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  1. Hi Smurf, im looking at a new lappy so would appreciate your input. I have seen a few on the website but am now not so sure. I have a budget of £500 Amount of a leagues/clubs. as many as possible as PC runs all leagues. Are 3d graphics important? Maybe but having a quicker machine is more important What other tasks do you do when playing FM? . internet Is game speed essential? Yes Fast load and save times? Not really Screen size important? at least 15 Does it need to be portable (light) or do you want it as a desktop replacement (heavier and not ideal for carrying around but ok for situated in your house a various locations (bedroom, sitting room etc.) - Not really it more or less live in one place I have seen this and this and am not sure if the Lenovo is good enough so am looking for in between. Thanks in advance.
  2. Can confirm the game will update to 5.1 when released at midnight.
  3. Ive received the code and confirm I have 15.0.3. Ive asked the question as to whether this upgrades to the full version as I did not purchase the beta access version as they did not sell it at the time I pre-ordered.
  4. Ed, Are their plans to have 'move staff' as we can with 'move players'?
  5. Good start there, keep it up. If its in the data thread it might get changed as they are looking at glaring issues. Re FS, we all grow up eventually and life gets in the way and time playing and posting reduces. I know ive dropped off considerably from a few years ago once you have kits etc.
  6. Yes, Ive been testing so have started a few and soaked a few seasons as the game has progressed. Data in the whole is good and we can wint the league although some teams perform better than their real life counterparts. Im just started a new season with a build and beat the Y*** 4-1 opening day of season and PAOK 3-0 first leg of EC qualifiers. Using 4231/433. Setting up all the positional player positions with their individual instructions takes time but worth it as when you bring them on as a sub they already know what to do. A few things i would touch up that wasnt done Rosicky needs this physicals tweaking as these were back to when I reduced him when he had his injuries, id probaly increase his Acc and pace to 15/13 respectively. Ramsey's the same with an increase in his flair. Also a few youngsters could do with an increase in certain areas as ive seen them and some of the data is a little low.
  7. Nice intro ilamae, FS would have been proud, i know i am
  8. Still crashes unfortunately on the 2nd match this time pressing tactics button in the 2nd half. Im thinking this is something to do with the actual game rather than direct x and what we are doing. There is certainly a conflict somewhere.
  9. Ok extracted the files, which one is needed?
  10. ok thanks i will dl it and give this a go.
  11. I tried installing from windows site as the softpedia site is v slow. I get the message that i have a newer version and no installation is required.
  12. Question- is this only for W7 or will it still stop the crashing on vista?
  13. Ill give this a try then as i get a crash or lack of progression after the 2nd match in succession. I did wonder whether the crashing could be down to a cashe issue rather than graphics problem. Ill let people know if this enables me to play two consecutive games which i have not donw to date.
  14. Does this stop the crashing when setting up matches on the match day?
  15. He has passed medical, we've agreed feee and contract no all that is required is that arshavin needs to promise that he will pay back his signing on fee from his new contract, around 2m. This has been the stumbling block throughout of which zenit wanted us to pay pfff. Nearly there at last.