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  1. Cleverly ahead of Wilshere You utter <snip>. And how can anyone think Wilshere is brittle? Got his first injury after playing a ******** of games last season as an 18 year old. Just ridiculous stuff. <snip>
  2. Hi, I'm managing Villarreal in La Liga, and I have a pretty large squad. Whenever I have a league game next, I get this bar at the bottom, underneath where my last player is. Either it's the squad numbers bar, or home grown players bar, you know what I mean. I know there's an option to minimise it, but can I completely hide or remove it? I know what the rules are, I don't need to see that bar all the time. The main problem is that I like to see all my players, but some don't fit because of the bar, and I have to scroll down, and so cannot see them all at once. It's just a bit irritating for me, and I'm hoping someone will be able to help me out.
  3. I put forward this idea about 2 or 3 years ago. You'd think it'd be simple to implement, and would be of benefit to a lot of people, but hey ho.
  4. main menu's post is full of terrible ideas unfortunately. Don't want to see such ludicrous features implemented.
  5. I don't know how it works at all clubs irl, but I know at Arsenal it is up to the new players to choose between any of the free shirt numbers. Should this be a feature of future FM games? It could add a bit of sentiment to the numbers when you look back at which players have chosen to wear the shirt down the years you've managed a club. Not a major feature, but potentially a nice touch.
  6. I normally only loan out my players to affiliated clubs who have greyed out players, they always get games then, but my biggest problem is my players refusing to go to these clubs. I just want to be sure that as long as the rep of the club is equal to the rep of the player he will accept the loan move.
  7. If I have a young player whose is available for loan and he is 'looking forward to going out on loan', should I look to teams whose reputations match or better his own to make sure he will join? So, I have three players. A has reputation of local. B has reputation of national. C has reputation of continental. I would guess that player A will be willing to go on loan to almost any club, B to a club of national reputation or better and C to a club of continental reputation or better. It may be that they have one or two specific 'hated' clubs which they refuse to join, but for the majority of the time is this how I should look to decide which clubs to loan my players out to? btw this is when I decide which clubs I should add as an affiliated club in order to to have somewhere to put my young players for them to get games.
  8. I doubt Cesc Fabregas' physical stats were much better at 16, but despite the amazing technical and good mental stats you can never be sure how the match engine will deal with him. Physical stats can be overestimated. I say keep him, focus on building up his physical stats up to balance it out and he will be a star.
  9. Man City reinvestment

    Balance is dangerously low (£30M) and I owe about £100M still to other clubs for transfers
  10. Hi, I've spent a lot of money with Man City and am now in Jan 2010. The bank balance is down to £60M so at what point point will the owner reinvest more money into the club? How low does the balance have to go and about how much is he likely to pump in? And will he do this whenever it goes down? Thanks in advance.
  11. FM 11 Details

    The matches on the last FM10 patch were terribly laggy. Never had this problem with FM09 on the same laptop. Sort this out please. Also, fix team talks. If anyone working for SI is going to deny the problem over two legged cup ties then there really is no hope.
  12. Er, so am I the last man still playing FM09? I'm going to stick with this until FM11 comes out, but I'm asking because I'd like to know whether anyone wants an online game of FM09?
  13. Haha Jheez unlucky mate
  14. France squad refuse to train

    I can only smile to myself that this happens to a team to which Evra belongs to Disgusting human being.
  15. Group C - England vs Algeria: ITV1 at 19:30

    Chris Waddle says Rob Green has done nothing wrong Seriously this guy is the worst pundit around, bar none.