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  1. I am a big FM fan, always pre-order and have again this year. Have to say I am a more than a little underwhelmed so far, maybe playing it will change my mind. Or are there more big features yet to be announced?
  2. Could match sounds be overhauled at some point please? At the moment there is no difference between a non-league game and a Premier League game imho. I know most people play with music on and sounds is not a priority for many but maybe more would play with the match day sounds on if they were better? I remember a sound pack by a user called Bennico which worked on older versions where when you were doing badly the crowd would chant "sack the board" or an adverse referee decision would elicit a chant of "the referee's a ******". Imagine managing Leeds and you hear the crowd sing "Marching Altogether" or "You'll Never Walk Alone" when managing Liverpool. I think it would really add to the immersion. I do recognise, however that a lot of people play with music on, so this is not a priority for many, and SI would not put resources into something that would not be utilised by many.
  3. Match day sounds really needs improving, there appears to be no difference between a League Two game and a Premier League game.
  4. I would like to see more realism. More realistic injuries and manager sackings, I don't want them to be "turned down" to something like 70-80% of what they are in real life. I would also like to feel like there is a real difference between managing teams in different leagues and countries, more sackings in certain countries (Italy?) for example. And for the match sounds to be overhauled, at the moment there is no difference between a non-league game and a Premier League game. I know most people play with music on and sounds is not a priority for many but maybe more would play with the match day sounds on if they were better?
  5. The sound does need a major overhaul or a community led project because it is a weak area in the current game imho. However I know when this subject has been raised previously on these forums a lot of FM players say they play with the sound off and listen to music, etc. Personally I wish the sounds were better so that a Champions League game sounds markedly different to a League 2 game. I remember a good few years back there was a sound pack made by a forum member (Bennico?) which really added something, when you were doing badly the crowd chanted "Sack the board, sack the board" and if the referee made a decision they crowd would occasionally chant "the referee's a w**ker" and all major team and some smaller ones had their own chant. To me, it really added something to the game, added to the immersion factor. Sadly it didn't work on later versions
  6. A user called Bennico made a sound pack years ago which not only had individual team chants but also chants like "Sack the board" when your team was in a poor run of form and "The referee's a w****r" occasionally when the ref made a decision. Unfortunately it stopped working around FM17 or FM18, another poster reckoned SI had changed the sound formats and that meant it didn't work. I don't think I have the files anymore and I certainly can't find them on the internet. A shame because it was a really good pack although I know a lot of people don't play with the sound anyway. Maybe more would if they were better??? I find the sounds in the game now, very generic, there appears to be no difference no matter what of competition you are playing.
  7. In light of Manchester United claiming copyright to their content as per last year's European Union directive, has this put an end to people creating and sharing kits and logos for use in future FM's?
  8. do the skins that come with the game support this?
  9. https://www.very.co.uk/asus-vivobook-15-x512ua-ej243t-vivobook-intel-pentium-4gb-ram-256gb-ssd-156-inch-laptop-silver/1600346666.prd will this run FM20? Asking for a mate whose budget is only £300.
  10. This PC>Documents>Sports Interactive>Football Manager 2020>logos I put my logos here and got them working, like wise for skins but created a folder called skins.
  11. Hi, tried both of those but unfortunately neither worked. I have been using player pics from FM19 and I didn't get them working either so I am going to try the DF11 megapack instead.
  12. I checked my league rules and it said if someone is injured for 150 days I can swap him out but I think my players was only injured for 2 -3 months. Thanks for the answers everyone.
  13. Has anyone managed to get player faces installed on FM20? Been able to do logos and skins? I reckon my folder destination is wrong (This PC>Documents>Sports Interactive>Football Manager 2020>graphics>players)
  14. thanks for the replies, can registration be changed at any time during the season?
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