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  1. FM2010-FM2011 Gambare Nippon!

    How is it going Harima?
  2. That's... nice. Will play it.
  3. kingdom of two sicilies database

    Can we get some screens please?
  4. I don't know if I am missing something, but why are you so harsh to this man? It's much better than nothing.
  5. Lee's Legends.

    I think this is a nice initiative.
  6. FM2010-FM2011 Gambare Nippon!

    omg omg omg! --------------------- This is just fantastic! Will play this till next christmas.
  7. Probably not. EDIT: Argh, wasn't fast enough.
  8. Transfer_embargo.edt

    That's because the embargo ends in January, if I've got that correctly.
  9. Any working Japanese league for 10.3?

    Harima, I hope I don't stress you, but is there an ETA?
  10. Create a new world

    Ishu is right. You can just change the nationality of the teams, they still generate regens of the appropriate country if they have a stadium in that country.
  11. My Canada-centric database

    Seems good. Here is the link: http://www.filefront.com/17220238/Canada_revised.dbc
  12. TIJESSE: I'm almost sure it will not, haven't even worked in more than one game before.
  13. 2010-11 Update

    It was because licensing issues it wasn't allowed.
  14. DSYoungEsq: I suppose you didn't even read his post. Riffraff: I agree with you.