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  2. Arsene Wenger's Invincibles

    As one of the old guard on here, its nice to see new tactical genius on here replicating good old systems. Ill give this a go. KUTGW.
  3. Transfer promises

    'This is by design, the amount of playing time isn't a promise in the same manner as the options you can add on top. It is an agreement on the amount of playing time, which can be fluid, hence why you can change the squad status of a player but not the terms of a promise. Obviously players can get upset over a change in squad status or not getting enough playing time. It can be viewed on contract views under squad status and putting all 50+ players the user may have on a further list would detract from specific promises such as more playing time or a new contract.'
  4. FM17: Arsenal

    Thats why a useful tool this year is the Team Repor-Squad Depth and then switch on the filters to add youth etc. Then switch through the 'show' filter for ability/potential. role suitability and best 11 as well as looking at how long and well they have played in the positions youve selected. Its also a good tool to see where your loanees have played and whether they would fit back in your plans.
  5. FM17: Arsenal

    The only other positions would be DC but in the next cople of years as Lauren and Per will be fine in the hope that Holding and Chambers can meet potential. id still go and get a WC DC when Laurent and Per are a bit too old. And GK if you are not keeping Szczesny and when Big Pete drops.
  6. FM17: Arsenal

    Totally agree, its not about having a big squad anymore, players will get unhappy very quickly if not played. Lucus and Elneny got unhappy but were fine after a few games promised.
  7. FM17: Arsenal

    LB, Backup to a first team player, i bought sessenong from Fulham for devlopment. Monreal and Gibbs are fine. SC. Although Alexis is great as an SC if trained. got me 37goals last season. Giroud is also good and when welbeck is back you dont need an SC unless you sell one and get a youngster. DLP A replacement fro cazorla if you want a stright replacement, or bring back Wilshere to play there and use the youth MC's. TBH you dont need any signings for the enxt two years and with the youth coming through and the guys back on loan the future squad depth is fine. Without any first team or backup signings won CL and EPL 1st season. so its really about managing who you have and only buy world class or young players.
  8. FM17: Arsenal

    Good to see this years incarnation Llama.
  9. New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    Hi Smurf, im looking at a new lappy so would appreciate your input. I have seen a few on the website but am now not so sure. I have a budget of £500 Amount of a leagues/clubs. as many as possible as PC runs all leagues. Are 3d graphics important? Maybe but having a quicker machine is more important What other tasks do you do when playing FM? . internet Is game speed essential? Yes Fast load and save times? Not really Screen size important? at least 15 Does it need to be portable (light) or do you want it as a desktop replacement (heavier and not ideal for carrying around but ok for situated in your house a various locations (bedroom, sitting room etc.) - Not really it more or less live in one place I have seen this http://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/80EC005CUK-Lenovo-Z50-75-in-Black_1736606.html and this http://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/CB-CZ5840-1010SP-Cube-Chameleon-CZ-5840_1811157.html and am not sure if the Lenovo is good enough so am looking for in between. Thanks in advance.
  10. 19.99£ at SimplyCdKeys

    Can confirm the game will update to 5.1 when released at midnight.
  11. 19.99£ at SimplyCdKeys

    Ive received the code and confirm I have 15.0.3. Ive asked the question as to whether this upgrades to the full version as I did not purchase the beta access version as they did not sell it at the time I pre-ordered.
  12. In-Game Editor

    Ed, Are their plans to have 'move staff' as we can with 'move players'?
  13. Good start there, keep it up. If its in the data thread it might get changed as they are looking at glaring issues. Re FS, we all grow up eventually and life gets in the way and time playing and posting reduces. I know ive dropped off considerably from a few years ago once you have kits etc.
  14. Yes, Ive been testing so have started a few and soaked a few seasons as the game has progressed. Data in the whole is good and we can wint the league although some teams perform better than their real life counterparts. Im just started a new season with a build and beat the Y*** 4-1 opening day of season and PAOK 3-0 first leg of EC qualifiers. Using 4231/433. Setting up all the positional player positions with their individual instructions takes time but worth it as when you bring them on as a sub they already know what to do. A few things i would touch up that wasnt done Rosicky needs this physicals tweaking as these were back to when I reduced him when he had his injuries, id probaly increase his Acc and pace to 15/13 respectively. Ramsey's the same with an increase in his flair. Also a few youngsters could do with an increase in certain areas as ive seen them and some of the data is a little low.
  15. Nice intro ilamae, FS would have been proud, i know i am