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  1. Has Any 1 got any files they bee kind enough to give me using the advanced panels so i can please use them has a guide many thanks
  2. is there a guide or anything for this advanced thing cause like u say i want to be able to walk before i run cause this is a lot more advanced to the basic editor which i'm used to and just like to learn first any videos or tutorials on this anything?
  3. Any 1 reply? , has I see ur answering others but missed me i would like to know asap please , plus the league is the premier reserve league south plus north group a & b and basically i want the winners of north a & b to play each other then the winner of that plays winner of South can it be done?
  4. Hey All, I am just wondering I have just got the advanced editor & basically wondering is there a guide how to use this has i was told this is the thing to use to make 3 groups so say example Group A , B & C and it be like the championship which at the end of the group's Group A would play Group B & Group C would get a bye then the winners of Group A or B would then play Group C in the final so basically it 3 groups like a league and then the 3 winners of that group play each other in the semi then final. Can any 1 help? Much appreciated
  5. Reserve League

    Hey All, I was just like to ask i dont know if im posting this in the wrong place or if this question has been answered before. But i was just wondering i have of course used the fm editor and have created the normal league from english premier down to the conference North/South & i have now done this for the reserve teams. The thing i am asking is in the editor how do i set all the teams in the reserves so that they only have under 20 - 18 playing in the team in that team and no players older or younger playing in there. Hope u can help thanks. If some of u still dont get what i mean Well Basically of course in the first team it dosent matter what age u put in. But what im saying is all the Reserve/Youth team's so you can only have 19-18-17-16 year olds in the team and no older so other then me just me doing it , it will apply to the other teams that i dont control and can this be done using the editor. Cause I have just found in the editor under squad rules Minimum of under 20 players in squad / Maximum of over 20 players in squad so like wise has i said for this to apply to all teams in the reserve league i have created what one is best so only players aged 19-18-17-16 will play & not older?.
  6. Just wondering could someone help me and tell me a step by step or tutorial how to create a team & A Player