the byline, sometimes from deep - doesn't seem to matter. I have tried a few things to try to prevent these but was interested in what people on the forum thought. Are these goals caused by...... - defensive line being too deep? - just individual errors by my defenders (this seems to be what the game thinks as it gives a 'mistake leading to a goal' to the DC in the heading contest) - my passing settings for my DC's (ie am I asking them to play a short passing game and this is them trying to head down to a team mate rather than just clearing it)? - settings for my keeper - would higher closing down for him get him to come and punch clear in these situations? - or did I just use up all my luck in the first half of the season and this is the football gods paying me back with some bad luck? what do people think?
  11. real life intrudes at the moment and I have to do a bunch of stuff for work so I will do a quick example now and come back in a couple of days with screens and more details if people need them. My Leeds team lacks in creativity - the only player who has a bit of flair/creativity is Diouf. His best spot is AMR. So I play him there either as a winger or AP depending on what I am trying to achieve with my tactic. One of the only strengths my squad has is work rate and stamina so I often press more. The exception to this strength is diouf - he has low values for stamina, fitness and workrate. If I get him to press in line with everyone else he is exhausted by 60 min and very likely to hack someone down and get a red because of his high aggression. Also as the team's main creativity I don't want to give him too much responsibility defensively so he can be available and in space when we win the ball. So the team needs to press in most of my tactical setups - except for Diouf. This is not really possible in the TC (unless I'm missing something - again always happy to learn) unless I move him to AM slot and make him a Treq - which I don't want to do because its not his best spot so I manually alter his instructions to closing down zero, rarely for tackling and up his creative freedom (which is low for the rest of the squad). Without making these alterations and just relying on the TC/Shouts I feel like I am not getting the best out of my squad/player. Again I feel I need to say that I am not having a go at the game, the TC or anyone who plays it that way - just trying to illustrate how I play it to achieve some level of success outside of the TC/Shout system.
  12. I agree that those would both give me the passing settings that I am after but it significantly changes the mentality, closing down, creative freedom and tackling as well which is my main point (the DM is just an example) - customising your tactics (basically using Classic mode to create tactics) rules out using shouts. its ok i'm not criticisng the game or anyone who plays it that way - just illustrating how I play the game to get around this problem for me.
  13. I can see where you are coming from here and agree that you can create just about every possible team approach using the TC + Shouts. Its the individual instructions that cause the proble for me. I will give you an example of what I am talking about...... My anchor man - I want him to sit deep and basically never enter the attacking third. The TC anchor man settings achieve this. But my DM who I want to play there can pass the ball pretty well so I want to give him the ability to occassionally launch counter starting through ball passes. There is no real way for me to do this - to get those passing settings I would have to change him to DM (S) which would mean he would charge forward at times or tell my WHOLE team to pass long and into space but I don't want my DC with passing 6 doing any such thing. Do you see what I mean when I say I can't customise my tactics the way I want to and still maintain the ability to use shouts.
  14. thanks mate for the kind words. have to say I am very impressed with you being able to win the league with the existing leeds squad. I certainly had no Bates war chest either - as I said in my first post I bought a RB (free), DC (170K) & MCa (40K). Unfortunately early in the season McCormack was sold (3M offer from Norwich - who else! and board jumped in and accepted on my behalf) and Diouf suffered a 6 month injury so the two wingers were panic buys using the huge 500K that Ken gave me from the mccormack money. not exactly what I had in mind! MOT
  15. I am by no means a tactical mastermind but can offer some ideas for the questions you have raised (although you seem to be doing pretty well on your own........ Running the channels generally refers to a central striker making an inside to outside forward run ie from a central area to a wider area usually between the DC & the FB. On the short defenders issue..... By having your fullbacks as wingbacks you are creating a situation where you are likely to be attacked from wide areas. The switch to fullbakcs for me seems a sensible one. You could also turn up closing down a bit to try to cut off the supply from wide areas. Using Opposition Instructions could also help in this area too - set up against the opposition's wide players to show them onto the inside (right foot for left winger) although this is a tad risky as you don't play a DM so you are funnelling them into an area where you don't necessarily have help. Heitinga and Jagielka would both be good tacklers and good positionally so should be able to take care of wingers cutting in. The other alternative would be to play a higher line so that the contest between DC & ST for a high ball is further forward for you and away from your penalty area so that any loss of an aerial contest is less damaging - what do the stats say? are you losing heading contests with those two? are the lost headers in dangerous areas? If you can move those contests up the park and tinker with your FB instructions I can't see why you can't survive with those two as your DC's. On the Jelavic issue..... Is he really a Treq? Looking at his stats he seems like an Advanced Forward to me who should be leading the line - heading, finishing, off the ball are all right up there. But making this change may upset the balance of your tactic. Judging by your setup I am guessing that he drops deep to receive the ball and the 2 IF's run ahead of him? Have a look at the heat maps for him and the 2 IF's is he deeper than them? If that is the case then he is always going to be more of a provider than a goal scorer (you are an aussie like me - think of the way hidink used viduka at the world cup, dropped deep got the ball to feet - held it up and used his creativity to create chances for others). The chance you had on the clip for him was a fairly difficult one (was it a half chance in the stats?) and I think the way your tactic is - whoever is in that central striker role as a Treq is always going to be more provider than finisher - who did you use in that slot for Victory? archie? what about for dortmund? lewandoski? did they score a ton of goals? Maybe watch a section of a match on full (not just highlights) and see what he is doing - where is he receiving the ball? is he turning to run at people or holding it up and moving it on? are most of his off-the ball runs forwards into attacking areas or back towards the ball in midfield? once you know the answers to those questions you may be able to tinker with his instructions without upsetting the balance of your tactic.
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