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  1. I really support this thread! I love this game but this one of the areas that has been bugging me since I started playing this game. I think a better balance for the decline of aging players would highly improve a lot of things in the game. For example: it would make clearer for healthy/professional players to have longer careers compared to unprofessional/injury prone players. It could make hierarchy and tutoring even better as it would add incentive to have older players in your squad that can actually play games and produce. I understand some of the problems, like getting the DB too big with too many players not retiring, but I think a better balance could be achieved by the great people that make this game. It feels like acceleration, agility, strength and speed will start to drop indefinitely at some point regardless of other factors, the player will just drop to ridiculous low attributes. I think the declining rate should be lower for the "regular players" and I'd argue that lower the attribute is, the lower should be the decline, a "diminishing return" of some sorts. Even if they retire a bit earlier than IRL if they're not getting game time, they should retire with better attributes. I don't want a bunch of Joaquins but I want the possibility of having good players playing at age of 35-37 and still producing and contributing to the team, which feels impossible in the game right now. Anyway, I really hope they can continue to improve this area of the game. As a person that usually play outside of the top 5 leagues, this is a issue that really gets me sometimes.
  2. Haven't used him yet as he will only arrive at the end of the season, but this 17yo Dirk Proper from N.E.C. looks like a proper(hey!) good footballer for smaller sides. Got him on a free too.
  3. I'm enjoying the BETA so far, my only problems with it so far are: * 1v1 chances never go in. I'm mid-october with Roda JC and I think I only saw one 1v1 to be a goal...and it was a last minute shot for the opposition team to tie the game...no I'm not salty! * 3D ME is really choppy on my good notebook that runs most of the other games pretty well. I'm having to play on medium settings. * I tried to play with Inter Miami but I can't buy any player or hire any staff before the team officially enters the MLS around January 1st 2020. You can offer contracts, they accept but they never come to your team. Staff even show that they work for the team on their history but they still unemployed. It speciallys ucks because you can't hire scouts in preparation for the draft nor get players that start as FA. * The automatic continue (2 seconds) sometimes goes by itself even when I'm clicking and reading news or looking at player profiles. I had this issue in FM19, too.
  4. I loved the addition of changing the order of attributes to the original english sorting in any language, but I'd love to select the sorting of any language. Ex.: I play in portuguese since FM05 but I want to play in english, but I'm used to the portuguese sorting of attributes and in english and I'd love to play in english but with portuguese sorting. A full freedom to change the attributes order would be pretty cool too, if possible, of course.
  5. I have a 21-9 monitor and I really enjoy using it with FM. I specially like for how much info you can fit into the squad screen(Using zoom out 95%).
  6. I had a 34yo Mitroglou playing for my Panathinaikos side and while he had a decent enough season, iirc he scored 8 and assisted 9, he just couldn't score consistently and next season he was basically dead. Not mentioning that older players in FM usually feel like lazy people as they usually do horrible in training and even young players with bad personalities get decent ratings. I understand why players retire a bit earlier on FM compared to real life because you need to balance the DB, but I wish not every non world class player's physicals would drop to horribles numbers by 33. 35-36 sure, 32-33 for players with lots of injuries and low natural fitness, totally cool. But I see players with high natural fitness, high work rate and determination and they still drops to incredibly low numbers by 33. They shouldn't be at Premier League standards by then but I just wish they would be useful in other leagues. I hope they re-balance this for FM20. Let's say a fast and healthy winger with 16/17 pace, acceleration and agility should still be able to have at least12/13 pace, acceleration and agility by 33/34/35. Even 11/12 would be fine, but they easily drop to 8/9 while even good defenders will go to 4/5 and be bad even for League 1 or League 2. Sorry for the ramble lol. I plan to make a better case for this if FM20 still the same as FM19. It doesn't break the game for me, but I would love to see some improvement in this area, even knowing the focus of the game are the young players and newgens.
  7. Congrats @warlock! Great job! I hope you can get some good names for the Premier League! @Jamesbfc1887 lol, Nishimura really looks like an a-hole. I'd cut him! --------------------------------------- Grimsby, Transfer Window 22/23 I'm still mentally preparing for the season, but I finished my transfer window. It's really liberating finally having a bit of money to spend! I think I overpaid a bit for Tom Davies, but you do what you gotta do and he's good enough to run our midfield. Second biggest signing was Amine Gouiri, transfer listed on Lyon. He's not the perfect for the pressing forward role I use, but he is too good for his price tag. Then we have a 35yo Mark Noble! I bet he was already planning retirement in France, but then I called him to play for the worst Premier League team and he was too polite to say no. If you don't look at his pace and acceleration, he's still a pretty good player and will bring lots of experience to our squad. Koen Casteels and Jack Stephens are the other two I think are going to start in our first 11. We get to the Premier League with two players from the League 2 days. Goalkeeper James McKeown, that actually plays for Grimsby since the Vanarama days, and centerback Alex Whitmore. And just because I'm a huge nerd, I keep a spreadsheet with all the players that I had. All the heroes that helped us get here #AvengeTheFallen
  8. Grimsby - 4th season - 21/22 - Championship - Squad Finish: 3rd - 85 points - Promoted via Playoffs Transfers: We didn't have a lot of money, but we could get four key players. Andre Dozzell was an absolut bargain from the recently relegated Ipswich. Dodi Lukebakio was the winger we needed even if was not getting many games at Watford. Newgen Emmanuel Basit came on loan from Arsenal to be an option for our three spots in attack. Lastly, we got free agent Yan Dhanda, that played for us on loan in my first season in League 1. It was a fun narrative as I failed to sign my top target, Tarique Fosu, and had to settle with Dhanda and then he was our most consistent player in the season. I also bought Embleton just because I like him, as his performances dropped every season. Best Players: Carlton Morris - 48 apps 24 goals 3 ast 7.09avg - He was my biggest signing yet when I got him in my second season, but he failed to impress until the second half of last season. This season he was really regular. An dependable 1 in 2 man. Yan Dhanda - 45 apps 15 goals 12 ast 7.29avg - He was great in League 1 but I had doubts that he would perfom well in the Championship. He did great! Let's see how he does in the top flight. Emmanuel Basit - 44 apps 11 goals 12 ast 7.18avg - He saved our season. His first half of the season was quiet, but he shined in the second and led us to promotion. Hopefully he stays next year. And we got the promotion for second year straight! I can really separate the season and two halves. The First one was between july-december. We were dominating and beating teams way above our level for fun! But you know when Wile E. Coyote runs off a cliff but he only falls when he looks down? So...yeah, we noticed we weren't that good and lacked depth, with only two or three good players to come from the bench. After winning 16 matches in 2021, we won only 9 in 2022. And mostly really tight wins that we really had to grind the results out. Luckily we didn't have any long term injury, so we were able to use the first team often. After slipping from automatic promotion spots, we actually had a turn around at the end and got the promotion after a great win against the powerful Leicester. 5th season - 22/23 - Premier League - Projection: Grimsby is back to the elite for the first in 74 years! I just want to survive. We were weak for Championship and still got there in the end, but Premier League is a huge step up and I'll probably have to play a more defensive football. We have £28m for transfers and £1,5m per month for wages. We're also getting a new stadium for the 23/24 season. We are going from 8,993(we sold out every league game last season) capacity to 14,378. Until then we'll be playing in KCOM Stadium along the recently relegated to League 1 Hull City. Talking about relegation, Bolton surprisingly got relegated to League 2.
  9. @warlock Solid start! Too early to tell, but a good run and you can definitely push for playoffs.
  10. I use the 4-3-3 gegenpress with 3cm's. Which I since discovered that it's a bit overpowered. I also have two tactics (counter-attack and possession based) that I use often. I started the save with a 3-5-2 based in controlling the possession, it was pretty good for the first two seasons but totally stopped working on season 3. Congrats for promotion with Colchester! Thanks! It really did help getting a little bit more of money and scouting the league for League 1 level players. Thanks! Good luck with Colchester!
  11. Hi! This is my first post in this thread! I've been playing with Grimsby and this is my first save ever trying to climb the english football league. Just finished third season, here's a quick recap: 1st Season - 18/19 - League 2 Finish: 4th - 77 points - Promoted via Playoffs This was a rollercoaster of a season. I wasn't think about playoffs but then in the last round I actually had a chance to finish in third and get automatic promotion. I was 1 point behind 3rd (MK Dons) and 4th (Notts County). Last day of the season MK Dons lost 5-1, Notts County lost 2-1 and I was drawing...so I did the math that was getting promoted by goal difference. Great! Game ended and...I was 4th! I totally missed the fact that Forest Green was 1 point behind me and won their game! Felt really dumb! Luckily we were able to beat Cheltenham and Notts County to get promotion via playoffs for the first time in my life. Best Player: Elliot Embleton - 51apps 10g 14a 7.33avg 2nd Season - 19/20 - League 1 Finish: 16th - 57 points It took me 19 matches to get my first clean sheet this season. It was painful at times! But eventually we got there at the end and finished without worrying about relegation. We actually were the worst between the four League 2 teams, but we would eventually get our revenge... Best Player: Elliott Embleton - 41apps 3g 8a 7.06avg 3rd Season - 20/21 - League 1 - Squad Finish: 1st - 92 points - Promoted as Champions This may be the first time I ever massively over-achieved in Football Manager! We were predicted to finish 19th and personally I'd be happy with a top-half finish. Still had lots of stress. We started with 9 unbeaten games but then we had a really frustrating sequence of matches. I rage quit, stopped playing Football Manager altogether for a good few weeks. Then I started a new save with Rangers and found a tactic that worked well and thought "hm...I should go back to my Grimsby save and try this". So I did it. I had a rocky "restart" but things started to get better by the second month. I started with a tactic with no wingers but changed to the new one using them. I didn't have money, unfortunately. So I had to go for cheap free agents. Got Nathan Dyer in October and Nathan Delfouneso in January! Supporters hated Delfouneso! I just got him for fun, to be honest. But the unexpected happened...they actually pushed the team to promotion! I couldn't believe! 33 years old Nathan Dyer scored 10 and assisted 5 in 34 appearences, while 30 years old Nathan Delfouneso scored 6 and assisted 8 in 20 matches to end the season with the best average rating of the squad! God Bless Delfouneso. Also, 2 of the 3 teams that were promoted with me got relegated (Forest Green and Exeter City) back, while Colchester finished mid-table. Key Players: Nathan Delfouneso - 20apps 6g 8a 7.27avg // Jamie Barjonas - 46apps 10g 14a 7.20avg // Lee Angol - 46apps 22g 5a 7.22avg Now I have a free night and a long transfer window ahead! Can't wait!
  12. I'm here all hyped and having fun reading this thread BUT I still haven't got my researcher copy! The ride is more important than the destination, of course.
  13. First season with Auxerre. I'm second place after 21 games. I want to build the team around the team's youngsters. I'm also playing for trying new and more random stuff. Trying 3 defenders and adapting players to new positions...I'm having fun! My team for now is: Boucher; Digol, Sparagna,Fournier; Samba, Van Boto(Traoré); Mathis, Fomba(Konaté), Obraniak; Vincent and Courtet. Digol is playing very well at the back, Samba is also pretty solid in the right and playing a lot better than Aguilar. Fomba is still trying to find his place with the team. I also love Florian Ayé, scoring some good goals but he is injured right now. Goujon, Kiliç and Michelet also getting playing time. Courtet is our best player...top scorer and assists. There's also a few good young players but with really low determination, which is a bummer...including Van Boto.
  14. I wish players took that paycut here. The other teams always ask for me to help them to pay a part of the player's wages.
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