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  1. Not on the screen I'm on! All I have done is click Career Mode to get to the selection screen. Just has the squares with each of the clubs in, then you pick one and go into the Quick Start or Advanced Setup.
  2. I could do that - it just means starting a save and loading it all up, only to quit and pick the right club! Used to be much easier with the info to help you choose at the team selection screen
  3. Hi guys, Just finished downloading FM 2018 and have a question before I start! I'm trying to pick a team to manage in the English Vanarama National South, however, unlike in previous FMs there is no information to help you pick a team at the selection screen? There used to be info like predicted finish, chairman status, financial status etc to help you pick. Where's all that gone? Unless someone knows a way around the above issue (other than doing my research - which I'm about to), does anyone have any suggestions on who to manage in that league and why? Thanks!
  4. Hi there, I've recently downloaded some facepacks, logo pack and kits for FM17 from a third party (FM-Base). I've followed the installation steps, and have put them into: My Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2017 > Graphics However, when I start a new game, they're not loaded. I have changed my preferences to "always reload on confirm", which normally does the trick, however it hasn't worked at all. It's as if FM is trying to pull the graphics from somewhere else, not the correct folder. Any ideas on how I can get my graphics loading in? For a bit of clarity: I previously had to re-link my Sports Interactive folder as BitDefender was making it go to OneDrive, and not my documents. This went fine, and I run off My docs now, and can pull in editor data etc, just my graphics aren't working! Thanks!
  5. Hi everyone, I recently installed FM17, and I went to place a logo pack into the Sports Interactive folder in my documents, however it wasn't there... For some reason FM has installed but has not created the Sports Interactive folder in My Documents. I worked out that bitdefender may have been causing the problem, so I have temporarily uninstalled that, to allow these folders to be created. However, after uninstalling, and reinstalling FM17 again, the folders still aren't being created! Would someone please be able to tell me how to force the game to create these folders for me? Many thanks, Andy
  6. Mentality is set to control, and what do you mean by reducing the attacking roles? Which TIs would you say aren't really needed?
  7. Hi guys, I'm currently playing with Reading FC on an 2016/17 Database, here's my problem: I'm about half way through my first season, and in the first half of the season I was using a relatively unsuccessful 4-2-3-1 formation. I was getting mixed performances, and inconsistent results. I've recently changed to a 4-1-3-1-1 formation, which has seen a dramatic improvement in the consistency of performances, although I can't quite get it spot on... In matches I'm having around 15-18 shots per game, multiple half chances and about 60% possession. I'm beating the opposition in all the key stats, yet I can't score consistently. Where I struggle is in clear cut chances, and finishing. How can I dominate so many games and draw/lose so frequently? Of course stats aren't everything, but playing so well every game and rarely coming away with three points due to a lack of goals is very frustrating. I have two good strikers, who are (according to my reports) good/leading championship players. Clearly they are getting the service due to the amount of shots and half chances we're having, so how do I get them scoring? I'm frequently seeing my assistant manager feedback that our finishing if costing us, and that our finishing is letting us down despite dominating possession. Can anyone offer some advice on what to do, or some explanations on why this is happening? Details: Formation: GK LB - FB (attack) CB - CD (defend) CB - CD (defend) RB - FB (attack) DM - BWM (defend) LM - W (attack) CM - BBM (support) RM - W (attack) AM - AP (attack) ST - AF (attack) Instructions: Retain Possession, Shorter Passing, Pass into Space, Play out of Defence, Run at Defence, Work Ball into Box, Exploit the Middle, Look for Overlap, Push Higher Up, Close Down More, Get Stuck In, Use Tighter Marking, Be More Expressive, Much Higher Tempo, Prevent Short GK Distribution, Play Much Narrower Player Instructions: None, occasionally ask to specifically mark a dangerous player. (I would attach a screenshot of all this, but I don't know how to via URL!)
  8. Hi everyone, Really sorry if this is in the wrong forum! If you could give me a quick answer that'd be great! I've pre-ordered my copy of FM16 through CD Keys, and with that comes the BETA as it's a digital retailer. However I don't know where to find my code! It hasn't been emailed to me, and when I click "get code" on CD Keys it says that I will get my code on or before the November 13th release date of the full game! If someone could help me out that'd be fantastic! Thanks in advance
  9. Recently I've been seeing a lot of clubs take players on loan with the obligation to buy the player for a set fee at the end of the season. An example of this was when Valencia loaned Alvaro Negredo, they got him for the season, but then HAD to buy him for £30m for this season. There have been a few other deals like this floating around, and I was wondering if it's actually in FM15? I've never come across it, the closest thing is the option to buy fee you can include in loan deals. If it's not here, I think this would be quite a nice little clause to add in for FM16. Thoughts?
  10. This transfer window I've noticed a ton of players moving from relegated clubs, back up to the top division. Championship players going back up to the Premiership (Steven Caulker as one example), and many others from many other leagues. So why doesn't this EVER happen in FM? Something that should be considered for the next few games I think! Thoughts?
  11. Quick question - Can you manage a country's U21 team? I quite like the idea of being able to take on the England U21 role!
  12. In the Database Editor, why do some young players have potential ability set to 0? Does this mean they won't become good, or that the game randomly assigns them a PA as they grow older?
  13. I purchased my copy of FM15 from CDKeys.com this year, and they seem to have sent me the download code a day early. So anyway excited as I was I downloaded it, and in my steam library Football Manager 2015 is there. This is all well and good but now i've actually started up the game i've noticed that in the bottom left hand corner these is a small message saying "This is a beta version". So what I'm asking is: 1. Is this actually the beta version? (and how could I tell, other than the message) 2. If so, will this beta version be updated to the full version upon release? 3. Or have CDKeys.com mugged me off giving me a beta code claiming it's the real thing? 4. Has anyone else ordered from here? 5. Please let me know if you know anything about this! Thanks!
  14. Anyone know if the editor will be available as soon as the game hits release day? Or will we have to wait a little bit?
  15. Hi everyone, Quick question: I pre-ordered FM15 from CDKeys.com a while ago without realising it was the version that didn't come with the beta. Is there any way to buy the beta separately on steam or somewhere else? Don't really want to cancel my order of the full game as the money has already been taken from my paypal account. Alternatively does anyone have a code they don't want haha! Thanks!
  16. Please tell me someone is having a similar problem... Almost every match I have AT LEAST two disallowed goals. They are constantly offside! A lot of them are horribly dubious decisions watching them back, but it happens week in week out an it's really ******* me off. I've got a team challenging for the Premier League title, and then against teams like Wigan, I score about three "offside" goals and dominate the game only to go and concede?! I'm not even angry that I lost a few matches, even when we win a match 3-0 we have about 3 offside goals. It's happening too much for it to possibly be realistic! Tell me i'm not the only one... and if there is a way to fix or prevent this please enlighten me.
  17. At Reading we're not rich, we're just financially well off from our competition income.
  18. I'm in my career with Reading FC, now going into the 2020/21 season, and i've noticed my Job Security is awfully low for no apparent reason... I've taken Reading from the Championship to a consistently top four Premier League team, won the Europa League and Capital One Cup, and am going for the league this season. I have also recently signed a new long term (4 year) contract at the highest wage i've been paid on this career so far (32k). So with that in mind, why is my job security at 17%?! "Since it would not cost much money to terminate the manager's contract early, he lacks security on this front" That's quite frankly not true, terminating my new 4 year deal would cost them a load of money! Plus considering i've just signed a deal of that length should my security be really high? Surely they wouldnt have offered me a new 4 year deal to sack me in 6 months if things went a little downhill? Bit of an essay, but has anyone else had similar experiences?
  19. The transfer was 18m up front. As I said, the transfer budget has not gone up at all, so I checked the clubs finances and neither have they. The transfer has now been completed and all that I have gain is his wages off of my bill! :/
  20. I sold a player for 18m, two days after the transfer I have seen no money increase the club's finances, or increase my transfer budget. The transfer has definitely gone through as I have emails come through saying the club have received a record fee etc etc. With 2 days left of the window (I had to wait until near the end of the window as I was selling to Anji in Russia) I have no budget to replace the player I have sold. Why is this?! Please help me understand!
  21. Hi guys, Is there a reason smaller clubs can't sign South Americans? I am Reading FC, 3 seasons in and have a mid-table Premiership team pushing for the top half. I want to sign players from South America however work permits are impossible to gain for almost every player I want to sign. I've seen the bigger teams like Chelsea and United sign Brazillians all the time for their academy, so why can't I sign them? Is there some requirement I need to meet in terms of the size or stature of my club to gain work permits for South Americans? Someone give me an answer/solution please!
  22. Sheffiled United, they knocked us out of the cup and we can't even beat them in a home friendly! (i'm Reading mid table PL standard, vs League 1 Sheff Utd)
  23. Nope, you can only use International Goals or Youth Goals as parameters
  24. Quick question guys: Is there a way to view the top scorers from all over the world in one list? Rather than going through each league one by one looking at player stats? Cheers!
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