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  1. Hi! I've been playing with Deportivo La Coruña and I'm having a lot of fun with it. Also a lot of stress lol. A little recap: 2020/2021 - It took me at least two hours reading through pages to understand how the transition to Segunda Division 2 PRO would work but I got there! Even better as we won our division and then the playoffs to get promoted direct to LaLiga 2. Rui Costa scored a good number of goals but the MAN was Celso Borges running the show from the midfield. For six months I also had the great Daniel Osvaldo on the team but he ended up being released in January after a little
  2. A fallen giant(-ish) challenge is Vitória de Setúbal in Portugal. They've won the Portuguese Cup and the Portuguese League Cup three times each. They've spent the last 16 seasons as a decent mid-table side of the 1st division but now got relegated to the third tier this season after failing professional registration. This is actually my first save on FM21. I don't know a lot of bulgarian football in real life so I imagine so people can explain this better but CSKA Sofia got relegated to the amateur leagues after getting into a big debt. The president left the club to start anew under Lite
  3. Hell yeah, a good DC newgen with 15 jumping reach! Oh...he has 7 heading Hell yeah, a good DC newgen with 15 heading! Oh...he has 7 jumping reach
  4. I don't have many rules, I just like to go with the flow of the save and see what happens. If I had to point a few tendencies I have on my saves: *Avoid signing the same players over and over in different saves. *Avoid signing the popular wonderkids everybody signs. *Sign players on a free or transfer listed for cheap because hell yeah I love a good deal. *Don't get too obsessed in signing hot prospect over hot prospect without even seeing the current player get to full potential.
  5. I played around with Corinthian-Casuals recently and it's really funny how some really good players accept to play in an amateur contract. I got the likes of David Titov, Alfie Payne and Ben Sheaf. Also, releasing a player that annoys you whenever you want is delicious! Congrats on the journey so far and good luck for the future!
  6. A random player that I think could do well for a lot of South American sides is Andrés Robles. He's not THAT special but he plays for a brazilian non-league team, Água Santa, and is easy and cheap to get. I got him for Wisla on Poland for free as his contract runs out on April 2020 and he's a pretty decent ball-playing defender and halfback. He even has a cap for Chile.
  7. I really support this thread! I love this game but this one of the areas that has been bugging me since I started playing this game. I think a better balance for the decline of aging players would highly improve a lot of things in the game. For example: it would make clearer for healthy/professional players to have longer careers compared to unprofessional/injury prone players. It could make hierarchy and tutoring even better as it would add incentive to have older players in your squad that can actually play games and produce. I understand some of the problems, like getting the DB t
  8. Haven't used him yet as he will only arrive at the end of the season, but this 17yo Dirk Proper from N.E.C. looks like a proper(hey!) good footballer for smaller sides. Got him on a free too.
  9. I'm enjoying the BETA so far, my only problems with it so far are: * 1v1 chances never go in. I'm mid-october with Roda JC and I think I only saw one 1v1 to be a goal...and it was a last minute shot for the opposition team to tie the game...no I'm not salty! * 3D ME is really choppy on my good notebook that runs most of the other games pretty well. I'm having to play on medium settings. * I tried to play with Inter Miami but I can't buy any player or hire any staff before the team officially enters the MLS around January 1st 2020. You can offer contracts, they accept but they never co
  10. I loved the addition of changing the order of attributes to the original english sorting in any language, but I'd love to select the sorting of any language. Ex.: I play in portuguese since FM05 but I want to play in english, but I'm used to the portuguese sorting of attributes and in english and I'd love to play in english but with portuguese sorting. A full freedom to change the attributes order would be pretty cool too, if possible, of course.
  11. I have a 21-9 monitor and I really enjoy using it with FM. I specially like for how much info you can fit into the squad screen(Using zoom out 95%).
  12. I had a 34yo Mitroglou playing for my Panathinaikos side and while he had a decent enough season, iirc he scored 8 and assisted 9, he just couldn't score consistently and next season he was basically dead. Not mentioning that older players in FM usually feel like lazy people as they usually do horrible in training and even young players with bad personalities get decent ratings. I understand why players retire a bit earlier on FM compared to real life because you need to balance the DB, but I wish not every non world class player's physicals would drop to horribles numbers by 33. 35-36 su
  13. Congrats @warlock! Great job! I hope you can get some good names for the Premier League! @Jamesbfc1887 lol, Nishimura really looks like an a-hole. I'd cut him! --------------------------------------- Grimsby, Transfer Window 22/23 I'm still mentally preparing for the season, but I finished my transfer window. It's really liberating finally having a bit of money to spend! I think I overpaid a bit for Tom Davies, but you do what you gotta do and he's good enough to run our midfield. Second biggest signing was Amine Gouiri, transfer listed on Lyon. He's not the perfe
  14. Grimsby - 4th season - 21/22 - Championship - Squad Finish: 3rd - 85 points - Promoted via Playoffs Transfers: We didn't have a lot of money, but we could get four key players. Andre Dozzell was an absolut bargain from the recently relegated Ipswich. Dodi Lukebakio was the winger we needed even if was not getting many games at Watford. Newgen Emmanuel Basit came on loan from Arsenal to be an option for our three spots in attack. Lastly, we got free agent Yan Dhanda, that played for us on loan in my first season in League 1. It was a fun narrative as I failed to sign my top target, Ta
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