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  1. i always start a new save apart from the demo - i prefer to have no transfer budgets to start the first year - i want the clubs to play with the players they are supposed to have until the first january transfer window
  2. http://www.smh.com.au/sport/a-league/aleague-grand-final-live-blog-20110310-1bp0p.html?from=smh_sb :o)
  3. SPL reserve league?

    loan your reserves out with a recall clause, so if injury makes it necessary to have a player at that position you can get the player back. win-win, your player gets first team match activity, part or all of his wages are paid by the loaner team, and you still have that position covered in an emergency with the recall clause
  4. Warned by the FA

    can the bans be extended if you continue to criticize the ref?
  5. So, it's the second week of March...

    so you already know how the process works, i don't believe SI promised anything different this time, so whats the problem?
  6. I've gotten a few goals from rebounds one thing i have not seen yet is a caution for time wasting
  7. very much so - especially first year managers. wait for 6 months and if your squad is winning matches and ahead of expectations, the players are much more likely to listen seems to me a lot of players resent a new manager taking over and immediately throwing his weight around making tons of changes
  8. no the DP wages are not at 100% when applied to the cap. however, there are some teams - chicago fire at the very least, that are over the salary cap at game start. this has to be an error of some sort, as they have the exact players that chicago had on their roster at season end. its one of the bugs/issues that needs to be addressed in the next patch to make MLS enjoyable again also there is a big issue with scouts and there is a problem with managers that have won the league but the team loses reputation and the managers are fired by the board - there is some sort of bug where you cannot possibly meet whatever expectations are set.
  9. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/233522-U.S.A.-(Official)-League-Specific-Issues
  10. my biggest problem is the bugs that are in the MLS league - scouting, reputation, salary cap issues, and board unhappiness despite doing well doesnt make the game unplayable, but it definately makes the MLS unenjoyable.
  11. try choosing a team & dont make any transfers in for the first season
  12. definately tweak your tactics and adjust your teamtalks. check your assman pre-match assessment - sometimes you can tell which players need to be prodded with a special team talk . never underestimate the power of your teams morale and the tactics have to fit your team. dont just download some "wondertactic" and expect it to solve all your problems also sometimes the pre-match meeting can give you some hints on how to set up against your opponent
  13. MLS league has a fair bit of issues that need to be addressed by the next patch to be of much use see the league specific issues forum for more info on that i've been having fun in the german and dutch leagues for now while i wait hopeful for some fixes on the MLS
  14. playing PSV using a 4-4-3 formation, i expect my 3 strikers to be involved in at least 2 goals per game. last season my advanced fwd scored 17 and assisted 14. poacher scored 14, and target man scored 11 or so (he'd always get 2 or 3 at once, then nothing for long stretches) my main backup fwd who i usually played as deep lying fwd scored 8 i think, and another backup target man scored about 10 needless to say i was quite happy with my strikers, team led the league in goals, and won the league