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  1. Pete you might want to look at the finances as well for both Tottenham and Man Utd. Excessively high based on latest accounts. I have raised this a couple of pages back but no official answer from you.
  2. I dont think you understand, If you leave the bank balance as it is currently implemented, the football club AI will use that for transfers, NOT for the stadium (unless its hard coded to deduct 350m), therefore you are falsifying Spurs' position in the transfer market. Speak to Dean/Pete @Gripper @Pete Sottrel about is as its not currently correct. If Levy reported good accounts that's fine, but all that money will NOT be used to strengthen the squad but be used to pay off the stadium/contractors. £350 m is an extortionate amount of money which the Football Club does not have 'available' for first team strengthening.
  3. The key thing is not the transfer budget but the cash in bank (balance) as this in turn determines the budget going forward. Your mis-representation of the cash in bank makes Spurs have far too much money in the January window. I would not show the if buts and maybes as cash in bank of the football club. I think you've just misread the accounts and statements. Football Manager doesnt take in into account that you have to pay 3-400m off in one go once your stadium is built unless you get that hard coded in, however at the moment its not and you have far too much surplus cash in bank. When we had the new stadium built, we had two accounts, Arsenal FC and Arsenal Holdings, Arsenal Holdings held the stadium accounts which was in debt (350m) however Arsenal FC which looked after the football side had good accounts with circa 60m cash in bank and no debt. This is what i would show. Your debts does need increasing in January and your cash reserves need an immediate reduction to be realistic. Your cant put revenues in as cash in bank. Otherwise Man UTD would be close to a billion and we would be 600m upwards. Looking at your latest statement i would show that you have some cash in bank, but certainly not the 350m.
  4. I have delved through the account reports for Tottenham and Man Utd, i thought something was wrong as it appears that the revenue has been used for the bank balance. For Tottenham the chairman reported that cash in bank was 14.6m which is a star contrast as the 347m in bank. Not sure where the hell they got all that money from and explains why no money was available for Pochetino. Debt will increas to 600m as well. As for Man Utd their cash in bank at time of annual report was 242m in 2018, this has now been dropped to £155m, again this is a massive difference to the above 385m. In closing there is far too much money in bank at Man Utd and Tottenham. Chelsea, Man City and Arsenal appear to be pretty accurate with cash in bank. Some big faux pars there and id love to know if this was a genuine misreading of the accounts or guess work. Man UTD Quarterly accounts, Page 131 is cash in bank. https://ir.manutd.com/financial-information/quarterly-reports/2018.aspx Tottenhams -last paragraph. https://www.tottenhamhotspur.com/may-article-import/2018/financial-results-year-end-30-june-2017/
  5. The fact is we dont know the reason why the contract was rejected so we cant take that away from a human manager. It down to them to decide. In my beta with 19.1 data, he wants 150 basic, plus 25 per appearance plus add ons. 175 sounds not far off. especially with a signing on fee of 5m plus agents plus 3.5m loyalty. If the human (and in some ways IRL) manager feels that his outlay of the next 3/4 yrs can be spend on a better player or ones that fits their style who are we to stop them. Also have to look at potential internal replacements such as Maitland Niles. In mine i renewed but doesn't mean i wont sell him,.
  6. Question re Man Utd finances for January window, with no transfers allowed up to January, 'Mourinho' gets 180m. Their bank Balance is 385m and a wage budget of 3.8m p/w. Does this seem a bit high to people? For comparison Man City have 75m in bank, 100m TB and 4.2m wage. Liverpool 97m in bank, 76m TB and 3.2 wage. Chelsea 58m bank, 106m TB, 3.4m wage Arsenal 265m bank, 98 TB, 3.3m wage Tottenham 347 Bank, 92 TB 2.2 wage. (Their BANK seems high to me as majority of monies is going towards the stadium (net 600m in debt via bank loans), has this been taken into account or is that 'savings' ready to be spent on the stadium, Just seems high to me.
  7. Doesnt matter that there are pre-transfers arranged, what have they spent prior to that on transfers, agents fees, new contracts etc. They do have a leagues 1 size ground and this would be taken into account as part of income. Look at your finances and projected income, expenditure and you will find your answer. FYI this isnt really a data issue. Bournmouth also spent 10 on Brooks and 11 on Rico plus 27 for Lerma, 47m is a pretty big outlay for a very small club.
  8. Seriously though Nick, do you not think this year you have retained too many of the very high key attributes for that player in that position and not balanced out the player or distribute the attributes out more evenly? You know as well as i do that you can still retain the majority of CA (if your worried about that) if you moved a few high rated attributes and use the pts to up the very low attributes. Some i have noticed and tweaked hasn't resulted in a drop at all. Some attributes dont hold that much weighting but look better on that players profile and more importantly perform in game without being OP. Its your team of course but when comparing yourselves with Man City and Liverpool; who both in my opinion show more team ethic, work rate, decision making, anticipation, positioning yours comes out on top. I would have liked to see the results of the top 16 players average key attributes for the top teams that i requested to Pete, but not being in the loop ill have to do it the hard way and these posts have come from seeing and comparing and sorting each teams attributes. I feel ive made some fair points to be honest and all i want to see is the game balanced. Perhaps Mourinhos management of players stats can come down and perhaps a few more disliked players. Id be interested in your opinions as its always better to understand your views and your thought process. As i said its a difficult situation as we dont know if you did get a new manager what would they bring to the party. Just look at us now, with more fight and determination, all from some clear concise direction.
  9. So if we take Fellani for example with that description, he doesnt move much at pace but has 19 balance and 18 strength, and 13 pace, so he is a beast in the ME. Wouldn't his strength be a better focus than balance as he is very physical on the spot or in the box challenging for headers? With his jumping reach, he is dominate the majority of the time when he really isnt. I do agree and i said it many years ago that the smaller lower gravity players in england have always had poor balance rating. I was always under the impression it was indeed how well they kept their balance when under a challenge, side by side rather than a defensive attribute. As you say this combined with strength should define a players perceive ability when driving with the ball in and out of challenges. To me MU just seem over physical and over powered in key Mental and Physical attributes which make them a dominant force in game. They are still top in my save by a margin. Whatever the ME has focused on to emphasize certain physical attributes, i think MU need a tweak as the clearly are over performing. Im not sure collision detection is within the ME as yet but when it does, physical attributes along with key mental attributes will be the over powering attributes. To see how OP MU are, add the following attributes to your squad view. BALANCE, STRENGTH, CONSISTENCY, WORK RATE, TEAM WORK, LEADERSHIP. DETERMINATION, TACKING. They are just too high when comparing the other teams in the league. But enough said, we will see if it gets amended in January as its too late now. I will be tweaking fairly some of them.
  10. Nick, appreciate the fact that Mourinho is 'at war' with board and players, however that doesn't hid the fact that there are and have been a number of players that have overrated key attributes that affect how players perform in game and the team overall. As i stated in my post with what i felt was wrong with the team based on the games this season, which cant be discounted, and how how they perform in game which is the key factor. You do have a number of players that are under performing now and if they improve through performances or a new manager then you have a chance to amend in January, Arsenal were in the same situation last year. Until then i feel it would be best to address some of those key mental and consistency attributes to reflect the Man utd of this season so far. It seems you are trying other things under the hood which is good however player attributes do need a 1-3 pt drop which wont affect their CA if balanced by upping others.
  11. I think Nick has relied on the 'work ethic' of the team of last year which is correct, however this hadnt up till now been reviewed. See my post a page back on what i feel is wrong with the team. They are too 'powerful and consistent' which is totally different to what they are this year. Defensively this year they have been poor but unfortunately is still one of the strongest points of the attributes in game. Tweaking is definitely required on their defense and consistency along with their overall workrate and teamwork.
  12. This would have come from the Sampdoria researcher, i would have him tried long range passes but in fact he passes more direct which i dont think there is a trait for.
  13. I go back farther than that Good old Domark. With this incarnation tactics, mentality and transitions are a whole different ball game to FM18 let alone back in the day of 01/02 when everything was very very simple. Keep chipping away and making small adjustments and my advice is watch the ME on comprehensive highlights to work out what is going right and wrong with your tactics that isnt getting the best out of Ozil. Look at Ozils positioning and where he is receiving the ball and more importantly what he is doing with it, you will be surprised. Understanding your tactic and what players are doing what in each phases of play will give you a better understanding and will help you improve players roles and instructions.
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