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  1. When I start a new campaign (typically in June), there are usually a couple of players with long-term injuries which in real life occur after that date (July, August during RL preseason). In the game, additional players tend to suffer long-term injuries during preseason resulting in a disproportionate amount of injuries relative to RL. I would suggest to only include injuries which start before the start date e.g. if I start on 25 Jun 2018, only include those injuries which have happened before that date.
  2. What does 'Tactical Roles' under Non Player Data do exactly? For instance, I noticed that Maurizio Sarri has no tactical roles specified. Then how does the game determine his style (e.g. playing a regista in the DM position)?
  3. Absolute control is one extreme, complete lack of control another. Mentoring would have been a perfect compromise. Like attribute development, it affords the player some influence with a degree of fallibility/unintended consequences.
  4. Yes, it doesn't make sense and in its current state I consider it a game-breaking feature. In the same season, I also had my two holding midfielders, Wanyama and Winks, gain 'run with ball'. I stopped playing the game for now.
  5. So at the end of the first season, Man City sacked Guardiola after coming 1 point short of the title. I logged it in as a bug here. They ended up appointing Klopp as manager which is even more unrealistic. At Liverpool he already has a very strong squad, a similar transfer budget, his own highly developed players, etc. Why would he leave? I would only expect someone with the personality of a mercenary to leave in such circumstances. Things just feel too random, without personality. The game acts as if it is not taking any such factors into account and relying too strictly and one-dimensional
  6. Another player ruined. The guy I would least like to run with the ball has just gained that trait on his own (without being in a mentoring group). Please fix this as it's making the game highly unenjoyable.
  7. Not much. He's mostly been playing in the AML position (I'd say 80% of the time) as an advanced playmaker though sometimes I move him to the AMC or MC position during the game. By the way, in the tactical familiarity Position/Role/Duty bar, what does the faint green colour stand for?
  8. The best way to sell a player for a decent fee is to play him and exact some good performances. When it's impossible to play him (due to terrible stats/traits), I simply attempt to release him so as not to disrupt the rest of the team and the wage structure.
  9. Also, a question if I may. Eriksen's tactical familiarity has remained low throughout the season. Why is this?
  10. Thanks for the explanations. Great, I think that would be better. When can we expect this update if I may ask? Interesting, I didn't know that. So welcoming to club is not just a one-time event but an ongoing mentoring process. Is there a way to choose the mentor or is he chosen automatically from among the team leaders? I only seem to get positive replies (those green likes which I'm guessing translate to morale boosts) when emphasizing mentality and formation. When I emphasize something else, I get no feedback whatsoever. Ah ok, that makes
  11. I think randomly gaining traits from other players, apart from seemingly being too frequent, is too one-dimensional. What would be better (if we want to reduce direct control by managers) would be to make tactical instructions/playing position/overall team tactics also play a part in what traits players are likely to gain. So if you or the AI constantly plays someone as a DLP (which automatically instructs him to hold position), the player should be more likely to pick up compatible traits like 'stays back' or 'comes deep to get ball'. Or if you play in a certain way (e.g. overly possessive fo
  12. Yes I've had Winks (who I played as DLP) gain 'runs with ball'. He presumably got it from more advanced CMs in his training unit like Dembele or Dele. Now he can't unlearn it so it's basically ruined the player for me.
  13. This has not been my experience so far. Players keep acquiring traits without being in a mentoring group (averaging one a season) till they reach the limit, as LukasZ said. I am finding this to be the only major downside to an otherwise excellent game. I hope they fix it.
  14. Hmm I see. Belonging to the same training unit might have been responsible then. In this case, I'm not sure how we can avoid the possibility of having, say, playmakers or DLFs pick up undesirable traits like 'gets ball forward' or 'runs with ball' from other CMs/CFs in their training unit. Yes, it happened with a couple of youngsters who I promoted to the first team. I did not have them mentored because of their mentors' traits but they still lost determination in spite of the squad's overall high determination.
  15. Some observations from my ongoing campaign: 1. Players can pick up traits from their teammates. I can understand that and I'm not averse to the idea of the manager having less control. However, there is no logic to it. I've had players pick up traits from teammates who are not favourites and not even in the same social group. The only influencing factor seems to be that of playing in the same position so you can have a deep-lying CM randomly pick up traits from an attacking CM. Is this a bug and will it fixed? 2. I've had players lose determination without being in a mentoring gro
  16. Yes, in fact I specifically avoided putting Dembele & Lamela in mentoring groups (due to their 'dwells on ball' PPM which goes against my high tempo style) but Alli still picked it up one way or another... Do you know if players from different positions can effectively be used as mentors? e.g. can someone like Lloris (model citizen, no PPMs) mentor outfield players?
  17. Ah I see - he must have picked it up from Dembele or Lamela then. Can players still pick up traits from teammates if they're in the process of learning a PPM? Can they pick up traits from teammates who play in a different position?
  18. Playing as Spurs, I just noticed that Dele Alli randomly gained the 'dwells on ball' PPM. No one from his mentoring group has it so he could not have acquired from there. Training is under my control so it could not have been the Ass Man. Is this a bug or WAD?
  19. Does this mean that players can mentor others from different positions without passing unwanted traits?
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