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  1. I will do that later. I think I somehow screw up my game with running youtube and discord and alt tabbing all the time though
  2. I like the new additions, the game feels deeper and more challenging. I struggle to play because of crashes though.
  3. I will try this challenge again! But this time I will complete one sesason before I start to report my progress in this thread, since I have the habbit of giving up sometimes. But I love the idea of the challenge!
  4. I cant help but hyping myself every year. Even if I actively try not to. Cant concentrate on anything tonight
  5. Ill definately start on the bottom in somewhere. Wherever they would want to hire a unemployed noob manager
  6. There's also a switch from Quatar to a random better alternative for the World Cup, I believe my game changed it to China eventually.
  7. Ashton Utd END of SEASON 2017/18 Vanarma National League North 18th Alright, we survived! When my keeper started new year by breaking his finger, and a horde of other injuries, I thought we’d be sent down to the abyss for sure. But the players recovered, and by the use of team meetings where we bolstered our spirits. I finally lost it with my wingers, which produced nothing ... no goals or assists whatsoever. So 4-3-1-2 with 3 CM midfielders and a midfield dominance kinda style landed us several points at the end! I’m convinced that my dance of tactics and a few emergency signings mid-season saved us. However our economy is suffering from it. Top Scorer: - Daniel Mooney, 12 goals. He’s nothing near special, but he ended up playing just a bit more than the other two attackers of the club, and that is the only reason why he was top scorer. I need a solid goal getter. The fan’s player of the year: - Alaster Redmayne, RM. I disagree with the fans on this one, but his AVERAGE preformance has nonetheless made him player of the year. A winger with 5 assists in 33 matches don’t impress me. Fans plz cut down on the beer. My players of the year - Joe Connor, CB. He’s an oldie, but also the only decent defender we have. Without him we would never win the matches we won. When he played great, we collected points! He was also captain for the team, and played every single match. I like players I can rely on! He should probably have been the real fan player of the year. - Eddie Fulwood, RB Doesn’t look all impressive maybe, but I thirst for good defenders. And Fullwood has taken a huge step in one year, and I can’t wait to see him next year. Young talents - Jason Furbert, AMC English- Bermudian player of 196 cm, produced by our own youth intake. I ended up using his as a sub late season for his free kick skill. I am very sure he will get more opportunities as a sub next year. Decent determination, but i’ll try to push it up. Next season: Repeat the feat I need at least three more quality defenders to sail this ship. And an solid attacker. I consider getting rid of my wingers, and just og with midfield dominance, especially if I can land a good LB which allows for some support from the back. Pre- season this year will need alot of tinkering and contract buisness. Season | League | Position | Top Scorer | Achievments | ---------|----------------|------------|---------------------|---------------|----------- 2017/18 | Vanarama North | 18th | Daniel Mooney, 12 | Over red zone |
  8. Ashton Utd HALF-SEASON 2017/18 Vanarma National League North We’ve had 21 rough games. And we sit at 15th on the table, with no cups to worry about anymore since we lost weeks ago. But to be honest, I think it could have been alot worse! I’ve majorly fudged up the economy of the club, but I will worry about that someday later ^,..,^ Here’s a graph showing our position for the first 21 games. Not all impressive, but using team meetings to boost morale has been very effective after dull periods! As for our previosuly predicted key player Alex Wiles… I’ve not been at all impressed with Alex. Which is why, after a month of shaky midfield play in august, I landed free transfer Tom Brown! I’m more than impressed with the mental attitude of this new player, and it feels good to have him running about on the midfield. I’ve also been forced to swap to a 4-4-1-1 formation after I realised none of our crosses hit our attackers. It’s dull in my opinion to use one attacker, but it’s been for the better and we’re able to not mess up as much with this tactic. I now have faith that we will stay up at the end of the season, unless we get hit by a injury wave or something like that. Fun times! Pre season 17/18|
  9. Dont worry, I think my manager will bite the dust eventually as well
  10. Thanks, I will have a mid-season update as well this weekend I think. As for the german... yeh, the game picked all of that for me based on nationality. Maybe some have german in school for up to 4 years, but I had 3 years myself and suck at it.
  11. Ashton Utd PRE- SEASON 2017/18 - Vanarma National League North Expectations: Try to survive My goals: To survive indeed. ''A twitter storm hits the web; an potato- sack-lookalike ex-Sunday league player from Norway will be running Ashton Utd. The crucial first season in the VNLN is is in this man’s hands. Kris Hammer has no recognition, no deep experience as a footballer. This will be a strange circus of a season for sure... '' PRE-SEASON The team turns out to have a couple of key players like the central back captain Joe Conor and striker Lee Gaskell. But their high age makes them feel very expendable, but probably important for our first season. Our top 3 players are over the age of 31! Basically every part of the team is poor, as I expected. I decide to spend a portion of the budget on staff anyway, since lacking a decent assistant manager, scout and phyiso is just plain annoying. New staff hired: Assistant manager, scout, director of football, physio, u21 manager and head of youth dev. We offered about 20 players a trial period of 3 weeks during the pre- season, because we didn’t have a clue which players are decent around these parts. 9 of the trial players were offered contracts, mostly as backups. Aparantly it is difficult to randomly hire good players right from the streets. I think our strategy will have to be to use the players smartly, and not hope for smart players. Notable transfers: - Alex Wiles, central midfielder. Our only loan player pre- season. And probably our only playmaker’ish player. He knows how to pass a ball properly, so I am guessing he will be our creative man! - Paul White, Keeper. Pulled this irishman right off the street for a trial period, and he actually turned out to be a fairly decent keeper! We’ll see how the 22 y.o handles a full season. Friendly matches went okay, but injuries plague our midfielders. We went overboard and played friendlies vs PSG resserves and Preston, which we naturally lost solidly. We’re having trouble getting the right players match fit, so there’s a tough season ahead ! We've also zapped our budged quite a bit when trying to keep our key players, recruiting so many resserves and hiring new staff! Our planned 1st team for the opening match is ready, in a traditional 4-4-2: ((please leave a comment on my format or what I should include. First real post)).
  12. I will give Ashton United a go, but what a mess! Booted the assistant manager and brought in about 10 trial players in two weeks of management. I feel like im throwing d20 dices right now.
  13. How about the FaceGen then? I've seen people name it ancient and embarrasing, and ''heads-on-sticks''. Invest money in a new one soon?
  14. Ok, will of course follow your instructions on how to evade this problem from now on. But grrrrr SI this is a very annoying and random problem
  15. It happened to me after updating to the latest patch yesterday! Now everyone with a history after starting date have played for Algerie with 0 apps, and no more. It was a game I really enjoyed, came as far as 2018. So this isnt fixable? May this happen with the next game I start as well? To be honest, Im very pissed if this is because I just updated the game.
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