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  1. I play on standard mentality, flexible shape and TIs are the following: Shorter Passing Work Ball Into Box Close Down More Stay On Feet Higher Tempo The tactics looks like this (from right to left): SKs WBs - CDd - CDd - WBa DMd WMa - CMs - APs - WMa F9s The F9s has "Shoot Less Often" and the SKs has "Distribute To Centre Backs". Depending on who plays in the WMa positions the can have "Dribble More" and/or "Cut Inside With Ball". That's it. The focus has been defensive stability, and I have been very satisfied with how it's been playing out for most of the three seasons I've used this. I do have a problem with the odd result, like the one against West Ham above, where all my players seem to become headless chickens for no apparent reason. Hence why I'm here asking for help analyzing this particular game...
  2. Hi! I've had a very sturdy 4-1-4-1 tactic going for a while now, this is the 3rd season of FM15. My defence was extremly solid in the beginning of the season, and then this match against West Ham happened. I would be very glad if someone could enlighten me as to why West Ham manages to be so clinical, and my LFC team get so completely destroyed... The PKM --> https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/8149289/LFCvsWH.pkm I really just want to understand why this happened after keeping 5 shoutouts out of 6 matches in the league...
  3. The 4-5-1 formation had a more defensive solidity to it, I think, with the fullbacks and wide midfielders and still three central midfielders. What I think bothers me is the AM position that I've struggled with myself. I can see the opponents players track back quite a bit, but not managed to make my own AM's defend that well. Granted I gave up quite early as I found solutions that suited me and my style better, as in the mentioned 4-5-1 and 4-1-4-1. One thing I've noticed with three at the back is that sometimes the outer defenders are a little to far apart and that makes the central defender vulnerable to a succesful dribbling attempt. At least with my own experiments with a back three, though I don't have fullbacks, but defensive wingers in the CM strata.
  4. Well, it just strikes me as a very attacking tactic with the fullbacks going forward that much, just look at the defensive transition screenshot where your fullbacks are like attackers and there are no one else on the wings to cover the gaps. Not that your opposition seem to be exploiting the space either with what seems to be a very deep defence. Never mind me though, I've got stuck with my 4-1-4-1 formation and recently started to tinker with a 3-1-4-2 formation. I really love the DM play of this version of FM but I've had difficulties with the AM positions myself
  5. As someone who very much appreciated your 4-5-1 thread, and got a nice system out of it I will follow this thread closely. I can see this formation being successful with Liverpool again, at least on paper. I probably would change one DLP to support instead, at least to begin with, since I would be worried about the gap between CM and AM. The CFa I expect to do really well in such a setup. I would also watch the CWB's closely as they would probably waste a ton of crosses each game, but I haven't really tried whipped crosses myself. That said, I can't see myself using anything like this tactic at the moment though, as I've realised I want defensive stability before lots of goals, and this tactic seem to be setup to outscore the opposition and not really about shutting them out completely. Hopefully you'll prove me wrong and it will be defensively sound.
  6. This is how I thought I'd set it up, but I ended up with Lucas/Allen as CM(d), Henderson/Gerrard/Allen as CM(s) and Sterling/Henderson as CM(a). Emre Can rotated through the CM(d) and CM(s) for the odd game, but he did a much better job at CD(d) since Lovren was making lots of mistakes my first season. Also it was hard to see Gerrard making a lot of mistakes so I had to bench him for much of the season. Markovic was a complete flop the first season, I tried him in the CM(a) and WM(a) slots, but he didn't take his chances well, after a good second season he wanted to leave for Barcelona, so and they made a bid for him. In the end I've had trouble with the CM(a) position, as I seem too dependent on Sterling to produce from there, no other players have really taken theor chances in that position. For the third season I've rotated between a few other players, but I need Sterling there. As a side note, I think Lucas is over rated in the game, it's hard to find better defensive midfielders. Not that I'm complaining from a gaming view though, I want good players in my team
  7. Hi there! I was hesitant to write anything to begin with, but since I've had so much fun these three seasons with my Liverpool save I wanted to share some of it and in the same time say thank you to the one who inspired me the most this save. So basically this thread is a tribute to Jambo98 and his thread The 4-5-1 - The swiss army knife of formations. To begin with I really like the 4-2-3-1 Wide formation, and it's one that I've had some success with in earlier versions of FM. It's also the one that I started out with in this years FM, but found myself very confused by how the players acted on the pitch. Not at all what I wanted and what I was used to from earlier versions. So back to the drawing table, and that's when I found Jambo98's thread. I started out by using his exact formation, since he was using Liverpool as myself, I thought that would be OK, but after a few games into the season I realised this is not how I want to play. I rearranged some of the duties into this formation (from right to left): GK(d) FB(s) - CB(d) - CB(d) - WB(a) WM(a) - CM(s) - CM(a) - CM(d) - WP(a) DLF(s) Team Instructions: Shorter Passing Work Ball Into Box Close Down More Stay On Feet Higher Tempo Also I swapped to very fluid and control, because I wanted my team to work as one unit, and be attacking.. This is what I played with from early october through the entire season. Now, before I go on I set myself some goals on this save, the first season was just to implement a tactic that was working and getting Champions League football in the process. The second season I wanted to involve a few of the younger players and then the third season I should be able to seriously challenge for the title. This first season we finished fourth in the premier league, so we got that CL football I wanted, but we also won the UEFA Europa League in the process, which was nice. We also played some of the best football I've been able to produce in any FM game so far. The highlights being the goals from the WM(a) and the DLF(s). Mario Balotelli got 15 goals and 5 assists in 20 PL games. I had Fabio Borini as the WM(a) and he pitched in with 10 goals the first season. The best part was the WP(a) though, I was planning on playing Coutinho there most of the time, but Lallana was being brilliant and dominated many games roaming in from the left and spraying assists to the DLF(s), CM(a) or the WM(a). Obviously Sterling as the CM(a) was doing a great job as well, getting 9 goals and 8 assists in 32 games. So before the second season I sat down and looked at the formation and decided I wanted a little more from it. I changed the right CB(d) to a BPD(d) and the DFL(s) into a CF(s). The BPD(d) is just something I've always liked so I wanted to see if it would work with this formation, and I felt I wanted a little more from my lone forward so a CF(s) should give me that. I also changed from very fluid to fluid, according to the specialists vs generalists rules. I kept control but I was not certain that I would be able to keep being this attacking if I kept being successful. So, second season starts and again I play some beautiful football, like I've never managed before. I am very happy with most of the things my team produces. One of the biggest surprises this season is Suso, who is playing brilliantly from the WM(a) slot. Real Madrid came in with a crazy offer for Borini after the first season so off he went. Suso got 10 goals and 6 assists in 25 PL games, so he did what Borini did in goals and added a few more assists. Mario Balotelli got 23 goals and 4 assists in 30 games, and Daniel Sturridge got only 4 goals and 2 assists from 18 games, but he was injured a lot this season. This year though, Coutinho and Lallana was as dominating as they should have been but still produced enough for us to challenge for the title. In the end we lost the last match of the season and 4 points separated us from the winner. Getting second place is an improvment from fourth though, so I was happy. We also won the Capital One Cup, and I've always struggled in the cups so it was all good. One thing we had to change after christmas was to go from control to standard, and sometimes even defensive, just to have some space to actually play football in. Third season, no changes in formation but I kept using standard from the start, and sometimes defensive if I knew the opponent would try to park the bus. I didn't have a fantastic start to the season, but soon we found ourselves at the top. Come january we were 8 points clear and having a great run of games but then we had Man City away, Arsenal at home, and Chelsea away. The 3-0 loss to Chelsea really hurt, and no more 8 points lead, this was now a 2 team race. I wasn't really sure how my team would respond after those three games but we went back to our winning ways, and went on to win the PL, 2 points ahead of Chelsea, and 16 points ahead of Tottenham in third place. Balotelli got 20 goals in 24 games, and Sturridge got 16 in 21, so they were producing as they should. Coutinho also evolved and got 5 goals and 15 assists in the 33 games he played. Also got some very important goals, 8 in 16 PL games, from a regen I thought wouldn't play as much this season. He managed to break 4 important deadlocks during the last games of the season, so very happy with him. During these three seasons I have also managed to score the most goals of all teams during season one, getting most clean sheets all three seasons, but since I rotated keepers during season two and three they didn't get the golden glove award. So it's been brilliant defense and brilliant offense these three seasons. So all that is left is to thank Jambo98 for his fantastic thread and a great read that really helped me get the best football I've been able to produce in any FM this consistently.
  8. While I haven't had a player dominate the game like David Silva I've had good return from my wide playmaker in my first season with Liverpool. I've had Philippe Couthino and Adam Lallana play the role to the left of my flat 5-man midfield. I was inspired by Jambo98's thread The 4-5-1 - The swiss army knife of formations and I did my own version of his 451. Philippe Coutinho played 26 (13) games and scored 3 while assisting 10, Adam Lallana played 25 (16) and scored 5 and assisted 17. I don't think I've managed to play better football with any Football Manager game than what I have managed this season. I thought I would write something about my first season on these forums but I haven't had time and with all the other very good threads around I'm not sure what it would contribute. My setup is fairly simple (right to left): GK(d) FB(s) - CD(d) - CD(d) - WB(a) WM(a) - CM(s) - CM(a) - CM(d) - WP(a) DLF(s) Very Fluid - Control
  9. Across many saves they've been playing some incredible football against my team. I've tried offensive and defensive styles, but very rarely will I get a comfortable result against West Brom, where I'm satisfied we won because we played better. Anyway, I finished 5th, which is worse than I expected, but I can live with it. Going into season two now.
  10. The team is already familiar with the tactic, it's march and I've been doing ok during the season. What I wanted to do is get some feedback on why people think my Liverpool is performing so badly against West Brom. I've already continued the game, I kept a seperate save for this particular game, mostly because I think Liverpool should perform better. Obviously I seem unable to do well against them, no matter how I set up my tactic. Maybe a complete change of formation, but that would go against what I wanted to do with this particular save.
  11. That's basically what I have done, this tactic has produced some beautiful football at times. It is not as defensively solid as I'd like, but Liverpool defense hasn't been solid since Hyypiä left anyway. It's just that my expectations against a team like West Brom doesn't match how these matches play out, no matter the tactic. They always manage to produce performances of the year against me, for some reason.
  12. So I tried this a few matches. First match I changed the APs to APa and the APa to CMa, I wanted to keep the APa, even though I changed him to MCL, because I've been getting good performances out of the role. Also changed the HBd to DLPd. We lost 3-2, with both our goals being lucky ones, a deflected free kick and an own goal from a corner. West Brom played some brilliant football, and Nicolas Anelka was once again clinical in front of goal. Even Mulumbu managed to force an error and get on the scoresheet. West Brom had the better passing percentage, had more of the ball, and more quality shots on target. For the second match I tried changing the APa to CMa, and the HBd to DLPd. First half was quite good, got some good shots in, but Ben Foster apparently is the best keeper in the world. Second half seemed more compact, and couldn't get many quality shots in. Match ended 0-0 after West Brom almost snatched the victory with a powerful shout in the 85th minute... Third match, I tried the same settings as match two, but removed the "Much Higher Defensive Line" TI and added "Drop Deeper" to try to engineer some space for my team to run into. The result was complete domination by West Brom, were they deservedly took the lead in the 23rd minute. Brilliant play between Nicolas Anelka and Thiévy were the latter could slot it into the net just inside the far post. The equaliser came through a corner a few minutes later, and felt mostly lucky because Mamadou Sakho lingered in the penalty box instead of running back. In the 36th minute West Brom took the lead because of a Simon Mignolet own goal where he managed to flip a cross ball into his own net. Better start to the second half, Daniel Sturridge makes it 2-2 in the 47th minute from a good counter attack, and in the 53rd minute he gets hold of a Steven Gerrard free kick and has an open goal to make it 2-3. In this match West Brom seemed to tire, for the first time, and it was relatively easy to see the game out and there were opportunities to extend the lead further. So basically this sums up my Football Manager 2014 experience. Frustrating. If it's not beautiful play like their first goal of the last match it's individual errors like Mignolet fumbling the ball into his own net, they always manages to make my team look like they've never seen a pitch before. In my mind West Brom shouldn't be playing this good against Liverpool, even though I most likely will make some tactical errors. 3 wins out of 16 or 17 games is just not right, in my mind.
  13. Hello! Been reading this forum for a very long time, but now I feel the need to ask for help. FM 14 has been a very frustrating experience so far, but I've had some success at times. Mostly I just feel lucky when I do though, so I don't think I'm really getting it as it is. I've recently started a new save and thought I'd try to do something with some of the Barcelona style tactics I've seen floating around. This is my current tactic: My thoughts about TIs: *Shorter Passing - it's the way I want to do things, a short passing game. My understanding is that playmakers are allowed some freedom from this. *Work Ball Into Box - I like the idea that goals come from inside the box, preferably through nice throughballs and such. *Much Higher Defensive Line - I like to compress space, win the ball back early. This one probably costs me a few goals, I've played without it as well. *Roam From Positions - more freedom for the attacking players. Actually not sure how this affects the defense. *Be More Expressive - again, more freedom in attack to do the unexpected (I hope). Pre match screenshot: West Brom has been my boogie team since I started playing FM. It seems they always manage to play exceptionally well against my Liverpool, no matter formation or style of play. This particular match I've replayed ten times or more, and managed to win none of those. From what I've seen tactically they're playing narrow and not as deep as I would expect, but they are at home after all. Liam Ridgewell seem to be the more attacking full back. In midfield both Bradley Johnson and Ben Watson are playing deep, so I'm guessing Ben Watson plays as a DLPd. Youssouf Mulumbu seem to be going forward a bit more, but don't have the ball that much really, so I would guess a BWMs. On the right wing Morgan Amalfitano plays quite narrow, I'm guessing APs, but not sure really. Left wing Thiévy seem to be playing more like a inside forward, using his pace, though not doing much really. Up front Nicolas Anelka is doing a bit of everything, so most likely some kind of CFs. No idea how correct I am about this, but it's something I would try with the players available, perhaps. My problem is that I have no way to beat this team. High line, deep line, low tempo, high tempo, using the flanks, trying through the middle it all ends upp being all square or I am getting battered by them. Most of the games West Brom also play like they're Barcelona and I can hardly borrow the ball from them. While doing that though, they manage to foul my team into submission. One red card in ten matches, and they still managed to get the equaliser after that in that game. So the conclusion is I need help beating West Brom... P.S. Sorry about the very large pictures.
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