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  1. I'll try this. But my game often freezes on this blur effect when I transition to my desktop. So hopefully, it will clear that up too.
  2. Thanks guys. This thread helped loads with my similar tactic.
  3. You'll relate to 'All your Zombies' by Heinlein.
  4. I'll let it slide, as I expect to win all the better awards going at the end of the season.
  5. Not at all. All he does is training and gives me crap advice. Though, according to the game it's golden...
  6. Never. Only the Off-Season. I know it's only a game. But I can imagine my Assistant giving me a snide smile.
  7. Is this some type of fluke. How is he even a viable candidate? His record shows: he managed 1 game, 100% win record and had amassed 650 voter points (triple the nearest rival). I'am shocked, because I wasn't even in the running, and my team is top of the league in January.
  8. 586 Hours. I'm surprised. That's quite mild. I thought it would be higher.
  9. It would be tempting to try Real Madrid but I can imagine getting sacked within months, as success will be expected early on. Though, i'm more inclined to start with Liverpool (the team I support more than my second club - above). I want them to win the league, because (even in-game) I can't see it happening in real life at the moment.
  10. I can imagine its circumstance. They've bought a new player, that plays ahead of the other, so can afford to release the former.
  11. I've tried countless formations and they only move a few feet from their default positions and rarely dominate teams but always win.
  12. Good point - Team is quite static. I'll focus on the passing adjustments like you said. The Fullbacks - I just meant they attack without instruction because they are good crossers and fast.
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