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  1. Yeah I have done that but they keep trying to say that it isn't their problem. I've never had a problem before and really enjoy the game, I just want to try and get this sorted quickly.
  2. Ok, starting to become really impatient here. I ordered the game off http://www.footballmanager.com/ on Wednesday and I still haven't received a code. Would really like someone at Football Manager to look in to this as I want the problem fixed today or my money back.
  3. No they did reply but they had no answer. I suppose I can wait till Monday or Tuesday but after that I will become impatient.
  4. I have emailed them and stuff but there's no real answer from them?
  5. Yeah I used that link but they said they can only deal with technical/activation issues and didn't really help at all?
  6. It was http://www.footballmanager.com/ so it could be tomorrow that I receive it?
  7. Hi, I ordered the game off the website last night but haven't got any confirmation email or anything yet? This is my first time buying it straight from the website so I'm not sure how the system works?
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