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  1. same for me, have turned off assistant creating friendlies by un-ticking him creating friendlies in responsibilities at the bottom of the schedule page. but defo a bug
  2. Hi, Summary: Form incorrect on match preview, Incorrect steam trophy awarded Description 1: Game 41 in the Vanarama National North. Preview of teams shows no form for opponent and opponents form as mine Description 2: Steam has awarded me a trophy "you have won promotion from the bottom to the top division in a nation" Screenshots attached. Save game uploaded file name: VNN_title_win_20201113
  3. Hi, ive finally got welling far enough where we poach from other teams (were top of the champs thanks for asking haha). now started poaching youth talent. The news article seems messed up. Just thought I’d highlight. The interesting payments but is stuck on the right hand side of the article and imagine it should be underneath? also, not a bug, but any chance you could work on the scouting news articles. There is always loads of white space (I’ve never seen this full....is it ever full?) and so the acknowledge button is always off the screen and you have to scroll for it. Pain
  4. As others have said it seems to select not on press but finger release hence the issue. An example would be for me when selecting playing % wage on a loan. I have to scroll, then move my finger away from the % drop down, so that nothing is highlighted and then you can release without selecting and get the thing you want with a normal press. this is tighter to achieve on pages like the tactics menu or the scouting pages where the lists are full width of the iPad. would be good to resolve this as it is annoying.
  5. Linked to this feature / bug, could you change the behaviour of the keep report up to date? i want to use it so I always have a scout report on everyone in my shortlist, but as observed it sticks the whole shortlist in an endless cycle which means no new scouting happens. if it just updated the report every 3/6/9 months that would be more handy.
  6. This would be helpful for me too. i have welling at the top of the division far exceeding expectations and regularly scoring 3-6 goals in a game and they reserve judgement on this. Would be good to know so I know whether I need to tweak tactics etc
  7. I know this is a bit of a pain for you....... but is it worth trying a new save with a different team with roughly the same expectation and see. Thinking with my tester hat on, it’ll all be bout combinations for the guys at SI to work out if it is an issue. so try a similar team and then the same players, similar team different players, better team same players. record those combinations and maybe see if their is a correlation or an answer you could come up with
  8. Was only joking about the negotiating bit! get it’s tough down the bottom, I’m a lower league manager for every FM and that first season with players not good enough for the wage they’re on and not being able to shift is a nightmare. Just completed my first season with welling and got promoted, but released 90% of the squad for the New season haha. it may be that this game is better reflecting real life where more clubs insist on a wage contribution to send players on loan. It might also be that you’re targeting players deemed to be better than the standard of the league therefore to
  9. I've signed a few players on loan for less than 100%. I've either negotiated harder or you're maybe setting your sights too high 🤣
  10. Same for me. Cannot see any reserve squad players using the reserve button on another team. on the subject of reserve squad, any reason there isn’t an easy reserve squad link for your own club (in my case welling) and not have to use all players/filter? as a workaround to this I’m using the filter on an opposition team senior squad to remove senior and show reserve
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