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  1. I had to play the last 2 games with most of my squad on international duty in June. Also, Thiago has wanted a new contract at least 3 times in 2 years. If I don't give him one he sulks. They don't bug me much if you pardon the pun but thought I'd let you know.
  2. What shops can I buy it from tomorrow? Tesco? Asda? WHSmith?
  3. Good article but Dortmund have won the Champions League before. Leeds, Portsmouth, PSG, Arsenal and Rangers could be interesting.
  4. Emergency goalkeepers

    Funny that because the player I put in goal was a right back. I've been to the Withdean a couple of times and the AMEX once and not seen the mighty whites lose as of yet.
  5. Emergency goalkeepers

    Yeah I know about the grey players. I decided to put an outfield goal for the laugh and surprisingly only lost 1-0.
  6. I'm currently in my 3rd season an all of a sudden 8 players have been injured including my 2 keepers. The rules state that emergency keepers can be loaned at any time but I can't make a loan offer to any. Is there any way to fix this?
  7. Future International

    I only applied for the job about 10 years into the save. I lost the World Cup Final 2 years later against Italy which ended 1-0. I got beat in the quarters or semis of the 2024 Euros and I just had a look to find that I'm 1st in the world rankings. I think I have a David Beckham regen who is easily my best player. He has got over 20 assists for the past five seasons at club level. My best goalscorer has 43 caps and 43 goals but doesn't score for Leeds so I keep him just so I can use him for England.
  8. Hi Marc. I'm about 15 years into my Leeds and England save and a message has popped up that I've not seen before. It says: "A first international cap is in the offing for Bolton's prolific striker Jonathan Morgan according to one of today's daily newspapers. The sentiment has been echoed in recent weeks by other experts in the media." I only call up Leeds players to my England squad but I was wondering if this player would be a good exception? I might even buy him if he's that good although my strike force is already world class. I thought that because I haven't seen the message before it must mean something good. Is that true? Thanks in advance.
  9. Yeah I did because I thought the old name would appear otherwise. Thanks for your help. "PLAYER" "Christian" "Paulat-Brigg" "Leeds United" "Alex" "Cairns" "Alex Cairns" "1993" "" "" "" "PLAYER" "Charlie" "Clamp" "Leeds United" "Sanchez" "Payne" "Sanchez Payne" "1993" "" "" ""
  10. Can you make players with new names have their first and last name when picking a match day squad like "John Smith but have for example "J. Smith" when it comes to tactics and player ratings screen? I can only seem to get the full name up for both of them.
  11. I was playing my career on the train today at the beginning my 11th or 12th season when it said I had a player watched by a scout from Barcelona. It also said something about him playing well but he didn't even play. He was an unused substitute that game and I double checked by seeing if he had played any games so far that season which he hadn't. Not a massive bug but every little helps.
  12. To make it harder I'd suggest you lower the amount of money clubs get to spend as in his 3rd season he has a budget of £17 million. I know he won the FA Cup but Portsmouth won it and look where they are now.
  13. Player form calculator

    What is the minimum/maximum for the form? Is 90.37 good?
  14. Some non league side had something similar in real life.