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  1. I bought him when he was 25 for 1,5 milj. ... man what a disappointment did he turn out to be.
  2. This is my WTM tactic, I've build it around Vokes (signed him on a free this season). My all-welsh-players team are playin their second season in the BPL and are 9th atm in january 2022. The role in itself is really interesting. (Just got back from a big injury)
  3. Another season has finished and what a season it was! Here are the results: WINNERS!!! SSOOOOOOOO.... we are in the promised lands now. With our only Welsh players club-policy we performed way better then i thought an welsh-only team would, back-to-back promotions. But now the really though league begins, and my players where already over performing this year. Reason i know this, is because we got hammered by Liverpool in the Cup (0-4). So i had to improve and change the squad. First thing i did was getting allot of BPL teams in for friendlies so i could re-evaluate the tactic and the squad. I'm going to double down on my transfer policy, so allot more Welsh players are going to be brought in and loan out. Next update I'm going to tell you about the transfers i made in preparation for the BPL.
  4. Yeah i agree. Its too much and too easy, the game is already going great at the moment.
  5. What do you guys Think, is it too gamy/ too easy or whatever to add another manager and take control of a club in the Welsh 1st division. That would really be a great feeder club for my Wrexham. I'm hesitant because it really feels fake or like cheating. Really interested in your views on this. On to another update: The Sky Bet Championship is going great. We are 100% not going for the relegation battles and after seeing these games I'm even thinking I could challenge a promotionspot. I'm tweaking my tactic and trying to fit in my new players proper. Talking about new players: for 125k. from Sheffield United. A steal to be honest! on a free from Swansea. on a free from Wigan Atheltic. BUT then this guy came along: On a free from Barry Town United. Never heard of that club? Nether did I! It's a club in the 2th division of Wales. My scouts pointed me to this fellow and it was instant love. I mean a 20 on Determination, 4,5 star potential (my best coach with 19 JP even says 5 stars...). The other 5 players where just my typical young gems who will be trained or loaned out. My only interesting sold player was Dylan Levitt, who did signed with us last season and was loaned to a club in Vanarama North. Bristol City, again, showed up and made a offer of 215k. Levitt was decent but not great and his progression was so-so. With only 3 stars potential he was sold instantly.
  6. I will post another update for season 3 soon! So far so good. Even in the Championship are we doing great. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So far, I'm having great fun. I really like FM 18 with the new dynamics and the great UI improvements. I once tried a Welsh-only save in fm 16 but failed horribly. The Development of the CLUB Wrexham Short update about the Wrexham story. I'm going to update you guys on how I'm tryin to develop Wrexham as a club. More information on staff- development, transfer policy's, affiliation clubs etc. then on players, results or tactics. When we took control of the club, Wrexham was already in a great place. The facilities wheren't that bad and a 15k stadium wasnt anything to snuff at, we also started with 1,8 milj. euros in the bank (I believe). However, our training facilities where not good enough tho, so while I had like 2 milj. euro in the bank (used a %-sell-on-profit-clause I had on a Liverpool youngster, who had played for Wrexham in the past and was now worth 10milj!!! I got 200k for that, $$$), i kept asking the board to improve the training facilities. The reason for giving the highest priority to the training facilities was due to the way I was planing to do my transfers and develop my first signed players. We managed to increase out training facilities in the beginning of season 4, during the Championship-league. Our scouting policy was the starting point of our way of conducting transfers. I started by getting 2 scouts, (one is Welsh and one is English) with both at least JP 13. Their tasks was 1) shouting every Welsh player in the reserve and U-19, of every club in a league above me, who's contract would expire within 1 year. 2) scouting England for Wales players with at least 3stars CA (I would judge them myself after the report) and 3) scout the Wales Premier League. After that I changed the training staff and medical staff. Getting the best trainers and medical staff members i could afford. I managed to get at least 3 stars for every training segment and was able to further increase that by 0.5 stars in season 2. I also searched for Welsh Coaches with 0 reputation and no coaching qualification but with great mental stats (discipline, motivation and determination (determination has the highest priority). Reasoning was that i could develop those coaches with courses and time. I manage to get some great coaches in season 3 when this policy was being to show it usefulness. My Head of Youth was in season 1 not good, so I changed him for a Welsh fellow with determination 20, no personality, JP 6, JA 10. I'm still not sure about him so I offered him an 2 years contract and at the end of season 4 I'm going to rethink my options. Talking about youth, it's very important to point out that during my FIRST season i managed to increase the youth coaching to exceptional and my youth recruiting to established. I was only able to sustain this financially thanks to some great cups fixtures (playing away against clubs like Hull). This was very very important to because I wouldn't be able to fill my team with great players only by following my transfer strategy. Transfer strategy The most important task I had giving my scouts was giving me the Welsh players who contract was expiring in august and I was going to get for free the day they where going to get released. Every major club in England was being watched. Beside that I was offering at least 20 players trails and tried them during the many friendlies i played. In the end of Augustus I would only use the best of the players I had signed and most of them, with great or yet unclear potential, would be placed in my U19 (i dont have a U23 or reserve squad, please add a request to the board for that SI!!!!) or be loan out to other clubs (they would pay their salary). After one year I would reevaluate every player. Most of these players are still at the club. Some of them where clearly not good enough and I tried to sell them. Most of these players came from Swansea of Cardiff and so selling them, due to their low salary wasn't a issues.But of course the profit wasnt there so in season 2 i hired a player/director of football with the idea of letting him sell these failures with some profit. He didn't....after season 3 his contract is going to expire. The strategy is sound however and I'm planning on developing this tactic/strategy even further. Affiliation clubs I'm 2,5 years in control of Wrexham and I think I've asked 20,000 times if the board is willing to add another feeder club... They reject me every time, with 1 exception (!). I managed to add Stockport to the list. Stockpost has great training facilities and plays in the National League (5th division and yes their training facilities are better then mine...) Liverpool is my parent club, only for a free friendly! I've got 3 Welsh Clubs as feeder clubs, who feed my youth (do not know if this adds ANYTHING to my youth intake). Two are semi-pro and one is amateur. Only one plays in the 3 year in the Welsh 1 division. None of my players wants to join them on loan anyway. I would really really like to help one of these to become the major league player and become fully professional. The fact that New Saints, with their silly English base and their silly English players, keeps winning the Welsh league (and is the bloody only fully professional club) is an insult and something I want to change. Do not know how..yet. My last feeder club is an Welsh club in the 8 English division, they are never going to get promoted to some playable league. I keep them on nevertheless in the silly hope that they will show up in the lowest playable league someday. So: we've got 1 parent club and 5 feeder clubs. If you've checked Atlethic club the Bilboa, you would have seen their insane amount of feeder clubs. I think they've got something like 15 or more. So thats my aim aswell, the more the better. Only if those bloody boardmember would share my ambition... Stadium The stadium is ours now. We only paid 20 million euros for it. No worries! It's at 15,500 capacity at the moment and pretty much full these days. I keep asking the board the expand it, but surprise surprise... NO! ---------------------- So I think I have taken more then enough of your time with this update. Please, if you got any question or would like to hear more about something, do ask.
  7. Well in my save, The New Saints dominants the league pretty much, with far better facilities and being the only professional club. The New Saints is based in England so their regens are English. The other pure Welsh clubs dont get any good regens so they sign players from lower English clubs. That is basically was is happening in my save, 3-4 years in.
  8. Wales, i somehow love Wales!! All the best wished to you Sir (as long you keep your squad a majority of Welsh players that is!
  9. So next season Championship... My plans are as follows: To keep the club growing we are going to buy the stadium (its a classis so i rather keep it and expand instead of building a new one). We had like 2 milj. in the bank. I've kept the balance from the moment i took over, but now we are going major into dept with this purchase. The stadion cost? 20 milj... so we plumed into the red. However, i had a love-hate relationship with the board up to this moment. They kept declining every request i made (expect for staff), but when Wraxhem needed them they came through With they 550k, i was out of the red, and we could even think about buying players! Ow bonus: Youth intake last year!
  10. So tactics time: I've played my 3th season with the following tactic: This tactic was developed because i like good strikers and had tons of great AMC's (like 6). The results where astounding. Team kept getting in my counter traps and players like Mitchell (see post above) excelled as shadow-strikers with goals and lots of assists. I even managed to beat 2 BPL teams in the cup!!! We didnt win the titel unfortunately: Cant be sad about the promotion ofcourse, but we lost some points to the lower clubs. Matches we shouldve won.
  11. I agree, i consider him mine altho he plays for coventry (A). I would love to boost the Wales national squad with great players and get them in the European Championship and World Championship on a more regular base. HK-Iceland sounds like a real challenge but a very fun one!
  12. So that proved to be not true.... We had our first player in the Wales first team! After an unbelievable good run with Wrexham. Sir Giggs, the manager of Wales, played the kid in the European Championship match against Austria. I'm tryin with every penny I've got, to sign him on a permanent base. Edit: i Lied
  13. Haha I lol'd at this so hard! Best FM news moment so far!
  14. Wales U19: Wales U23: No players from Wrexham in the First Wales Team (yet)...
  15. Ok So season 3 was about to start and I had to change gears, my results where not ok and the last English players had left the club. These English players had been crucial for the promotions prior and my own (young) Welsh player wheren't of the same level. I had to make some good signings and was keen on bringing in some older experienced players who could tutor my youth players. Especially because these youth players lacked determination and other important mental and/or hidden stats. Here we go: At the end of summer I had signed some really great loan deals, who had proven to be key in the season and it's results. Also, Craig Davies was a player i was at first very happy with. Those stats where pretty decent. But sometimes things dont go as planned... Davies played 3 games and scored 0 times at the end of the season...Well at least he was a great Director of Football aswell.. I failed on finding or signing an good DC so i had to settle on, Pablo Martinez. The reason I kept in the starting 11, was his Acceleration. He would compliment my slower but tougher other DC. In the end this proved to be a great move, as my defense was able to withstand many better forwards and attacking teams. In the winterbreak, I was finally able to sign on free, David Edwards. This Welshmen with his 39 caps for Wales was on my radar for more then a year. Even during the summer when he was out of contract he wasnt willing to join... Fortunately the other teams where kinda sleeping and me persisting asking him to join every month, made his transfer a fact in the end. .. Edwards was only able to play 6 matches and score 1 goal tho... He kept getting injured, great... Out: Nothing really interesting. You can see what kinda my transfer strategie. I keep signing young released (Welsh) players from other clubs, train them 1 year at my club or send them on loan straight away. If they progress i keep them for my first team squad. If they dont or do not fit in my team i release them or sell them.
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