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  1. pretty much the full backline of villa as well as milner, ya know there is something wrong when ya assistant is always bitching about looking for a replacement.
  2. yeah it can be done. Currently in 2022 with York City, made it to the premier league
  3. for international only, nigel reo-coker on 09 i think it was, was ok in league but i remember having to call him up to england at one point just as a sub because all of the other players were injured, somehow scored near enough every time i brought him on, ended up becoming my 1st choice central mid
  4. Just wondering how many times they actually go through with hiring a new manager when a takeover is in talks. I would not mind if i was actually doing bad but I am York City and the last season i won the prem league and this season im at teh top so far with 7 games played (yeah i got a shamless brag in there so what) actually, while im here...wtf does it take to become a legend or icon at the club?
  5. wheatley2k9

    Help Please

    ya could try someone in the championship who has got the chance to go straight up, atleast them its not to far of a climb so ya wont egt bored yet ya will still ahve something to go for. Ipswich or Cardiff? they always end up in prem on my games for some reason. could also go with palace, not exactly the best but if treat him right Moses turns into a goal scoring machine.
  6. wheatley2k9

    Champ League Help

    No i dont have any reserves or youths that have been with the club for long enough, they are all under 18 pretty much so they dont need to be registered so it doesnt show up as an extra player trained at the club when i select them. Thanks fraz, sorted now
  7. It has got to the time I need to register my players for the group stages of the champ league but I don't have enough players that have been trained by this club, how do I get past this? obviously I cant go any further without them so I am stuck at this point of the game.
  8. wheatley2k9

    When will SI fix the game?

    Quality rant. Only one thing that has bugged me on this lately, why the hell do the crap players who never score always bag a goal or 3 against me? i can be a top team, and i could be playing someone like notts co or a team even lower, completely hammer them and then all of a sudden "that's his 1st goal of the season" i wouldnt mind if i was letting goals in left and right but i base the game on me having a beast of a back line who dont concede against the top teams yet some lil part timer comes along and knocks a few in with ease
  9. wheatley2k9

    Official FM2010: Rate My Regen

    This lad is a pure beast, no editing done to him, got him just in a panic with final day of transfer window and in need of a backup striker, main man got injured so put him in and i dont think i have taken him out unless injured.
  10. I am always a one man club but i eventually get bored and resign, it always turns out to be worst mistake because i never find a club im happy with so i have to start a new game. Got York City into the premier league, highest position i finished was 2nd and then i resigned the following season because i was bored...new manager of the beast of a club called Valenciennes now. think its best ya stick with Thistle
  11. wheatley2k9

    FMPT Fantasy League

    Looks good gone for the london team, although i did feel like crying when i seen who is willing to join and i dont have any money lol
  12. Couple of ideas. Let us bid for more than one person at a time, id like to be able to snap up a couple of youngsters from the same team for a set price instead of having to do separate bids for both of them. I would like to leave my club on a high every now and again, it annoys me when i spend years bringing a club from the lower leagues and get them into the prem or camp and once i leave for a foreign club all of a sudden i am the enemy. probably already mentioned.
  13. wheatley2k9

    My Frustrations With FM

    One that irritates the hell out of me... Doesn't matter what team you are, you could be arsenal and the team you are against could be some Blue Square team, all the match you have nothing but shot after shot and somehow every single shot is saved and then you see it at the bottom say "Can team FC weather the storm?". A soon as that comes up the ball somehow ends up at the other end and they score