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  1. Hi, not much of a poster but im having FFP problems with my current everton save. Its says im going to fail on FFP wage rise regulations but ive cut my wage bill quite a lot from last season. Has anyone had experience with this before? Im not sure if its cause im now out of the Europa league that im over the projected amount. I have a small squad as it is and i cant really sell anymore players. will this level out at the end of the season with prize money and be ok or should i be worried? Thanks
  2. Thanks for your reply, tbh i was just thinking about getting that HP really. would it be man enough to run the 3D match engine ok? thanks
  3. Hi Smurf, Ive currently got a Macbook pro (2012 model) its always worked ok but just not man enough for the 3D match engine, it does have a 2.5 GHz Intel Core i5 and Intel HD Graphics 4000 1536 MB which is decent? Looking at getting a new laptop for FM18, I love Macbook just for design and I travel alot for work so its portability is great. Think id rather buy a Mac but i know that i can get something that runs FM alot better for less. how do you think FM would run on this; http://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/computing/laptops/laptops/apple-macbook-pro-13-with-retina-display-touch-bar-space-grey-10150891-pdt.html but i have been looking at this as a non Mac option, would this run it well? comparing mine to that mac they isnt actually that much difference just the graphics i imagine? my mac just goes noisy on FM but i read what you put about the mac a couple of pages ago. http://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/computing/laptops/laptops/hp-pavilion-power-15-cb060sa-15-6-gaming-laptop-black-10164666-pdt.html would that HP tan the mac in terms of running FM18? Thanks
  4. Dont post a lot but im trying to sign Thomas Muller for Manchester United. I keep getting bids accepted but i just cant convince him and never have been able any other playing in the conversation side when they are not intrested. Does anybody have any tips on how to convince them? Thanks
  5. been wondering on tactics when you set your fullbacks to cross aim target man and your lone CF role is set on poacher does that mean they will cross it to him? or does it have to be set as Target man? i know it may sound a stupid question, on older FMs you could set your CF role as what you want and in team instructions set them as Target man or can your still do this and im missing something? thanks
  6. Currently Inter on my 2nd season. Napoli got relagated from Serie A so i snapped him up but i juts cant get him too score. Tried a few different roles and fromations but still nothing hes useless. Any help would be much appreciated Thanks
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