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  1. But why contradict myself at all? Think about it. I wouldn't have added or left that part in for no reason but thanks for the repeated post to effectively underline your earlier entry. Anyway as Mad Sheep suggests, please move on, we were all bored days ago.
  2. Did and yet didn't at the same time. Still at least my previous post drew a line under everything...no wait, lets look at the evidence from every conceivable angle
  3. Not really sure what I've said in this thread that has people so rattled that I keep being quoted, told I'm rubbish, narrow minded, can't believe it and wide eyed emoticons. Reading back I think I've said that if your tactic is not right you can be punished by a tendency to concede early goals and then a post intended more than anything else to defend myself from being called rubbish. I'm not saying the game is pre determined, I'm saying I don't know how it works to be as bold to talk in complete absolutes about it, black and white. And I've dared suggest that just maybe the ME / AI whichever (perhaps both) isn't perfect and all smart. But hey feel free to all jump in and quote me up.
  4. So you are confident that the result isn't pre determined by the AI the same as say an instant result? Interesting and perhaps 100% correct. But dealing in absolutes and believing in the complexity of the match engine and yet not someone I assume that codes the game...just maybe you jump in a tad and also slightly overrate the software. I certainly didn't mention the word 'liking' either. Just wanted to put that out there but no flaming or disrespect intended.
  5. The key part of this advice is 'how quickly the defence recovers shape' meaning that narrower formations/instructions should defend as such quicker than wider ones.
  6. Read whatever you can about 'Shape' and what that means. Then realise that in Attacking mentalities, defenders pass short; attackers pass direct. In Defensive mentalities, defenders pass long; attackers pass short. When considering both the above remember attacking roles have lots of fwd runs whilst defensive roles are more static in positioning. I suspect this may sound the most ambiguous and meaningless advice you've ever seen but really it isn't. Give it thought fella.
  7. Hi. I understand that bit, why did you choose those particular instructions with a tactic to suit Barcelona though?
  8. Can I ask what your reasoning is in relation to Team Shape, D-Line & Width?
  9. It's definitely the wrong formation and I don't understand how the roles and instructions fit the description. Without a greater understanding of the originator's ideas in the OP its difficult to deconstruct / reconstruct...it is not an interpretation I'd quite know where to start with. As one or two have posted up since, it may need a greater level of research from the outset before refinement.
  10. absolutely miles away, sorry dude but this is not even near the mark
  11. I agree with this a lot. Smart observation. Similarly if your tactic isn't spot on look to conceding either an early goal or a goal from set pieces even though you may be set up fine at set pieces. It is just a nod to the match engine that your tactic isn't right and that's how it plays out. I think its called coding.
  12. Hiya, when would you deploy one setting or the other?
  13. Three quick hits. First tactic. Exploit the middle and wingers on the flanks don't sit right together. Third tactic. Why position attacking wingers high up the pitch and then use the instruction overlap? Surely they want a more direct service? All tactics. Who penetrates the opposition defence? No one in top strata is attacking through the centre.
  14. Hopefully this better illustrates my point. Without Ball Roles & Transition With Ball In the last screenshot I've tried to highlight the number (8) of clear lines of sight or options my playmaker should have to play the ball. That's what I want.
  15. I thought in Poch's system that Dier and Dembele actually played a holding role but go wider in possession to cover the attacking full backs.
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