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  1. [FM09] Minnows Of Europe

    This is odd, indeed. In my first season in the Belarusian first league, 2 teams went down, 1 went up. Last season, 3 teams went down, 1 went up. This year, 2 go down and 2 go up. Huh?
  2. [FM09] Minnows Of Europe

    Wednesday, 10th February Baranovichi Major! Semi Final Baranovichi 1-1p FC Minsk Dinamo Minsk p1-1 BATE Third Place Play-Off Baranovichi p3-3 BATE After an epic 14-13 penalty shoot-out win, we overcome top Belarusian team BATE to grab third place. One of my youngsters, Vadim Astapov, who had previously only been a sub, scored a hattrick and had a wonderful game (Astapov here) Final Dinamo Minsk 1-0 FC Minsk Dinamo Minsk were champs of Belarus last year and rightfully won the Baranovichi Major.
  3. [FM09] Minnows Of Europe

    It does a little, yeah. When I have my break the CL games are getting into full flow. Its is pretty odd SIGNING UPDATE - Sergey Kislyak, 4 times capped by Belarus, has joined Baranovichi on a free transfer.
  4. [FM09] Minnows Of Europe

    Here is my latest signing, the Roman Vintsukovskiy. Postavy sold me him for just £1,000, and for someone that age at that level, seems a snip for me.
  5. [FM09] Minnows Of Europe

    Baranovichi 2009 - Belarusian First League League Table League Positions Graph After a top start, we collapsed later on, although still held fourth place. Lokmotiv Minsk dominated - I really dont think we could ever have taken first with them in the league. Belarusian Cup Cut short really, want more next season. Transfers Nothing much this season as I got to grips with the squad. This summer, however, I know where I need to go with the squad and already have a £50,000 coming in for £1,000. I look forward to more big signings. Squad This is a great, young squad with just enough experience. With more and more of them coming of age, next year could be a very good year. Star Man All went right for Dmitriy Khlebosolov this year. Top scorer, most MOTM, call-ups for the Belarus U19 team and a goal to boot. Was great this year, especially early season. Surprise Star Dmitriy Tarasevich was sitting around in the reserves when I brought the 21 year old into the first team. Was a real gem this year. Career Overview Season League Position Acheivements ---------------------------------------------------------- 2009 Belarusian First League 4th N/A Next Season -Continue to develop young players -A good cup run -Promotion
  6. [FM09] Minnows Of Europe

    Yah, only one slot. Its a shame, but with all the youngsters I have, its only gonna get better - next season should fetch promotion
  7. [FM09] Minnows Of Europe

    Tuesday, 1st September 2009 August 2009 League Unless Stated Baranovichi 1-1 Kommunalnik Slonim (Shumeiko) Baranovichi 0-0 p Nemam Grodno Cup Baranovichi 1-2 Khimik Svetlogorsk (Khlebosolov) Slavia Mozyr 1-0 Baranovichi Baranovichi 1-1 Livadia (Malyavko) Polatsk 1-4 Baranovichi (Khlebosolov (2), Koohley (2)) League Table Lokomotiv Minsk are really taking off and I dont think i'll be able to catch them this season. Next year, though, I can really go for it, so i'll try to keep second to keep the board sweet. My highlight of ths month, though, wasnt any result. Dmitriy Khlebosolov recieved a call up to the Belarus U19, and came off the bench in his first international to score an equaliser against Croatia U19. He has recived another call-up to face Croatia and Ukraine U19, and I cant wait to see his progress as he gets older.
  8. [FM09] Minnows Of Europe

    Saturday, 1st August 2009 July 2009 League Unless Stated Baranovichi 2-0 Slavia Mozyr (Koohley, Shumeiko) Cup Baranovichi 4-1 Belshina (Zaleskiy, Addo, Aleinikov, Koohley) Pinsk 0-2 Baranovichi (Tchernykh, Romanovskiy) Nemam Grodno 1-2 Baranovichi (Khlebosolov (2)) Baranovichi 1-2 Lida (Tchernykh) Minsk 4-0 Baranovichi League Table Horror end to the month, with injuries and fitness really catching us out. Lokomotiv Minsk are looking unstoppable, but I am still holding out hope. Next game is the halfway point of the season, and I hope I can mark it with a win again. Next round of the cup is coming up, so I want a good run to boost my struggling finances. Baranovichsty out!
  9. [FM09] Minnows Of Europe

    Transfers (Window 1st July 09 - 30th August 09) Firstly, Dinamo Minsk have became my Parent Club over the past weeks, and so now I get to take some of their youngsters on loan. I love doing this, and hope to sign some of them when I one day dominate the Belarusian Highest League. Transfers In Andrey Zaleskiy Loan - Dinamo Minsk Transfers Out I will keep a running update until the end of the window.
  10. [FM09] Minnows Of Europe

    Wednesday, 1st July 2009 June 2009 All League Baranovichi 2-0 Veras (Addo, Own Goal) League Table So far, so good. It'll be hard to break the Minsk teams this season, so top3 is my aim, however if they have a bad run and I capitalise, who knows? However, I have a good, youthful team (most of my first team are sub 25) and can only get better from here.
  11. [FM09] Minnows Of Europe

    Sunday, 14th June 2009 May 2009 All League Baranovichi 2-0 Polatsk (Addo, Shumeiko) Mikashevichi 2-5 Baranovichi (Khlebosolov (2), Petruchik, Addo, Own Goal) Baranovichi 1-0 Spartak Shkolv (Gaponov) Lokomotiv Minsk 2-0 Baranovichi Baranovichi 2-0 Kommunalnik Zhlobin (Koohley, Tchernykh) League Table (Note that the league table is with one game in June gone)
  12. [FM09] Minnows Of Europe

    Just one note on the Belarusian foreign players rule - while I can currently register 0 foreigners, if I grab promotion this season, I will be able to register a grand total of 5, which is better, but still annoys me. If I will be a top team, I will do it with the best Bealrusian players
  13. [FM09] Minnows Of Europe

    Saturday, 2nd May 2009 Here is the report for April! First month in, where are Baranovichsty now? Khimik Svetlogorsk 2-3 Baranovichi Pretty good game, although we nearly lost it at the end. The injury to Koohley was annoying though - he had a pretty good partnership going with Khlebosolov. Baranovichi 0-0 Slavia Mozyr How did we not kill these? Khlebosolov missed Koohley - my other strikers just arent up their with him. Livadia 1-1 Baranovichi Still missing Koohley. I see why the Assistant said he was one of the best in the squad at the beggining, its like his presence helps. League Table - Baranovichi 5th Definitely the best player so far, our top goalscorer (3) and most MOTM (1), Dmitriy Khlebosolov. The best thing is he is still only 18 and plenty of time to improve. Baranovichi FTW!
  14. [FM09] Minnows Of Europe

    I personnaly think thats a good rule, help develop youth. I got Wales loaded so maybe one day....
  15. [FM09] Minnows Of Europe

    One SUPER IMPORTANT rule of the Belarusian league that I missed - you cant play foreign players. I just signed a Slovenian. Come on!!!!!!!