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  1. I am trying to build a team entirely consisting of gingers but it is getting very annoying to go through all players from several countries by hand. Is there any filter that will help me in my quest?
  2. Is this the best FM

    I'm not sure the match engine in FM2010 is better. Wingers don't really work all that well while playing with a narrow formation works too well. I think the ME in FM2009 was more fun to play with.
  3. I think the model for developing players (tutoring, giving young players enough playing time to develop properly, using a good training program) is something the AI is very poor at so after a while the teams have a bunch of underdeveloped players and veterans. And since the AI is horrible at nurturing players they become unhappy/cheap and the AI is horrible at protecting assets. I'm quite convinced Aston Villa won't sell Fabian Delph in January 2011 for €3M in real life. That would be utterly absurd. But in FM...
  4. Seems I made the right choice in skipping this years version.
  5. I have two in each position. I play my best 11 in hard league games and the playoffs in the champions league. I play the second 11 in cup games and easy home games in the league.
  6. Exactly why can't they accept pictures larger than 5000 kb? We are living in the age of broadband and huge hard drives. Just ask him to send in the highest quality picture he can create and problem solved.
  7. How about toning down the effects of team talks so the computer AI doesn't have an amazing second half after being dominated in the first all the time? Then we wouldn't need the option to compliment the first half and being angry at the second half at full time.
  8. who use 3d match

    I use 3D of course. SI did fantastically well with it for a first go and they will get it better in the future. Full props for the 3D.
  9. Does the game cheat?

    An example of the game 'cheating' is that the AI teams have players on the wanted list right when the game starts (start a game and several teams want Vagner Love at once). Before they have a chance to send out scouts and get reports. Same with high end prospects being wanted the second they appear. It is obvious the AI scouting is working differently than it does for me. Even if SI promises the AI can't see PA. Of course it is hard to get all that upset about it since human players make bids for Appiah, Lewandowski and tonnes of others before we had the chance to scout. So as a collective we probably cheat even more. Anyway, I don't think it is as much cheating as it is programming efficiently. SI aren't trying to emulate everything we do. They are just trying to maintain the illusion of a living footballing world, using as few calculations as possible (to make the game run as fast as possible). The AI probably uses hundreds of shortcuts behind the scenes that we don't see (or need to see). Some of them I bet some would call cheating . But it is not done to cheat the human player. Just to provide a suitable challenge and a game that runs ok.
  10. Parma should be a good challenge since they are newly promoted. Probably won't be able to challenge for Europe until season 2 though.
  11. I haven't bought a FM at release for quite some time now. It always takes several patches to become playable. Being bitten by fighting an unfinished game too many games I am wiser now. I let others be bug finders. I have full understanding that FM is a very complicated game and it is hard getting it perfect. But basically SI can't realistically sustain a one year development cycle. The final patches leaves the games still buggy simply because they have to desert the previous version to focus for next years release. With a less hectic schedule perhaps the games would be in better shape when shipped. But money talks and people happily pay for the games so I guess it doesn't matter much what I think.
  12. TRAINING in 3D Match view??!

    Training is just about perfect in FM2009. Set it up and then you don't have to babysit it. Having to actively micromanage it would be an absolute nightmare.
  13. Young players and their wage demands.

    Sounds like he "has no interest in joining your club". I never had a prospect that is interested in joining ask for wages that high, only already very good players.
  14. Sounds pretty good overall. I'm not sure the main problem with big clubs and big talent is buying/selling though. It seems to mainly be not giving them them enough first team football, or alternatively the game requiring first team football for development to an unrealistic degree, leaving them in limbo.
  15. Ever had a player?

    I have currently a player my scout said was a four star player turn into a seven star player when I signed him (and having 7.20 AvR in the EPL as a 18 year old). Same scout had a DC at four stars turn into a six star prospect when signing. Scout has 17 JPA so he isn't horrible. Lesson is to take a second look at the players attributes and not just focus on the stars.