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  1. Just finished my first season, second behind Bayern. I played a 4-2-2-2 (2cm, 2 am) system, starting 11 though I rotated quite a lot I guess. Leno Donati/Öztunali - Toprak - Jedvaji - Wendell Bender - Rolfes Castro - Calhanoglu Drmic - Kießling Players in where Suso on a loan (which I terminated in winter) and Mati Fernandez in summer, Antoine Conte and Serge Gnabry (both loans for 1.5 years) in winter. Conte replaced Papadopolous as DC No 4 to save some wage. Also I bought Jedvaji as he became Topraks partner in my starting team. I sold Kruse for 6m € in summer and Bellarabi who didnt get as much starts as he wanted for 13m in winter. Plus I terminated the contracts of Boenisch and Hilbert who weren't playing anyways. As the board gave me an initial budget of about 20m, I decided to cash in on Max Meyers contract clause to lure him away from Schalke. 19m for a promising german wonderkid, hope he will be worth it. With the loan players coming back I send Yurchenko and Kohr to Bochum. Kramer and Milik look promising enough to keep and play them, Wollscheid could provide coverage for my defense. Will see how it plays out. Problem, especially now that Milik is back, may become Julian Brandt who became upset twice or more over the season because he wasn't a starter. I am tempted to try to sell him for good cash. He wouldn't be more than Drmic's backup anyway. Does anyone have experience if Benjamin Heinrichs could become a decent enough player?
  2. First few: 27.12. - USA 23.02. - Montenegro, Bosnia, Georgia, etc 07.03. - Croatia, France, Germany, Switzerland, Israel, Hungary, Greece, Northern Ireland, Russia, Ukraine, Wales 12.03. - England, Austria, 16.03. - Slovakia 17.03. - Portugal, Poland, Italy, Denmark, Czech Republic, Belgium, 18.03. - Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia 24.03. - Netherlands 27.03. - Spain, Serbia
  3. USA produces at 27.12.2011, and if they are similar to last year there might be be some good talents hidden in America, then the rest of North America sometime in January I guess.
  4. No regens from Canadian Clubs in my current save too, so if you want Canadian regens, look at the Canadian clubs playing in MLS (Toronto, ???). Looks like Canada is considered as too small for regens in FM?!
  5. Is there any list floating around which PPM are usefull/bad for which positions/ player roles?
  6. Africa seems to be really worth a look this year. Got 3 Algerians with french passport, with two of them already looking like they will become world class at the age of 18. Also a CB from Ivory Coast and a CM from Cameroon, both starters for me. No european passport here but as I am playing in germany and dont care about the cup too much it doesnt really hurt me Also Russia seems to produce cheap and talented guys.
  7. Guess thats a relic from 09 or whenever the thread was generated. You should have the top clubs of a country on a bottom of the overview page.
  8. I like USA this year. Plus I found some dirt cheap regens in Russia in my current save, so I guess I will add those to my list of regular scouted countries. Besides that I usually check Brazil or Argentina, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Austria, sometimes Swiss. Rarely Germany (where I play most of the time) as the prices for the regens are crazy compared to the surrounding nations (same for the other bigger nations of course)
  9. Depends on my motivation Sometimes I scout all of a country, sometimes I just scout a handfull of clubs, usually the bigger ones. Also I usually pick like five countries that I check for regens each year and only scout the others when I need to fill my youth squad with some euro guys
  10. USA produces decent regens on 27.12.2010 , those are the earliest I found so far.
  11. But they are a lot older most part of the game, so mid-20ies for the players isnt too bad
  12. I use it with nn_skin, so yes, just put them to your "graphics/icons/stars" directory in your prefered skin
  13. I replaced my stars with those balls: (white replace the golden, red the silver stars) http://www.sendspace.com/file/inpyqe
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