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  1. Not doing great but still time yet. Good updates
  2. First Name: Luke Second Name: Swinson Nickname: (optional) D.O.B.: 06\02\1987 Nationality: (only one please) English Position: ST Height: 185cm Weight: 67kg Foot: (right or left) Right Attributes: Mental: (3 at 18, 5 at 15, 3 at 10) 18: Anticipation, Composure, Off The Ball 15: Creativity, Flair, Positioning, Teamwork, Work Rate 10: Aggression, Concentration, Influence Physical: (1 at 18, 2 at 15, 1 at 10) 18: Pace 15: Acceleration, Stamina 10: Balance Technical: (3 at 18, 5 and 15, 3 at 10) 18: Finishing, Dribbling, First Touch, 15: Heading, Technique, Passing, Crossing, Penalty Taking 10: Marking, Free Kicks, Tackling Goalkeeper: (2 at 18, 2 at 15, 1 at 10) N/A Preferred Moves: None
  3. I rated 5 stars as you always do regular quality updates. KUTGW
  4. Another injury takes me off early, at least we got win though.
  5. Disappointing that i had to go off injured but at least we won. Good result for Nigeria too.
  6. Haha the i've got the Yanks, hopefully should get through although won't be easy. Looking forward to the updates!
  7. Player Name: Luke Swinson Position: ST Date of Birth: 06\02\1992 Height (cm): 185 Weight (kg): 70 Club*: Stoke City 3 Technical Attributes at 20: Dribbling, Finishing, Heading 3 Mental Attributes at 20: Composure, Flair, Off The Ball 2 Physical Attributes at 20: Acceleration, Pace
  8. Hope i get some more games or i'll be out
  9. Oh dear the injury has put me right near the bottom Lets hope i go on a hot scoring streak KUTGW
  10. Brentford is not a bad move quite happy with my position on the leaderboard so far Great update
  11. Player Name: Luke Swinson Nationality: English Position: Centre Midfield
  12. Unlucky skullage Good to see i beat Ruffini in goals scored in all comptetitions shows i'm the better striker. KUTGW
  13. Glad to see that i'm slowly rising to midtable Great updates as usual KUTGW
  14. "Please pick me! Please pick me!"
  15. I was doing well until you interfered Good updates KUTGW