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  1. Wow!!! Look what I did...

    Managed to get Crawley Town to the premierleague in 6 seasons. I was constantly predicted to get relegated in each league but managed promotion. Would still be playing it if i didnt get some error then had to delete the save.
  2. I recently bought a new laptop and installed fm 11 on it and now i'm constantly getting different forms of the 'XML PARSING ERROR not well-formed (Invalid token)'. Most of the time it happens when i click the shortcut for the game. Sometimes I cannot load a game because of it and sometimes it pops up randomly when I'm doing something general on the game e.g. clicking the tactics screen. I've already lost a very good Crawley save and I really dont want to be losing any other good saves I get. I've tried reinstalling the game numerous times, I've deleted save files which i think may be corrupted and ive deleted the settings folder alot. On my computer this never happened once.What can I do to get rid of these stupid error messages?