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  1. Hi! Can anyone tell me where can i change the video quality settings for youtube uploads? Thanks
  2. i've done it with NK Maribor from Slovenia.. took me a decade, but i did it..
  3. "Team Settings" and then "Scouting"..
  4. 2 - 0 home win for Sporting CP vs FC Porto.. I had a 2 point advantage.. so now i have a 5 point advantage..
  5. GD Concha Azul 2 - 0 Sporting CP Portuguese Cup Final
  6. - When managing a club and an international team, if you have two matches at the same time you should have to pick which match would you manage and let the assistant from the other team manage the other match.. I'm managing a team from portugal and the indonesian national team.. i shouldn't be allowed to manage a match in portugal and another one in indosesia at the same time..
  7. 1st Freamunde 1 - 1 GD Concha Azul 2nd Liga Vitalis
  8. Funny Screenshots Thread

    Congratulations Laurent Blanc! 5 days!
  9. GD Concha Azul 3 - 0 Mafra Portuguese Third Divisionn
  10. Future Stadium names = Districts

    Sporting CP's stadium is called Estadio de Alvalade named after 1 of the club founders José Alvalade..
  11. Funny Screenshots Thread

    63 years later.. Belenenses win the portuguese league!! So the highest scoring game has less goals than the biggest win..?? And now.. a simple one..
  12. The Academies Thread [Work In Progress]

    I've found this about the Sporting/Puma Academy.. www.record.xl.pt. If you need help translating i can help..
  13. The Academies Thread [Work In Progress]

    Theres also the "Sporting/Puma Academy" of Sporting Clube de Portugal.. I've found some information but it's in Portuguese.. http://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Academia_Sporting and http://www.sporting.pt/Academia/Conheca/academia_introducao.asp
  14. FM10 : Official Sporting Clube de Portugal

    there's something wrong in the clubs info.. Pedro barbosa is not the manager.. he's the director of football.. the manager is Paulo bento..