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  1. Can you do a Ajax formation and tactical play philosophy or point me in the right direction? Great depth of info on the above. unfortunately i lost Veltman in Jan as he wasnt going to sign a new deal and Eiltling to a Chinese club as he wanted to speak to them.
  2. I go back farther than that Good old Domark. With this incarnation tactics, mentality and transitions are a whole different ball game to FM18 let alone back in the day of 01/02 when everything was very very simple. Keep chipping away and making small adjustments and my advice is watch the ME on comprehensive highlights to work out what is going right and wrong with your tactics that isnt getting the best out of Ozil. Look at Ozils positioning and where he is receiving the ball and more importantly what he is doing with it, you will be surprised. Understanding your tactic and what players are doing what in each phases of play will give you a better understanding and will help you improve players roles and instructions.
  3. Starts with Theory, then practice which you need to understand the roles and how they affect the tactic. It all comes with experience
  4. What you describe there is a non pressing creative player that when on the ball he performs well. If yous et up with a hard working MC line and play him at AMC line he will perform wonders. Bergkamp was similar however when he did run and put himself about it led to a foul or a card as he couldnt tackle. Ozil is on the highest wage at the club, will be hard to rid of so i would advise play him and build the team around him. You can also train him to try and improve his WR. A WR of 11 isnt too shabby tbh, that would be enough to press in the final third. Ask him to stay in the final third and dot ask him to defend you will be fine and will reap the rewards. With passing, vision, flair, OTB, fist touch & technique, of 19, and anticipation, composure, of 18 why would you want him doing anything other than creating?
  5. Why sell him? Play him behind the SC and he will perform wonders. If your trying to sell he will be difficult due to his wages and the loyalty bonus arsenal would have to pay.
  6. Do you have an ET on when your pack will be available? Want to start a proper german career but need 4.Liga/Regionals.
  7. I think people are getting excited......AND they should

  9. As one of the old guard on here, its nice to see new tactical genius on here replicating good old systems. Ill give this a go. KUTGW.
  10. 'This is by design, the amount of playing time isn't a promise in the same manner as the options you can add on top. It is an agreement on the amount of playing time, which can be fluid, hence why you can change the squad status of a player but not the terms of a promise. Obviously players can get upset over a change in squad status or not getting enough playing time. It can be viewed on contract views under squad status and putting all 50+ players the user may have on a further list would detract from specific promises such as more playing time or a new contract.'
  11. Thats why a useful tool this year is the Team Repor-Squad Depth and then switch on the filters to add youth etc. Then switch through the 'show' filter for ability/potential. role suitability and best 11 as well as looking at how long and well they have played in the positions youve selected. Its also a good tool to see where your loanees have played and whether they would fit back in your plans.
  12. The only other positions would be DC but in the next cople of years as Lauren and Per will be fine in the hope that Holding and Chambers can meet potential. id still go and get a WC DC when Laurent and Per are a bit too old. And GK if you are not keeping Szczesny and when Big Pete drops.
  13. Totally agree, its not about having a big squad anymore, players will get unhappy very quickly if not played. Lucus and Elneny got unhappy but were fine after a few games promised.
  14. LB, Backup to a first team player, i bought sessenong from Fulham for devlopment. Monreal and Gibbs are fine. SC. Although Alexis is great as an SC if trained. got me 37goals last season. Giroud is also good and when welbeck is back you dont need an SC unless you sell one and get a youngster. DLP A replacement fro cazorla if you want a stright replacement, or bring back Wilshere to play there and use the youth MC's. TBH you dont need any signings for the enxt two years and with the youth coming through and the guys back on loan the future squad depth is fine. Without any first team or backup signings won CL and EPL 1st season. so its really about managing who you have and only buy world class or young players.
  15. Good to see this years incarnation Llama.
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