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  1. Thanks very much for taking the time. True, I've only used general team talk. Saw it twice (the have faith thing) I guess after trying to see what the ass. recommends (only at HT) but I thought maybe it's smth else. So you say always individual talks (~) only ? And one more thing, you didn't mentioned anything about team talks before the match starts, if you or anyone else could share some info would be nice. Thx for the other informations. Regarding 1, from what I've understood from Zero Sea as soon as you (talking in general) have 1-0 you have to change it to control. The problem is (for me at least) that many many times not only I'm equalized but I can see with my own eyes a change (and not a positive one) in the gameplay, less occasions, the other team creating more chances etc. Maybe because the tactic(s) are not yet 100% aknowledged by the players ? I've never played more than 5-6 months with a team (Bari, Napoli, Lazio) and the match preparation consists in 1. normal one + 2. control tactic and attacking movement Another question. Players like Lukaku (anyway U21) you have to train them as U21 or you have to assign them to the normal ST/DC/whatever training ? And yes, they have an important role in the team, not first team regulars but play a lot of minutes, that's the idea. Ty
  2. Hi and congrats for the tactic. A few questions: 1. You say first u'r using the normal tactic and after 1-0 the control one. And when the score becomes 1-1 ?; 2. Where or how do I found the infamous 'have faith' ? This one I should put in the 'Stupid questions' thread I guess but hey... 3. What do you people tell the players before match starts ? (and after too); In my game it seems they don't react well to 'do this for the supporters', not at all; 4. In the previous versions of the game for a defender the most important stats were tackling, marking, heading. And pace + acceleration a(n important) bonus. Now it seems pace and acc. are more important than ever, right ? So for what stats you'r looking when picking your defenders ? Ok, that's it for now, thank you