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  1. I did not know this either. Thanks!
  2. I must admit if this happened in a bigger cup such as the FA cup, I'd be so close to alt+f4 my game in rage. I didn't know what to do or feel, but I was all smug thinking I've done it, I'm through.... Then in 6 minutes there are 3 goals... I fell apart Wow that is a painful one, especially if you are Cruzeiro.. That would have been a huge rollercoaster of emotions lol I'm glad to know I'm not the only one that has suffered this pain. I love this game for these types of things. You just never know!
  3. So I'm managing a low semi-pro team in the depths of Scotland. I'm Irvine Meadow, was up 2 nil on the 85th minute and still lost inside the 90. NO WAY!! The other team have a far superior squad and it was a 2nd round cup game... oh well I guess it isn't over till it's over
  4. Hi all, I'm just about to start a new save and although I have a great system to run around 50 leagues over 11 to 12 nations I am just wondering what the benifit is of running all these at one time. Say for example I will be downloading a league expansion to start in the depths of English football, there is no way I will be signing foreign players, playing for a club with a worth of like 25k. But then say I build them up to premier league material, I may want the stars from all over the world then, at the same time I don't want to miss on a whole pool of players. My question is the following. Is it worth just choosing a single nation for super fast speed until I am at a level where I can sign foreign players, then adding the other countries. Also if I do this what are the drawbacks of adding nations/leagues mid game? Do they have history and are the players real? I hope this is clear enough, I was struggling to word it to understand... Thanks, Jamie
  5. 11 Countries with 47 leagues with a large database. This includes all players loaded from my home nation and addons such as England to level 10. I have an i7 with 16gb RAM. It runs perfect for me, I got 3 stars at the beginning but I honestly feel like i could add about another country or 2 and still be fine with the progress. I hate flying through a season so getting prepped in between matches breaks it all up for me. I'd say I finish a full season in about 30+ hours depending on how big the league itself is. If I was to just go on holiday it could simulate a full season in about 30mins to an hour easily.
  6. Thank you for this, really appreciate the second file. I seen your post awhile back but when I seen it changed the league structure I didn't check back. Then someone posted on Morrisseys thread that you had released a second file which kept the league structure. I can finally take a team all the way up from Amateur while keeping the same league structures! Outstanding hope you will be around for the next FM, I can't play without files like these. Thanks again mate!
  7. Great to have you back Morrissey, I'm looking forward to it. I tried to just add a promotion from the west league and up and couldn't. I'm rubbish with the editor and didn't know how to manually verify. Anyway can't wait till the fantasy file is out! Thanks, Jamie.
  8. There are some real players but very little. Best thing to do is load it up and see if he's included. I always tick the box to fill the squad with regens were apllicable, I'm sure thats recommended. I keep checking daily for the junior fantasy promotion file. Any word yet @Morrissey? Thanks, Jamie
  9. Any word on the fantasy file where we can take Juniors all the way to the top? Thanks
  10. I'm trying to edit a custom database made my Morrissey for my own personal use. I'm just wanting to make a promotion from 1 league to another and vice versa a relegation. When I set it all up, it returns errors about not having the same promoted as relegated despite me copying other league rules the exact same way. I then seen he posted on Steam that the only way to edit and save his files is to manually verify DB files. Can anyone point me in the right direction or give me some advice on how to manually verify them, rather than using the editor. Much appreciated. Jamie
  11. Any news on the fantasy one allowing Junior teams to be promoted right up? Also great work, thanks for this, appreciate all the hard work and effort that has been piled into this wonderful edit for FM. I can't do a save without it! EDIT I have also noticed that a team from East Region North Division called Lochore Welfare finished first and were promoted into the West Superleague Division One, instead of going into East Premier league. The team that came second went into East Premier league and also the top 2 from the East Region South Division went into the East Premier League. Is there anyway to fix this so the champions of East Region North get promoted to the correct league? I am only 1 season into my save so I don't know if this will keep happening. Thanks again, Jamie.
  12. Simming forward a few seasons there appears to be a problem with incorrect number of teams in East of Scotland league... by 2017/18 I end up with an error and there is only 14 teams in the league... strange *Edit* Loaded it up in editor, tested data a few seasons and same happens. It appears to be changing the number of teams in East league from 15 to 14. Then for some reason that missing team ends up in South of Scotland league, so that goes from having 14 teams to 15... Hope this gets fixed, I'm hopeless with editor
  13. This is going to be amazing, thanks for all the hard work your doing Morrissey! Can't wait to see this complete!
  14. Thank you so much for the information KUBI, appreciate it man!
  15. Any updates on this, or where to find it? I'd like Irvine Meadow in my game! Also is it true the Junior sides can now go into play-off with highland sides for a place in second div? Cheers
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