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  1. I tried 3 at the back, it worked quite well with defensive winger with a attack option and 2 deep-lying playmakers. The team defended as one and the wingers were defending and putting alot of crosses in. You might find it if you look through the forum.
  2. Some good and funny ones on this thread, I liked the one where the guy got his regen's name on his Barca Top. Whenever I play Champions league games I always have the theme playing in the background, gets me in the mood . In my QPR game ive starting playing the sky sports football league song. And sometimes At the end of the season I give press confrences to myself and give each player a analysis. And my Athletico Madrid game on FM08 actually got me supporting them in real life, They are still my favourite Spanish team.
  3. Extract the file (Containing the tactics) to user (the name of your user on the computer/documents/sports interactive/tactics. Its easy enough but i was in your situation once so im glad to help
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