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  1. Im not sure that is what is going on here though, as i mentioned there are specific regular common key highlights shown and every chance is like a carbon copy of a previous games scenario. Its interesting really and as others mention we really need him to weigh in. I have so many questions for him on this!!
  2. Hence my initial question. Id love to know what they are doing when they build a tactic, what they are looking for. etc. For me when im watching the matches play out. There seems to be very familiar highlights occuring. For example, the highlights often are related to the GK kicking the ball out and my team winning possession almost everytime and then creating a bit of space immediately. Also the same throw in seems to appear consistantly, the same corner routine of playing it short. The highlights looks very similar from match to match... which makes me think the following You need to have a tactic that works in your favour for "Common match scenarios/occurrences" This is at least what seems to be whats happening in my view. But i guess we will have to ask @knap and others to weigh in and tell us how they are consistently making such amazing tactics!
  3. How much of the game now is based solely on tactic tweaking versus everything else? To be more precise with what i mean, there are team talks, opposition instructions, player interactions, training, team influence etc. But for me, and to answer my own question... i struggle struggle struggle, do what i can in the same way people have described... maybe get a promotion every now and then with a random team in a random league.... But literally as soon as i plug in a tactic from Knap or another well talked about tactic, i get instant results and 4-5 goals scored and runs of 10 games unbeaten. Regardless of what role is played by what player. It seems that every player fits the tactic perfectly fine, and i have players with 6 crossing playing at complete wing back putting in beautiful crosses suddenly... and im like wtf?! So for me, it seems like the tactical system is about 90% of the game and everything else is just extras. I feel there is an illusion of a simulation, but in reality there is something else entirely going on. After all, the match engine is an interpretation of Football rather than a perfect simulation of the game. Bit deep for a Sunday evening hey.
  4. I think its a key question, because they seem to understand the games match engine to the point of knowing exactly what makes it work for a system they want to build. Id love to know their process in more detail. I know that they do various testing on their tactics for a season etc and see how it performs. But id like to know how they come up with something from the ground up. It seems like they have a new system or series of systems every few days or whatever. If anyone out there runs a FM blog, it would be an amazing piece of content to have an interview with one of these guys.
  5. I have been seeing these kinds of tactics make an appearance again. In the past I have them and since about 2016 I stopped and tried to create some tactics for myself instead. The game became a lot more difficult, but i was more proud of my achievements (or lack of!) because they were genuine! By using the downloaded tactics, completely up to you etc, but i soon realised that my knowledge of football tactics and systems is limited because i am essentially paying very little attention to what is happening, and instead just expecting a win because the tactic said i would win! Now my question is, are these tactics working in 2018? If not why? Or if so why? I have seen many people claiming to have had success on the downloads pages, but then others are complaining that they dont work and nothing works etc. Or is there a mixed answer where they might work for a while until the game learns how you play and counters what you always do?
  6. Defensive will be what they might be doing here. The whole team is moved back under defensive, same with counter too. Do they move the ball quickly out of the defensive phase also? The whole strategy of defend is to catch the opponent on the break. Something top teams will do away from home or when the game might be a close game. Chelsea vs Man Utd would be a defensive game from both sides with 1 or 2 key moments to decide the game. I usually have a counter setup, a standard mentality, and an attacking setup to select from and change to in the game. I usually change a couple of positions to patch up any key areas, or switch to counter if im being attacked by the opposition.
  7. sounds like you have got a decent setup going on. In posession football are you playing most players in support roles? my team shape is important on the counter and im getting some decent goals from open play, but i am being hit on the break a little too much, i know a HB would fix this somewhat but then my overall ball retention is not so good. I need a role that isnlike a regista but doesnt get too far forward, and also someone that doesnt play too risky passes too often, but a dlp has risky passing by default?
  8. I have a 40420 formation working in conf north, v structured. I play strikerless because players always try and hit the ball over the top and lose possession. I play counter and retain posession and tear teams apart and dominate games
  9. When i play FM, i always play lower league. I play slow transitional counter attacking, which ultimately leads to keeping the ball and dominating the match whilst being decent in defense too. the problem i find with lower league is.. Generally speaking players on attack duty ask for the ball all the time and long balls and very stupid decisions are made by the players that look for them. i like to play very structured in lower league, literally watch the full match, or at least comprehensive and watch how you deal with transistional play and team shape on counter. I also play strikerless as i find that it messes up transition on counter
  10. Is this worth giving a go? How long does it hold a lead for would you say? I always feel like i get bombarded with waves of crosses and have no option in attack which usually results in them getting a set piece goal or a crossed goal.
  11. Completely agree with this... But to extend this point, it depends on the structured or fluid approach that you play. If structured it would have a bigger effect to change a player role than if you played fluidly. Players are more strict to their roles in structured, so their overall role is quite valuable and not as easily replaced by someone unless they do infact suit that role.
  12. I have updated the list now, and it includes the correct NVIDIA tablets now. Thanks for pointing that out!
  13. Yes Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 8.0 £129.99 does seem like a good option for sure for the price. The full spec can be seen here. Id say the 1.3 GHz should be ok to deal with this game, the 2GB of RAM could be a little troublesome, but there isnt much more you can do at that price range except the NVIDIA SHIELD K1
  14. If i cant use team talks as you say, then what happens instead? Is the effect of team talks neutralised? or is it something that you just cant effect and it randomises the effect of it?
  15. Im pretty sure it wouldnt work. The way i understand it, is that its a device only thing, rather than a spec thing. They have to tweak the game one device at a time in order for it to work and be compatible with said device. So if its not on the list then its not compatible.. but dont take my word on this. Would be good to have confirmation
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