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  1. It has always pissed me off that its like 99% impossible to sign a player who has just signed (ie was bought by a club prior to starting the game) for a club. OK I get that its a bit of an annoyance to have moved somewhere but what I have found in the game series is that you could be a giant club like Liverpool, buying a young unknownish player offering big wages but its always "has no interest, already signed for a club". Yeah so what? The club agreed to sell the player they just bought why should the player themselves be so inflexible? Perhaps SI can introduce an option to disable the "just signed for new club" for the first summer, so we get a chance to buy these players.
  2. Should be fine, especially with the graphics card. Also I presume its a quad core CPU so yeah its more than good enough.
  3. Each player is given a CA and a PA.....there is some randomnity I think in young players. So a young unknownish player may have 13 acceleration in one game and then in another he may have 9. Each position the attributes are weighted. So a striker who has a finishing attribute will be weighted 6 points more than a CB, which makes plenty of sense because CB's rarely ever get a goal scoring opportunity with their feet. Other things that are weighted include weaker foot. Things that are not weighted are: aggression, determination, flair, natural fitness. Hidden attributes are NOT weighted. There's an attribute table that you can weigh it up but all I can find was one from 2014: https://community.sigames.com/topic/308816-current-ability-cost-of-of-attributes-position-breakdown/
  4. Darren Bent was very consistent goalscorer but nobody claims he is world class. Ozil can keep the 20 vision etc but consistency and important matches should be in the single digits.
  5. Do you mean regens? I agree regens are ****. I remember using FMRTE to sabotage regens to effectively disable them because they just ruin games. But I think out of the box the English players are fairly alright in the rating. There isnt a single world class English player out of the box. Even Harry Kane is pretty average.....should really have a higher consistency than just 15 for a player that is constantly banging goals. Meanwhile Ozils stats are absolutely ridiculous. There is no way Ozil has done enough to get those stats but because he's German they overlook that hes been dogshite for 4 years.
  6. Well CA/PA isnt the only factor. I mean long throws take up CA. Also, long shots for a CB is pretty useless etc.Then there are things like consistency and important matches. So theres a lot going on. I dont think English players are that overrated in the game. Their isnt a world class English players. Just speed merchants for the most part.
  7. Now that FM18 is coming out who do you think most needs a downgrade? IMO it has to go to Ozil. There is no way Ozil outclasses de Bruyne. His stats are absurd for a player who hasnt even impressed the Arsenal fans. For a start; his consistency should be something like 8 (instead of 13), his important matches at 16 is just laughable considering fans joke about him being the invisible man. That should be less than a 8. Determination should be lower. I believe in FM12 he had a 8 for determination and that is probably about right. Technique is too high for what he does in real life. I also find his corners in real life to be too slow and lacking. Its like the FM attribute judges had an orgasm over him, perhaps too afraid to lower his stats in fear of his fanbase. Ramsey is another for sure. His stats seem to think that hes still as good as the 2013/14 one season wonder. His decisions should be 10 or less for a start. Pretty much the definition of a headless chicken. Coutinho could do with a downgrade. I mean hes an excellent player and all but hes not that consistent yet. Chamberlain could also do with a downgrade for same reasons if not more than the other 3; lack of consistency.
  8. According to system specs a Pentium 4 is still good enough. Thats like a 17 year old CPU. A toaster could run it.
  9. I know you can do ctrl and p to save some players stats to excel but lets say i have a list of 200 players that i want....it will just save the players that i can physically see.
  10. IMO his decision making an consistency should be around 5-10.
  11. Out of all the positions eg LB, CB, CF etc which do you think FM usually gets wrong? For example, I think FM usually gets LB and DMC': Makouna, Lorik Cana and Aly Cissokho for example.
  12. Agenda against non English keepers? This is the country that has had Robinson, David James, Foster and Carson et al. Hart has had a bad season but then so has all of City.
  13. I'm still playing Fm12 cus I heard 13 is buggy but thats not what this about I fined Willian 2 weeks wages for a 5.8 rating against UTD and he wasnt happy. Anyhow he had a really good game against Liverpool and his agent asked, demanded looked to extort a higher wage for him. So I thought this meant everything was cool. Nope. Opened contract negotiations and the player wasnt having any of it. The stupidest thing though is that the player on his status said he wanted improved terms. absurd. IMO this is what FM should have looked to improved and not the engine. The interaction in the game is BS. You can effectively use it to make every player in the world who is interested in your club, love you before they even join.
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