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  1. -Shakes-

    Whoohoo! Im not fat afterall!!

    Good lord, who let the forum pet out the cage ffs, terrible stuff.
  2. Cleverly ahead of Wilshere You utter <snip>. And how can anyone think Wilshere is brittle? Got his first injury after playing a ******** of games last season as an 18 year old. Just ridiculous stuff. <snip>
  3. -Shakes-

    Riots & unrest in England

    Congratulations to Upinder and Sangat TV for single handedly ending the riots. A job very well done. Upinder has to get some sort of recognition for this. Ridiculously good reporting. I want this guy presenting Sky News.
  4. -Shakes-

    Riots & unrest in England

    The football talk
  5. -Shakes-

    Riots & unrest in England

    The guy is pumping with adrenaline, he probably can't hear the words coming out of his own mouth.
  6. Hi, I'm managing Villarreal in La Liga, and I have a pretty large squad. Whenever I have a league game next, I get this bar at the bottom, underneath where my last player is. Either it's the squad numbers bar, or home grown players bar, you know what I mean. I know there's an option to minimise it, but can I completely hide or remove it? I know what the rules are, I don't need to see that bar all the time. The main problem is that I like to see all my players, but some don't fit because of the bar, and I have to scroll down, and so cannot see them all at once. It's just a bit irritating for me, and I'm hoping someone will be able to help me out.
  7. I put forward this idea about 2 or 3 years ago. You'd think it'd be simple to implement, and would be of benefit to a lot of people, but hey ho.
  8. main menu's post is full of terrible ideas unfortunately. Don't want to see such ludicrous features implemented.
  9. -Shakes-

    Good Grief! (Welcome back SI forums)

    Just seen the LLM sub forum for the first time, and had a look through some threads.. Is that place for real? Genuinely ridiculous stuff going on there.
  10. Awful. The acting is an insult. Characters are the same old crap. One of the girls is the spitting image of Jal ffs. Plot is terrible. It's painfully obvious that the scriptwriters have run out of ideas. Makes you appreciate how brilliant the first series was. Perhaps they shouldn't have bothered with a second or third generation.
  11. -Shakes-

    What's your dancing like?

    Rubbish. Could do with learning as I'll be starting Uni in September.
  12. -Shakes-

    Well done OTF1

    smh, banned for an hour after calling for protection (:confused:) following a dispute with Cottager of all people. Midlife crisis imho.
  13. Every run comes to an end sometime my man.
  14. 6k on City would return about 11k on Skybet. Anyone tempted?