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  1. lovely skin, is there any way to get the logos, (see attached) on the match day screen. they are small on one of the biggest sections too. Just want to have them slightly larger
  2. Had a look, to say I'm not too good with computers I have no idea what to do after looking at this... I'll leave it thanks dont want to c*ck my graphics up all together, thanks for the advise though.
  3. I'll give it a shot later on mate thanks
  4. Hi Nic, thanks for your response and advise I have already done all that and set up 2 new manager profiles. The manager I newly create is ok until I starrt the game. See screen shots attached
  5. Hi everyone, wonder if anyone else is having this issue. This has started since the last update. My managers picture has changed to the attached picture (even in pre saved games). I've tried to start a new save and submit a new profile for my manager, even though I save the new profile and it shows on the screen before I pick my team, once in the game after saving the manager profile resorts back to the attached. I've checked preferences and cannot see why this has changed and how to restore back to the profile I have set up for the new save or how to restore back to the profile set up on previous saved games. The shirt, tie is exactly how I set up, it's just the skins colour and facial hair problem (the baldness is also something I chose). I have tried other skins and even tried the default skins but nothing changes the manager profile picture. Help please. As you can see my manager now looks like he's going on a gay pride march lol
  6. Seems to be only when you have it on split screen working fine on full screen
  7. I'm getting the attached error before I enter every game, during the game if I make any changes too. Any idea how to fix please
  8. not that I know of, don't recall any updates, Cant 100% remember when it started to play up, I'll check my updates when I get home, thinking if I set back to about 2 months ago it might sort it I guess. thanks again man
  9. I don't play any other PC games to stream so cannot answer that, however I have previously streamed FM16 successfully. It's only been happening over the last few weeks that I can't and it's the same laptop so not sure what's gone on. Fine that totally weird how stopped streaming. Thanks for taking a look mate
  10. Is this what you mean @Lucas Weatherby DxDiag.txt
  11. gotcha, I'll give it a go when I get home and post the results on here.
  12. Is the DXDIAG the crash error from the crash dump folder?
  13. Think what's strange too is that when I log into twitch via the preferences, and my volume is on I can hear the connection to another gamer and hear them talking. however when I start my stream that's when I get the crash dump error...... so frustrating...................
  14. cheers guys booked 4th and 7th off for a long weekend managing lol
  15. going to do something I've never done before, Going to start with the mighty Hammers and stay on one career. I usually load one for West Ham and another in Europe, sometimes a 3rd to get a lower league team promotion to the prem... all takes time so going for a 1 save see how far I can go.