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  1. In this current FM13 I find that alot of players become available on free transfers who have massive potential and I have been able to turn them into very good players. Alot of the players I have aquired seem to be german though and released by the likes of Bayern Munich etc. A left winger I got on a free in my championship season before getting promoted. I had him for 1 season, before Leicester came knocking and bought him for 8.5m which chairman accepted due to being a massive offer. Others ive had, my curren left back I aquired on a free and he has since went on to get 2 caps for Germany. My Right winger again on a free is one of the best players at the club at present, and has also been called up for Germany although never had a cap as of yet. Ive had alot of germans and various other nationalities who had became decent, but sold on for profit. I do find FM13 is brilliant for the free transfer youngster market.
  2. In my current save I brought a player in called Daniel Bessa. As soon as he came he became homesick and had 3 extended holidays. However I persisted with him as he had great stats. Persistence paid off and after a season his home sickness had gone and he is now one of my top performers.
  3. Got Pato on a free for Coventry in FM13. May not be disastrous, but when I got him he was 27 and I thought a player of his calibre would be brilliant for Coventry in their first season in premiership. Cant pay alot of waged either so the wages of 15k a week for him was a massive waste for me. Never scored a goal in 2 years he has been with me and I let him go when his contract ran out when he was 29 years old. Not half as bad as some of those above, but only one I can think of thats recent.
  4. I find the free transfers in FM13 are really good this year. Alot of youngsters get released who have massive potential. I managed to get Coventry from League one into Premiership practically on free transfers. But I never got given 19m, and I was well into the black. I got given about 7m to spend my first season in the Premiership, but used it all on wages. As youll need the depth.
  5. I had a discussion about this with a mate the other. What exactly do you get points for? Like do you get more for managin a higher profile club? I haev been with Coventry since I first started and I am now in the Premiership and into my 7th season yet have less than 1 million points. I have gained promotion twice and surived in Premier League in my first season and had 2 manager of the years. Im assuming trophies will win you more points?
  6. I had this when I first startd my Coventry save. I think the unknown manager thing is a factor. I still get the odd game now where I dominate but dont score. But I am tipped for relegation after only my 2nd season in premiership. What I also found alot were the amount of disallowed goals I was getting in the game. Its not as many now though. I enjoyed the fact I wasnt winning after dominating. Frustrating yes, but I was determined to get it right, which I did in the end.
  7. thats a great achievement. To not only "play" 3 teams in a final is fantastic, but to beat all 3 teams in that said final in absolutely outstanding. Fair play to them
  8. Only one I can remember on my save was Hearts winning the Scottish Premiership. Oh and maybe not much of a shock, but Brendad Rogers took over the England job and won the world cup in 2014.
  9. Playing as Coventry manager, started in league one. First got offered Leeds job when I was in the championship, then the Derby job I believe. Since im in the premiership though I get no offers at all.
  10. 60/70 staff!?! I hope with that many staff all your training categorys are 5 star?
  11. Clubs in real life are always in the red and I think this is what FM is stating. Im playing as Coventry on my save and back when I was in League 1 for 2 seasons and a bit through Championship, my wages were always well under the limit, bit I always ended up in the red. It wasnt until I started selling players that I was well in the black. But I think this happens in real life, so it doesnt bother me.
  12. not that I know of. Takeovers are just random. However I find if a takeover happens on one game it tends to happen on another as a Coventry takeover happened on mine and 2 other mates as well in 2nd season.
  13. not that I know of. Takeovers are just random. However I find if a takeover happens on one game it tends to happen on another as a Coventry takeover happened on mine and 2 other mates as well in 2nd season.
  14. Im enjoying my Coventry save. First season you dont get much to spend and wages are minimal. They have some decent players, particularly William Edjenguele and John Fleck(who has bags of potential) Board expect promotion. My first season I got to playoffs but got beat, then promoted season after. Ive found it a great challenge and I am now in my 5th season after finding some real bargain players on free transfers and selling them on to make some money. Wages budget is now at 200k and im lingering around playoffs for championship, barely missing out in my first season. They have a big enough season(though they do rent it) and they get took over in 2nd season too so you may hit lucky and get a tycoon. I have struggled in the past with being in the red, however I managed to scrape through by getting the wage budget down. And if you do start in league one, then have a look at "Roope Riski" He will tear league one up, hes a cracking gem of a player for next to nothing!
  15. Ah good. ive a feeling it will correct itself. I dont need an extra game in PL anyway. hopefully will win the league without it. ha
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