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  1. Reason why I neve rpost on here, its pointless and SI should sort it. They have provided a game and people have genuine questions or issues and if it does not give a positive glow on the game you get Moderators, who should be the face of SI, jumping down your neck or closing your posts, or you get the SI butt lickers, looking for some sort of higher grace for protecting the game fulls top. THE GAME IS NOT PERFECT and in nay walk of life and business, without taking critisism as constructive, it will never improve, but I am afraid the forums are full of noobs so it will never improve. Im surprised people actually bother
  2. CLose 6-1, granted I hadnt lost in 8 and am top of prem. But hey, its the tactics hahaha fools
  3. http://gyazo.com/f1b03d1041d356998a938d9b13783c99 Guess the score
  4. Interesting to see how other people are struggling and issues great. I am a luttle baffled though as I read through how SI let the mods talk to paying customers with such contempt and sarcasim, totally out of order. Yes you will have idoits, but they are dealing your customers, be interested to know SI why you think this is acceptable
  5. I started a game in Sweden, but it seems my keeper keeps scoring OG's. As do my defenders and I have conceeded 13 goals in 2 games with the tac Ive used last 3 weeks with no issue. Am I ding something wrong
  6. Thiose saying it is the persons tactics and whatever are talking absolute balls. The game is riddled. 45 shots to 1 and it ends 1-1 Nothing ot do with tacs, on our online game with 6 games to go I had scored 85 goals and was 2nd. We had a 2 day break, came back, same tacs and players, and 6 L's and 1 goal. The SI worshippers can say what they like, it is total gash
  7. They will close this, whats the point of a forum when you cant state how you feel, the person deleted wants to get a grip
  8. I hope this doesnt get deleted as it is a view from a paying customer And before the fan boys get their tounges brown!! UTTER GASH I pay for a game as it is advertised as being online fantastic, I buy it only for this and what do you know IT CRASHES, Crash crash crash Money back? Surely this is complete false advertising? Offering something and not delivering it?
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