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  1. This with that tactic from the OP @Tyler42?
  2. Not quite fluid yet but promising so far. I'm old school so love a 442
  3. I've gone over the Knaps FM18/FM16 combo
  4. It got me promoted via winning the league, screwed up my transfer policy 1st season in prem so started over
  5. Gotta say I am loving this tactic. Tried it with a new Millwall save: Using the high DL version
  6. Mr Hough FM12.2 Tactics.

    They look like dodgy east street market copys
  7. Mr Hough FM12.2 Tactics.

    Please Mr Hough, release your new tactic before the children hurt each other
  8. I've downloaded a set of player filters to use in conjunction with a new set of tactics, however i've never used filters before. Could somebody be so kind as to inform this numpty of where they have to be put so i can use them in game? many thanks in advance
  9. Thought i'd give your tactic a try with my millwall side. Fairly average side in 2016/17 season with media prediction of 11th. So far P30 W19 D5 L6 F68 A31. not bad at all considering i've had a few injuries. Currently sitting in 3rd place in championship. well post some screenies up when the season is over. Thanks Grom
  10. I need to try something to with my Millwall team so switched to your tactic at half time away to Charlton when I was losing 2-0. Ended up losing 2-1 but the second half performence improved considerably. Used the tactic from start at home to Newcastle in the next game and won 3-0 with only 1 recognised striker in the side. So far so good. i'll be back on later to slate the tactic when it goes pete tong after 8-9 games
  11. I must say Mr Hough I have not been a fan of your tactics. Although I have tried them out in the past I've never got the results that everyone else has got. However I am going to give this tactic a serious go, especially considering the hype, not on your part, that this tactic has recieved. I've not scene crazy scenes of a new product since electric light was introduced in Newcastle in 2005. First game was a 3-1 win against Leeds. Strangly enough on match stats we were the worst side but there is after all only one stat that matters Overall P30 W18 D5 L7 F62 A30 Home P17 W13 D2 L2 F41 A15 Away P13 W5 D3 L5 F21 A15 Away record with Macca's tweaks P3 W0 D1 L2 F3 A5
  12. Start a couple of new saves after downloading version 4 of your tactic. Start off with Liverpool to see how it panned out and was impressed so decided to start a new save game with my beloved Millwall side. I've finished the first season and here are the results. final league table media prediction 23rd transfers top scorer
  13. going to give this tactic a go with my millwall side. hopefully this will help to show how this tactic really is.