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  1. Hi mate, yes you can get it for the Switch Lite. I've bought it for my laptop, my IPad and Android phone but the mobile version doesnt do it for me so I think this will be the last year I buy it. I recently bought a Switch Lite just for playing Touch on the go. I travel everyday to work via train so it's a great distraction and is as good as ther Touch version for the PC. Well worth it mate.
  2. Loving the game on the switch, shame there is no way to add kits and logos as on other devices. I seem to have gone all out this time around, not only have I bought FM20 (including FMT20) for my laptop but I've also purchased FM Mobile for both my IPad and android phone, then saw what it looked like on the switch and bought a Switch Lite to play Touch on.
  3. Thanks all, think I'll have to just do work whilst at work haha
  4. Thought that but already purchased via online through Steam, plus with Stadia there is no option to play the BETA when released but thanks for your reply Brother Ben
  5. Hi all, this is probably a silly question. I have FM19 downloaded via Steam on my laptop. I'm just wondering if I'm able to play FM without having to launch Steam everytime? I'm wanting to add to my work laptop but cannot install Steam due to security issues but would be able to have FM on there. Any way to do this or am I stuffed?
  6. This is the error I'm getting is this the same your getting?
  7. Daveo72

    Nuu Skin

    I could be having the same issue, finally the link works to download, added to skin folder but when I goto apply it's not in there as an option to choose.
  8. here you go, a little free time at work and sorted lol
  9. I'll do this when I get home as I don't have the skin on my work laptop.. There is a little lag but it all depends on your PC or laptop to be honest.
  10. Not sure if this is what your looking for, this is what I use and it's brilliant. You will need the FLUTSKIn too https://www.fmscout.com/a-fm-2019-flut-skin-dark.html https://www.fmscout.com/a-flutskin-2d-kits-fm17.html
  11. You don't really need to do anything with the config file as such. All you need to do is name your png files the same as the kits that are already in the game and replace in the graphics/kits folder. For example if your kits are bari_h, bari_a and bari_t, then replace the name of your png to the same and drag onto the kits folder and accept to replace. Then go into preferences and re-load skin and the new kits should show. Hope this is helpful.
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