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  1. I will do that later. I think I somehow screw up my game with running youtube and discord and alt tabbing all the time though
  2. I like the new additions, the game feels deeper and more challenging. I struggle to play because of crashes though.
  3. I will try this challenge again! But this time I will complete one sesason before I start to report my progress in this thread, since I have the habbit of giving up sometimes. But I love the idea of the challenge!
  4. I cant help but hyping myself every year. Even if I actively try not to. Cant concentrate on anything tonight
  5. Ill definately start on the bottom in somewhere. Wherever they would want to hire a unemployed noob manager
  6. There's also a switch from Quatar to a random better alternative for the World Cup, I believe my game changed it to China eventually.
  7. Ashton Utd END of SEASON 2017/18 Vanarma National League North 18th Alright, we survived! When my keeper started new year by breaking his finger, and a horde of other injuries, I thought we’d be sent down to the abyss for sure. But the players recovered, and by the use of team meetings where we bolstered our spirits. I finally lost it with my wingers, which produced nothing ... no goals or assists whatsoever. So 4-3-1-2 with 3 CM midfielders and a midfield dominance kinda style landed us several points at the end! I’m convinced that my
  8. Ashton Utd HALF-SEASON 2017/18 Vanarma National League North We’ve had 21 rough games. And we sit at 15th on the table, with no cups to worry about anymore since we lost weeks ago. But to be honest, I think it could have been alot worse! I’ve majorly fudged up the economy of the club, but I will worry about that someday later ^,..,^ Here’s a graph showing our position for the first 21 games. Not all impressive, but using team meetings to boost morale has been very effective after dull periods! As for our previosuly predicted key player Alex Wi
  9. Dont worry, I think my manager will bite the dust eventually as well
  10. Thanks, I will have a mid-season update as well this weekend I think. As for the german... yeh, the game picked all of that for me based on nationality. Maybe some have german in school for up to 4 years, but I had 3 years myself and suck at it.
  11. Ashton Utd PRE- SEASON 2017/18 - Vanarma National League North Expectations: Try to survive My goals: To survive indeed. ''A twitter storm hits the web; an potato- sack-lookalike ex-Sunday league player from Norway will be running Ashton Utd. The crucial first season in the VNLN is is in this man’s hands. Kris Hammer has no recognition, no deep experience as a footballer. This will be a strange circus of a season for sure... '' PRE-SEASON The team turns out to have a couple of key players like the central back
  12. I will give Ashton United a go, but what a mess! Booted the assistant manager and brought in about 10 trial players in two weeks of management. I feel like im throwing d20 dices right now.
  13. How about the FaceGen then? I've seen people name it ancient and embarrasing, and ''heads-on-sticks''. Invest money in a new one soon?
  14. 21 matches played in the first season. We've played like gods after a lousy start, and have kept steady on 6th in the league for a few weeks! 10 won, 6 draw, 5 lost. If we can keep this up, it'll be a terrific year! We did loose the first match in the FA trophy, and the second match in the FA cup. But I cant summon the energy to feel bad about that right now. We've also gained the reputation of playing rough and perhaps bad conduct football, haha... Building that collection of cards! Matt Drage has been a key player so far.
  15. 15th after 7 games with Corby Town, and im happy about it!
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