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  1. Really interested in your approach to this side of the game. I have always been a lazy player of FM, leaving everything to my assistant. Having read your opening posts, and please forgive me if I have missed it, what approach would you take during the international break?
  2. Finished the season by winning the league, used safe in all but one game. I have scored more goals and won more games with other tactics but what I like about this tactic is it seems far more consistent. I also took on the responsibility of training which I have never done before. Tbh it left my head in a bit of spin. I only used 0 match week, 1 match week and 2 match. All defeats in the league seemed to coincide with having to change the starting line up due to injuries, suspensions or players needing a rest. I also instant result every game.
  3. Going to try this on a new save with Millwall. Looking into the future, at what point would you suggest changing from safe to quick? Predicted league finish?
  4. I've tried this tactic 4 times with Millwall and everytime been promoted with record points, goals and wins...... one of the top 5 tactics I have used on any version of FM
  5. Not great, goals came from all over the pitch. Strikers have taken a larger share as I have improved the squad. Last season they shared 72 in all competitions.
  6. Impressed with this version Knap. Broke records for wins, points and goals in the championship. Orignal squad with no transfers other than those already arranged. All instant result
  7. Struggling to find the option to turn off hard tackles.... any help would be appreciated. So far had 7 reds and 67 yellows in 27 games
  8. Does the same file for the instant result skin work on FM and FMT or are there seperate files for each?
  9. Not quite fluid yet but promising so far. I'm old school so love a 442
  10. It got me promoted via winning the league, screwed up my transfer policy 1st season in prem so started over
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