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  1. Seems to be only when you have it on split screen working fine on full screen
  2. I'm getting the attached error before I enter every game, during the game if I make any changes too. Any idea how to fix please
  3. not that I know of, don't recall any updates, Cant 100% remember when it started to play up, I'll check my updates when I get home, thinking if I set back to about 2 months ago it might sort it I guess. thanks again man
  4. I don't play any other PC games to stream so cannot answer that, however I have previously streamed FM16 successfully. It's only been happening over the last few weeks that I can't and it's the same laptop so not sure what's gone on. Fine that totally weird how stopped streaming. Thanks for taking a look mate
  5. Is this what you mean @Lucas Weatherby DxDiag.txt
  6. gotcha, I'll give it a go when I get home and post the results on here.
  7. Is the DXDIAG the crash error from the crash dump folder?
  8. Think what's strange too is that when I log into twitch via the preferences, and my volume is on I can hear the connection to another gamer and hear them talking. however when I start my stream that's when I get the crash dump error...... so frustrating...................
  9. cheers guys booked 4th and 7th off for a long weekend managing lol
  10. going to do something I've never done before, Going to start with the mighty Hammers and stay on one career. I usually load one for West Ham and another in Europe, sometimes a 3rd to get a lower league team promotion to the prem... all takes time so going for a 1 save see how far I can go.
  11. anyone any idea when beta will be released. I know it's roughly 2 weeks before full release but wondered if there's a set date give or take a few days. was going to book a few days off work to play
  12. nope still getting the error, not sure if its the same crash dump, see attachment
  13. ok mate will do, see how it roles
  14. answer to the above is no, removed all added files, changed skin back to original and reloaded. tried to connect to twitch but same again got crash error
  15. yes got custom logos, skin and face packs but had these since day one of FM16 could it be that an update disagrees with some of the graphics maybe. may have to remove all of them and try again which will be a ball ache. good job FM17 is around the corner.... any suggestions? I do have a lot of kits from all around the world. maybe remove all but the ones I need, same with the logos, skins etc. and try again. or remove all and start from scratch another thought, also running a custom download for all the latest transfer updates via sortitoutsi.net, could this be an issue