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  1. Club: Cagliari Transfer Budget: Up to €3m Wage Budget: About 20k Position: Left Back. With: Attacking skills Other: not looking for a proven back, a talent would do fine, considering my budget and reputation. I good a good other back, but he gets yellow cards just for fun. So I need some one to fill in and grow into this position. Pref Italian or EU Loyalty Bonus: low Agent Bonus: low Season: January second year.
  2. Wow, impressive! Keep up the good work. Looking forward to it.
  3. There is another option: you take an indirect free kick straight on goal. If the keeper touches it, it's an goal! If he steps aside, a goalkick. I've seen it happen, even in professional football.
  4. I think it will be better. The sliders were - in my opinion - too much detail. You were working the game, not the tactics. I hope the new system will chance that
  5. Probably Barca, to get back into the game after sitting out FM13. After that, one of: - PEC Zwolle, Holland's suprise team so far, who were on top for 5 games - Southampton, interested in their team - Columbia. They're fifth on the FIFA ranking, so curious to get to know them - Boca Juniors, my FM fav club
  6. Wow, haven't logged in for a while and this is the one of the first post I read. Really shocked. I want to wish all his family and friends my condolences. He will be missed on the forums for his masterpieces on tactics, his passion, his discussion posts. His posts were allways the first I looked into. Rest in Peace...
  7. Where can I see squad harmony? Never noticed it before :blush:
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