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  1. Upload it to a site like www.imgur.com and copy the BBCODE link
  2. Steam have not been hacked. Steam may have been overloaded by DDoS attack DDoS = distributed denial-of-service attack is not hacking.. Its just a bunch of systems overloading target server by denial attacks
  3. yay so happy to see activity , best of luck guys.. hope to see some new hall of fame players this year
  4. Nothing unreal about those goals.. have you checked the Danny roberts challenge hall of fame?
  5. as the title says.. i get crash dump when exporting goal clip with reverse camera but not with TV camera. uploaded FM 2014 v14.1.2.438049 (2013.11.01 01.45.40).dmp
  6. Did the YouTube settings get removed or what? Cause i cant find it. All videos that gets exported are a blurry mess. :\ update: The video resolution options shows on the DARK skin and not the default skin update2: There is a bug.. it will not show the video settings unless you click on youtube and then twitter and then youtube again
  7. >_> the bolded text is the LAST thing i would ever want in a FM game.. EWWW and huzza tis the korean mmo.. and they like it so w/e
  8. Cd key sites might be cheap but they are the worst to deal with. buy at your own risk.
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