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  1. It looks like the player Hamza Al-Sanhaji(ID: 23194837), from Al-Saad(Saudi Arabia) is a double of Hamza Sanhaji(ID: 18104869), also from Al-Saad but loaned to DHL(Morocco).
  2. I noticed Josef Martinez has only 5 in penalty taking but he scored 8 out of 9 on MLS this season alone.
  3. Naby Sarr has 3 heading, which I assume is a mistype.
  4. I'm here all hyped and having fun reading this thread BUT I still haven't got my researcher copy! The ride is more important than the destination, of course.
  5. First season with Auxerre. I'm second place after 21 games. I want to build the team around the team's youngsters. I'm also playing for trying new and more random stuff. Trying 3 defenders and adapting players to new positions...I'm having fun! My team for now is: Boucher; Digol, Sparagna,Fournier; Samba, Van Boto(Traoré); Mathis, Fomba(Konaté), Obraniak; Vincent and Courtet. Digol is playing very well at the back, Samba is also pretty solid in the right and playing a lot better than Aguilar. Fomba is still trying to find his place with the team. I also love Florian Ayé, scoring some good goals but he is injured right now. Goujon, Kiliç and Michelet also getting playing time. Courtet is our best player...top scorer and assists. There's also a few good young players but with really low determination, which is a bummer...including Van Boto.
  6. I wish players took that paycut here. The other teams always ask for me to help them to pay a part of the player's wages.
  7. I had lot of money after City bought Elneny £25m, so I did an irresponsable thing Crystal Palce were relegated, so I took my chance. I'll build my team for a BB attack with Berahino and Benteke. I hope it works! Sam Byram will leave too...that's why I brought Naughton. Byram was happy to renew his contract as a reserva and then one day later I propose a new deal, West Brom comes with a bid and I refuse because I like the guy and all that...he then comes and says he wants to leave because he feels he's going to be more important there...ugh...byebye. I hate players that want to leave! I still have £27m for transfers...so if I lose any other starter, I will have no problem buying a replacement.
  8. Nothing worked in the last third of the season and we finished only 11th. Ugh. Kinda disappointed...I'll give a shot but I'm not really excited with the team anymore. I'll try to make changes...Borini had the worst average rating of the season and is the first of the transfer list. Sergio León and Khazri will be leaving too. I already signed Marcus Edwards on free from Tottenham and Diego Laxalt from Genoa...last season all my left-midfielders were inside forwards and all my right-midfielders were wingers, so brought Laxalt to be a left winger and Edwards to be a right inside forward to add more flexibility to our tactics...and Edwards is only 20 years old. He had a bad season for Burnley, but he looks good...let's see if he can improve: I feel stuck in this mid-table zone now...but without Champions League, I think i'll try to push for a cup title.
  9. @Jean-Luc December is always the worst! My first Africa Cup was funny because my players were available to play a game one day early from the first Africa Cup game. And nobody likes Borini? Poor guy! He sucks for the most of the time, but I like him! @twentythree My league numbers with Sunderland 16/17 - 50 scored 47 conceded 17/18 - 59 scored 39 conceded 18/19 - 34 scored 28 conceded (30 games( Things slowed down this year, but not that absurd numbers I think. I conceded 3 goals only twice this season and three times last season. I conceded more than three only once, 3-6 against United in first season. And won a 6-2 against Crystal Palace once. --------------------------------- Got the day free because I was sick and played a lot! Got eliminated from Champions League to Atletico (0x0, 0x1)...we almost scored in a corner at 91 minute in the second game I'm 8th in the league...but the team is really streaky. Trying a new tactic now...a simple 4-4-2...won against Norwich 2-0 but they're the last in the table, so I need to test more. And with 12 games played, Berahino is already our best scorer with 8 goals, Wilson also has 8 but in 28 games. León has 4 in 25...I think I will have to part with him at the end of the season. Also, i had to use Jake Hackett from the u18 in one game...he isn't great but I was really short in midfielders. The 2019 youth intake was awful again.
  10. @Jean-Luc My relationship with Kirchhoff is pretty funny, every season he complains that he's not playing enough, I then give him a few mores games than usual, he gets happy and we move on! I like him for being a decent backup for both CD and DM. Koné is having a "not so great" season but he's usually pretty reliable, I like him...even got his agility up to 12 now.
  11. Just had the most horrible december! Jesus Christ! Nothing really worked...Koné, Yoshida, Kirchhoff and Holding all had a couple of awful games and on offensive side, we just missed so many opportunities! Also, we suffered from so many damn games, injuries and now i'm dealing with Asian Cup AND Africa Cup of Nations at same time. And how bad is Pickford, geez...I just have no luck with him. Hennessey got injured for EIGHT months and it was a disaster. I'm just losing my patience with Pickford, he just doesn't perform. All in all we didn't play THAT bad, but we missed lots of goals and conceded a lot of dumb goals(and a few frustrating long range shots Pickford never saves). Desperate for better days I already started January bringing some players. I finally got Saido Berahino after Welbeck rejected us. I ask the board to sign him as we didn't have all the money and they signed him in a minute! He started against Nuneaton and then destroyed Manchester United with two goals and an assist. I also brought a goalkeeper, Andrés Fernández from Porto, on loan and the good old Gael Clichy as Laurens De Bock is playing horrible this year and I just can't take him any longer...and I love to have a more experienced player in the squad too. The last few games were better and I hope for a solid second half of season, specially with fewer games. I'm in 12th, nine ponts from relegation and eight from 3rd place...so I think I'm good for now. I'm not thinking about next season yet, but I don't know what I'm going to do...probably some players will be mad and will want to leave with us not playing Champions League football. The only sure I have is that I'm going to sign a new good GK, Pickford is just bad and Hennessey failed to impress. I want Szczesny, who is transfer listed for years now...but he is too expensive.
  12. @carlmiles1879 Is Welbeck well like by Sunderland fans? He is transfer listed and with my strikers having an awful season, I just bid on him and will see if he's interested to come. @SitDownCrew In my save I got a 4-1-2-3 to...first season I worked with two inside forwards for most the most part of it and a false 9. Down the middle I went with a DM/Support, BTB/Support, APM/Attack...I later change the DM to defend and works well too, specially against the big clubs. I also went with normal/control in home games against most of the teams and counter away and against the top 6 even at home. Transfer-wise I only brought a left-back and a central midfielder...both as backup. Try to get a feeling of the squad first...I think it's not that bad. -------- While I sit at 7th at the Premier League table (5w 3d 4l), I just qualified to the next Champions League phase! I'm so happy! I started with two draws against Porto and Dinamo and then followed with three impressive wins against Leverkusen twice and Porto. I'm usually not that great playing Football Manager, so this is all too surprising to me! Swansea is doing well too and right now is sitting in second place in their group...behind Lyon and over Bayern!
  13. @carlmiles1879 Ouch! That's harsh. O'Shea retired after a injury in first season and I don't remember getting money. Good that Julian Green is playing well, though. Looking for new signings here...Berahino is transfer listed at Liverpool, I really want some money to sign him! And a strange player transfer listed...Joe Allen on PSG! I don't know what he is doing there, but...he is transfer listed too. Not that I need more central midfielders...but I love a good deal! Bounced back in the league beating Chelsea at home, 1-0 with Callum Wilson's first goal. Then in the Champions League I draw again, now with Dinamo Kyiv at home...Elneny missed a penalty, then André Horta was sent off all in the first half. Second half they score early but I sent the team to attack and Borini scored after a missing penalty(another!). Not a good result, now we really need to beat them in Ukraine.
  14. Anybody having luck with the academy? I really want to use some guys from our academy My second youth intake was dreadful but I got these two in my first one: He's playing for the England u18 team, but I'm not really a fan. A bit short for a CD, lacking technical attributes, not great determination and work rate. Let's see what happens with him. I like him a bit more, but again with the height problem...and only 6 in jumping reach, it was 4 when he first appeared. With a better jumping reach I can see him as a backup in a few years. Second season I think I only signed one player but really nothing to be excited about. I wish to have better luck in my third one.
  15. With his recent form in real life I'm starting to feel bad for not giving Anichebe more chances Asoro also scored this awesome goal for the u23 team against Benfica and I'm willing to give him more chances! He's having an average season at Hammarby, but he's getting first team football, so that's good. Started the season with 1w 1d 3l in the league, victory against Liverpool in the EFL Cup and got a draw with Porto in Portugal. I hope to bounce back in the league, I want no business with relegation! And Rodwell is already rated only 1,5 star here.
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