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  1. The sound pack by Bennico was really good I thought. I think this is the one that no longer works with FM18 though.
  2. That’s it Welshace!! Great knowledge, I obviously got the screen size a little wrong. What would it be like playing FM? Not great I’m guessing? Probably couldn’t even run FM.
  3. Hi all, I am trying to identify a laptop/notebook I saw yesterday. It was an Asus, screen size approximately 13”, the screen detached from the keyboard and had a stand that folded out so it could stand on its own and it was running Windows 10. Any ideas what the model could be? Looked on Amazon and Asus websites but can’t see exactly what I saw.
  4. Asking for a friend, his budget is £550, laptop or desktop, be able to play FM18 to a reasonable level, ie match highlights to medium detail, dozen leagues in 3 or 4 countries. Told him £600 might be the minimum, the save on laptops one mentioned earlier looked good.
  5. https://ao.com/product/zx753vdgc265t-asus-laptop-black-54256-251.aspx?WT.srch=1&WT.z_MT=digidip_net&WT.z_RTM=PHG&WT.z_CN=100l1256&WT.z_AG=True+Content&WT.z_AT=&WT.z_KW=digidip_net This was recommended on hot uk deals, can be bought for £719 with a code.
  6. Hi I am asking for a friend, he wants a desktop that can run Word, Excel, etc and also FM 18 but his budget is only £400. I can't find anything and have told him I don't think it will be possible to find a desktop PC within that range that will run FM18 because he won't get anything with a decent enough graphics card. Is there a PC for £400 that could run FM18? Thanks in advance.
  7. I would agree that the animations are better, even the backgrounds and stadiums look better, it’s just the pitch for me, looks basic.
  8. I had this issue on a mini 3, loads of storage space but it wouldn’t install, just kept deleting stuff, and kept retrying and eventually it worked
  9. I am playing on an iPad mini 3 and I can’t say I have seen these issues mentioned above but the issues I have noticed are was how basic, graphically, the pitch looks when viewing a match and viewing the tactics screen (pitch view not list) you cannot view all the subs if you have more than seven.
  10. I’m not sure you can mate, maybe turn the graphics to their lowest settings?
  11. Hi @weelegsI’m not sure you will find a laptop around £300 that will run FM18, even with few leagues and playing 2D. I paid £300 for a laptop, admittedly 18-24 months ago. It can run FM17 quite well although the 3D is a little jerky. However FM18 is near impossible to run. It is very slow (even with just the English leagues and a small database loaded), crashes frequently and struggles with 2D. I think it struggles with 2D because the game still does the match preview with the lineups and the players warming up before going into 2D. Mine regularly crashes at or just before this point as the laptop struggles with the graphics. Based on my experiences the difference between FM17 and FM18 (and the computing power to run both) is big.
  12. Hmmmm this is worrying I have just ordered an Asus https://www.laptopsdirect.co.uk/asus-fx553vd-core-i5-7300hq-8gb-1tb-128gb-ssd-geforce-gtx-1050-4gb-dvd-rw-fx553vd-fy173t/version.asp do you reckon I should cancel???
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