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  1. I am having the same issue, it has become unplayable in 3D mode now. I had no issues from the last update but as of 1.2.0 the 3D mode is completely unplayable.
  2. Not sure if this is a bug or not but my Projected Wage Budget for the Premier League is 5.24 million pounds per week, yet my actual wage budget is 4.6 million. I have been selling players and getting some off on loan with their full wage packet covered and the projected amount just keeps going up.
  3. Has this option been taken away? With the new update to 1.1.1 I can no longer click restart game.
  4. I was just wondering if anyone knew of a EHM scout like the FM Genie Scout?
  5. I have purchased the game every year since 2008. As of this moment it looks like this will be the first one that I do not purchase since then. Maybe it is just me but none of the new additions excite me. I think that 2015 is an excellent game and as of right now 2016 just doesn't seem like a significant enough upgrade. I hope I am proven wrong and it is a great game that I eventually end up buying though.
  6. I am trying to make more Canadian teams qualify for the NACL but am having a hard time doing so, is there a way to do this? Or do I pretty much have to create my own continental competition?
  7. Captains! Captains do not change just because someone gets injured. Just make it so that you set the captain and assistant captains each season like you would on FM. Also I find that sometimes players ask for absurd contracts, so take a look at adjusting that?
  8. To be fair the guy is a generational talent on the same line as Drouin and Jack Eichel (whom I have made into a winger instead of center since the other guy is a pure center)
  9. So I have a player who has been averaging 170 points per season and now absolutely no one in the league can afford him. I know because I have taken over every NHL team to try and get him and he has refused every single contract even though they are all the maximum allowable. He wants 10.2 million per season but no one in the league can offer that much.
  10. I have a feeling a similar thing happens in North America but at the grass roots level like the triple A teams and minor leagues getting newgens that are then taken into the CHL and NCAA
  11. I agree with this maybe the NHL should always remain the pinnacle but the European leagues and those that do play each other in a champions league style should be given dynamic reputations
  12. I think it would make the game easier to go through if the scouting reports were made to be like they are in FM where we can get all of the reports in a single email item instead of 20 separate emails per day.
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