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  1. Also, looks like I'll be joining you all on that tonight. Can't wait
  2. It's completely the wrong way to look at the game, by those folks. It's a shame because I didn't have the best team (I'm not used to having the best team, I play as Galatasaray in FM) but I still enjoyed getting home and logging on for an hour or two to get a few games and transfers in. Surely there's enough fans now that'll help have enough members. The big problem I saw was that it must have been very resource hungry for SI. And the price we paid was too low to cover the costs. £5 when all the other big MMO's were charging £8-10/month
  3. I remember being a part of the Beta for some new features in FM Live. Waiting around for this beta release got me thinking I really miss that game. Was by far the best online football management game I've ever played. I don't bother playing any others anymore. Every year I'm hoping it makes a return. It had it's problems but the community was great, and the depth of the game for an online game was amazing. I liked the fact you had to start from scratch with a new club and build up, live transfer negotiations with real people etc. Just brilliant. Any other old players?
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